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My daughter has learned an incredible amount in kindergarten this year.

So much so, in fact, that some of the many new words she’s picked up don’t always come out the way they went in.

Today she brought home 3-dimensional shapes made of marshmallows and toothpicks (best possible use of junk food, in my opinion!) and excitedly announced the name of the one made of triangles, after some deep thought: “It’s a period!”

They’ve learned endmarks, too, as you may have guessed.

Her current favorite is the “excited mark,” which looks remarkably like this ! but bolder.

I’d venture to say that her description is more accurate than the “exclamation point” she’s going for, so I’m choosing not to correct that one for a while. Plus, it’s really, really cute. 😉 (I did tell her that the 3D triangle was a pyramid, for the record.)

Favorite Book Character Dress up Day

In my experience, people tend to overuse the excited mark.

Particularly when they’re sharing something on Facebook or in an email, something that is acceptably mildly exciting but not worthy of an exclamation point on every sentence, it’s one of my major pet peeves.

I find myself falling into the habit too, and I’ve been known to edit my own updates to make sure no more than one sentence in a row has one of them there “excited marks.”

This is excited
But the opportunity I have the privilege of sharing with you today is worthy of some excited marks. Maybe even a few in a row. For real!!

I don’t get excited about much these days; the weight of the world and constantly growing to-do lists plus the pressures of disciplining children, the job that never ends, seem to make it so that I am a bit cynical about most things, or maybe I don’t have the emotional energy to invest, to bother with excitement.

I might have to apologize in advance for my overuse of excited marks. Sorry about that!

The second annual Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is literally packed with knowledge – the kind of skills, tips and encouragement women used to pass on from mother to daughter and share over a white picket fence – but that doesn’t always happen in real life in our fast-paced, ever-changing world.

You’ll be inspired to embrace motherhood with grace and sanity, cook simple, nourishing meals and snacks, learn to raise a healthy baby and how to build and support a healthy marriage, clean and organize your home (I could use some help in that arena – I may manage to cook from scratch daily, but my house suffers for it. Wanna see how bad it can get?), and even find encouragement to take care of yourself.

I’m confident you won’t find a more comprehensive set of homemaking resources anywhere — and certainly not at this price. Bought separately, they’d cost a total of $698 (not including $200+ in bonuses!). But you can have all of them for just $29.97!

The 84 eBooks, eCourses, audio files and printables are vast and deep, covering every aspect of homemaking from start to finish. Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom, work-at-home-mom, full-time wife, or working mom/wife/chauffeur/teacher/grandmother, ETC., I would bet money that you’ll see at least 10 titles that pique your interest and make you want to dig in.

And that’s all it takes. It’s easy to get overwhelmed reading through a list of 82 resources, I know. My brain goes on overload faster than it used to these days.

But if you just think about “What is worth more than $30 to me in this bundle?” you can tally up to that point, go a little further to make sure you’re getting a real deal, and then you know it’s time to jump:

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle


Did You Catch That? Kindle Too!

For the first time, we’re offering the Kindle files as an add-on, a request we’ve often heard in past sales. For just an extra $10, you not only get the full set of PDF files, but also a bonus set of Kindle editions, perfectly formatted for easy Kindle reading.

I believe it’s the best deal on homemaking eBooks anywhere on the web. But it will only be available for six days. So grab yours before it’s gone!

You get ALL THIS in The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!
In all honesty, it’s probably the best deal of any kind, anywhere on the web. If you have a home, if you value natural living at all, and if you’re a woman, whether you have kids or a husband or not, there’s STILL plenty in this package to make it a deal as good as a Groupon on steroids!


It’s the additional bonus items that make the “Ultimate” bundles truly, truly ultimate. I get geeked about this part! Scroll down past the book titles to check out all the bonuses, but I can tell you right now that of the $200 bonus value, $130 of that is the value of actual products that come to your door just for the cost of shipping!

Shipping makes the bundle more like $50 or $60 IF you bother to redeem all the bonuses, but even at that price…you’re still saving a ton of bucks. (Here’s Katie’s Secret Tips to Maximizing your Bonuses if that’s the most exciting part to you! I’d buy this bundle even if I already owned every single e-resource, because just for the bonus products alone, it’s still well over a 50% off deal.)

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle


Even More for You – A Bonus Bonus!

The Kitchen Stewardship Quick Guide to Training Kids in the Kitchen

If (and only if) you order starting here at KS, I have some special thank you gifts for you.

