The Unprocessed Day–How do you Balance it All?

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Talk shows have had their ups and downs over the years. I don’t really take time to watch TV myself, but I definitely enjoy a good conversation with friends about real food, parenting, or faith, the three topics that seem to dominate much of my life!

Google Hangouts on Air have become the new face of talk shows – they’re more casual, less refined, but also without commercials and more focused on exactly what you want to hear about instead of what the mainstream media/culture says you might want to listen to.

I’ve been hosting Hangouts every other week or so this year, and they’re so much fun! I get to spend an hour connecting with people all across the country (and other countries too), talking about the things we love.

This week’s Hangout is titled "The Unprocessed Day," and my guests are Kresha Faber of Nourishing Joy, Beth Ricci of the Red and Honey blog, and Kelly Seaton from the Once a Month Meals team. The three of us had never gotten together before, and in fact Kresha and Beth just met Kelly for the first time 5 minutes before the show – but you’d never know it!

We truly bonded over our common love for real food and had a blast. Be careful drinking liquids while watching in case you have a laughing spell and spray your computer. You’ve been warned. Winking smile

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Video: The Unprocessed Day

If you can’t see the video embedded above, click The Unprocessed Day to view it on YouTube.

I hope you’re enjoying these shows – if so, you can give it a rating at this roundup of HOAs (Hangouts on Air). I appreciate your comments!

Show Notes

In case you don’t have time to watch the whole hour, these notes will help you "skim" the show to pick the parts you’re most interested in hearing. Just slide the little button on the timeline at the bottom of the video until you get to the minute-marker you want.

I started by asking about their "perfect unprocessed day" – what would they eat, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please laugh at the length of time between when Beth starts and when she ends! Smile Make sure you’re not too hungry while you listen or you may be running for the kitchen to re-fuel!!!

  • 1:58 Kresha’s day of meals
  • 4:12 Kelly explains freezer cooking/her perfect meals
  • 8:36 Beth’s unprocessed day
  • **Scroll down for some links to the meals they mentioned! Yummy!

Next question: There are 21 meals in a week, 7-14 snacks (or more) depending on the ages of your children. That’s a lot of eating and preparing food every week! How often do you eat out or grab some processed convenience food? Do you have a philosophy or any rules for what you grab, or is it “what happens out of the kitchen stays out of the kitchen?”

  • 14:30 How Kelly cheats and makes the best choice for the time she has
  • 18:30 Kresha’s cheat meals (I bet most of you wouldn’t even think this was cheating, but her philosophy is so sweet!)
  • 23:24 Beth’s cheat meals
  • 25:53 Kresha chimes in on Costco freezer foods

All 3 talked about using the right language and interesting differences between "cheating" and "indulging" and more. Love it!!!

Next question: We’ve established that real food can be demanding, even exhausting. Why do you bother? Where’s your motivation?

  • 29:40 Beth dedicated to real foods
  • 32:00 Kresha is motivated for real foods because they make her feel better
  • 34:18 Kelly’s story of coming around to Paleo/real foods and why she keeps going

Next question: Now for the expert tips – Beth on breakfast, Kelly on lunch/dinner, Kresha on the “everything” pantry: What are 1-2 best efficiency (or sanity) tips that people can institute this week to keep that part of their kitchen life running smoothly?

  • 40:30 Beth on Breakfast (zingers! You’ll love them!)
  • 43:53 Kelly lunch/dinner freezer cooking (she makes it sound so easy!)
  • 50:15 Kresha Homemade everything pantry (totally doable ideas!)

We took some cool reader questions too:

  • 56:49 "I love Oreos! How can I make something homemade to hit my Oreo cravings?" Kresha’s answer is so awesome and applicable to helping you deconstruct any craving you have.

I like to end with uber-practical "do it now" sort of quick tips that someone could implement in the next 12 hours, literally, taking 5 minutes to accomplish it. These guests did NOT disappoint!

  • 101:20 Kelly
  • 102:35 Kresha
  • 103:40 Beth

I’m not even going to give any spoilers on what they said – if you can’t listen to any of it, just hit this question and be inspired!

Next Time On…


The next Hangout on Air is actually this Monday, 3/31 (the schedule of every other week is off because of Easter coming up). It’s called "The Super Cookbook Author Hangout (You’ll feel like you can cook better just for listening)" and the guests are Ricki Heller, candida-friendly cookbook author, Jenny McGruther of The Nourished Kitchen, and Tess Masters aka The Blender Girl.

I cannot WAIT to get these gals together and grill them on blogging, developing recipes, their new cookbooks and what it’s like behind the scenes working on a book. It’s going to be awesome!

You can join us live from 9-10p.m. EST on Monday by clicking "yes" or "maybe" right HERE – that way you can type in questions for the speakers. But you can also catch the replay anytime on my YouTube channel and I’

Follow the Speakers!

I loved talking with these smart mamas and I know you’ll want to find them elsewhere on the web. Here’s how:




Recipes for the "Perfect Unprocessed Day"

Here are some of the recipes the ladies mentioned–


ALSO you can use the coupon KITCHENSTEW for 50% of "Restocking the Pantry," (her eBook) making the total $4.99 (expires Saturday, April 5!). Be sure to check out The DIY Pantry on Amazon or ask your local bookstore and library to order it! Yay for real food!


Breakfast and Lunch and Dinner


Angel Feather Icing (sorry I don’t have any others for her!)

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    Hey, Katie! This HOA was SO. MUCH. FUN! Thanks for hosting.

    Y’know, I’ll totally extend the coupon for Restocking the Pantry by a week – now it’s good until NEXT Saturday, April 5.

    Enjoy the discussion, everyone!

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