  1. The Kitchen Stewardship Quick Guide to Training Kids in the Kitchen, a mini-eCourse, is only available with purchase of the Ultimate Homemaking bundle ($19.95 value). See more about the eCourse HERE.
  2. I created audio files of some of the books so you can enjoy them – or an excerpt to help you determine if you want to read the rest. You can listen to them while you run, do dishes, multitask on the computer, or take a drive without children. :) Titles are to be announced but may include:
  • Steady Days
  • Undivided Mom
  • 31 Days to Build a Better Spouse
  • The Homesteading Wife’s Christian Devotional
  • God Gifted Virtues
  • How to Manage Your Mouth
  • Filling Hearts While Cleaning Homes

Add to that the carefully chosen eBooks and e-products in the bundle from top-notch bloggers and authors, and you’ve got yourself one whale of a deal. !!!

This huge wealth of information and guidance will be right there on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or Kindle, whenever you need it.

Here’s what you need to know about the sale:

When? 8 a.m. EST Wednesday, April 23 until 11:59 p.m. EST Monday, April 28

What? 78 eBooks, 2 eCourses, 2 audio files, and 2 printable packs PLUS over $200 worth of bonus products you’ll really use!

Where? Purchase the bundle here.

How much? Well now, that’s the best part. The entire package is worth nearly $900, and it’s selling for less than $30. Sweet deal, right?

Yet another bonus: At checkout, you have the option of adding two more bundles for the cost of one, making it a 3-for-the-price-of-two deal (that’s only $20 each, less than the value of just ONE of the bonus items you’ll want in your laundry room!). Grab a few friends and take advantage of that! (Secret: The Kindle package is priced at $30 for the bonus two, making 3 Kindle packages just $70, or a bit over $23 apiece. Seriously!) The real bonus items DO come with every bundle, even when purchased as a set. I’m ordering 6 to share as gifts, no joke!

PLUS if you want to give away individual books, you can. Perhaps you don’t need to know how to breastfeed multiples but know someone in your moms’ group at church who does, for example. Just send that PDF file to that person and delete it from your computer, just as you would lend or give a print book. (Hint, hint – Mother’s Day is coming right up!)

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle


What’s in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

($698 value!)

Get ALL of these eBooks for 1 LOW Price! One Week Only!

I admit, I haven’t read ALL these books yet, but I do have them all in my possession if you’d like to ask any questions about a specific title. I’ll take a peek for you!

I love to share about the books I really enjoy, so I’m going to mark books I’ve used often in the past with a ** and make a little note below the section about my favorite parts, and books that I’ve previewed this week and think you’ll love with * along with comments.

Click on any book title to see the author’s page describing the book.

Click on any of the categories below to jump directly to what interests you the most.

DIY Natural Household Cleaners: Seriously, Matt and Betsy Jabs are a husband-and-wife team after my own heart. Frugality and environmental stewardship are at the heart of their mission, but they know WAY more about the DIY side of things than I do. Their collection is impressive!

Life Your Way Printables: I have printed a couple of Mandi’s forms before, and just because I forgot to actually use them doesn’t mean that you will! 😉 They’re very simple and clean, and there are so many that you’re bound to find something that will be helpful to keep you organized at home and beyond.

Taming the Laundry Monster: Angi should have hired me to take photos for her book, I’m serious. You’ll get to see a peek into my laundry room this week during my “Nope, Bloggers Don’t Do it All” video series – I have been attacked by a pile of laundry 4 feet tall tumbling out of the cupboard door that our upstairs chute feeds into, no exaggeration! My system of, “Do laundry when I notice the kids are running low on clean clothing,” really needs some tweaking. She even addresses stain management, including the dreaded grease-stain-already-through-the-dryer!

The Homemaker’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule: I’ve been impressed by Amy’s work before as a guest poster here on KS and through reading her (large) family’s stories on her own blog. Her book includes this near the very beginning, and I’m pretty sure she’s talking to me (drat!): “Fly By the Seat of your Pants is not an option.” Luckily she also begins by explaining the difference between naturally scheduled families vs. routine-oriented families and how to build on what already works for you (phew).

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle


Just Makin’ Ice Cream: I’ve had Mare’s book for at least a year now, and we’ve enjoyed some truly mouth-watering recipes, like Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Maple Cinnamon Pecan, Merry Minty, and Cinnamon Toffee Snickerdoodle, which unfortunately had to be without the toffee which I burnt beyond edible. :( As it turned out, there was a LOT I didn’t understand about making ice cream when I bought my ice cream maker, and I didn’t even know that I didn’t understand it, so it’s not like I would have been off and Googling for information. I’m so glad the book came to me when it did! I have printed out the recipe list and each child picked the ones that sound the best to them, so that page has their initials by 3-5 of them plus little notes like “fast method” or “needs overnight” so that I can choose a dessert quickly and know that it will work in the time allotted. Someday I’m going to get up the guts to try Dark Chocolate Mesquite!

Happy Mom, Healthy Family: I haven’t actually used this book before, even though I’ve had it for years (perhaps because I have over 500 eBooks now? Here’s how I search them all!). It’s a compilation of the best of healthy living bloggers that Lisa knows, so I know it’s great quality – Lisa prioritizes simple, healthy fare, and this book is no exception. (In fact, my black-eyed pea soup is featured in there!)

The Healthy Lunch Box: First of all I hope you already have this title! That wouldn’t make the bundle any less of a good deal of course. If you don’t already (it’s mine in case you missed that), believe me, it’s packed with practical lunch-packing tips and easy recipes. The best feedback I receive on this book is that it’s not just for school kids. Readers have used it to pack delicious lunches for husbands for work and feed anyone for lunch or dinner, even inside the house. I refer to it all the time packing 10-12 lunches per week!

The Sweeter Side of Candida: This one is certainly a niche book, but if you need grain-free or low-carb eating that has zero sugar, even honey, it will be a lifesaver. If you can’t stomach almond flour, stevia or xylitol, it’s not for you. But if you have been told you might have candida, then the opening section with the intro to and explanation of candida will be super helpful, and being able to make a dessert a week or so will help you keep your sanity. Some recipes call for beans or whole grains, but many do use nut flour and/or coconut flour.

{Healthy} Make-Ahead Meals and Snacks: I haven’t used this particular title from Laura at Heavenly Homemakers – she has many books! – but her others have never disappointed. Her gaggle of boys surely quality-tested every snack, and if anyone has a penchant for keeping things simple and efficient, it’s Laura. I can’t imagine you won’t love it!

Real Food on a Real Budget: This tome (well over 200 pages) will surely save you the $30 you spend on the entire bundle. It includes the basics on everything real food, anything you want to make or grow from scratch…and I’ll actually be surprised if many of you don’t own it already!

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle


21 Days to a More Disciplined Life: Confession time! I got my hands on a copy of this book a while back, read the first chapter or two, got inspired, set a goal that I was going to work on for 21 days…and I don’t even know that I ever read “day two.” *hangs head in shame* I probably shut down my computer or something and the PDF wasn’t in my face, so it just slid out of mind and I forgot all about it. That’s one reason why the Kindle option this year is so exciting! Kindle formats know how to hold their place better, and now that I have a tablet, I don’t have to be tied to my computer chair for each of the 21 days just to complete the discipline practice. I hope you can make it work for you, too!

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle


Steady Days: Jamie of Steady Mom is such a professional, such a passionate writer, and such a down-to-earth person that I can’t help but adore anything she writes. I’ve read her stuff on the Simple Living network (remember Simple Mom?) for years now, and this book, 150 pages from motivation to organization, routine through home planning, and all the way to making memories with your kids (because you can finally focus in a more organized house), is a true gem. If you get the 3-for-2 deal at checkout (go in with friends!) that makes this book just half the cost of the entire bundle for you. Grab it now!


To Love, Honor and Vacuum: First, I’m quite excited that there are some audio files in this bundle, because I really have been enjoying listening to talks while I’m driving or folding laundry. It will take me about 3 months to get around to moving it from my computer to my phone, but I know I’ll enjoy every minute. The fall bundle included Sheila’s 31 Days to Great Sex, and my husband thought that sounded pretty great. We started it at Christmas and we’re already to day nine! 😉 It’s really good…and I probably shouldn’t say anymore or I’ll get into “locker room talk” and that’s just not appropriate!

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle


How to Manage Your Mouth: I’m a bit embarrassed that this title jumped out at me more than any other in the bundle. Here’s why: I don’t get enough sleep. I don’t have enough time in the day. I’m always distracted. And no matter how much I love my kids, when they whine and fuss, it uses up a lot of my emotional energy. Lately I haven’t had much left in the tank to censor my anger when things go wrong, and I use some choice words that I shouldn’t, inside my head if my kids are around and far too loudly when I’m all by myself. I’ve never had much of a potty mouth my whole life, but it seems like it’s my one release lately, this thing I just can’t/don’t take the energy to quell. I’m really hoping to make myself focus on this for 30 days…the chapters are very short, like half a page plus journaling space, so that’s a good start!

If you see resources for kids and think, “That sounds lovely, but I will forget it’s on my computer and they’ll never get into the books,” I have a summer solution for you. We chose activities randomly for each day, and I only had to remember once to include the books from last year’s bundle that I wanted my kids to use. Then when we pulled out that ticket, we worked in that book. Here’s the summer chore/fun organization system!

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle


Feast! Real Food, Reflections and Simple Living for the Christian Year: Daniel and Haley made me stay up wayyyy too late last November when this eBook came out. I wanted to skim it quickly and ended up reading and sharing quotes on Facebook far into the night. Beginning with Advent, they walk through major (and some minor) Church feast days with deep and touching reflections for families, connecting real food recipes, and history that anyone will love. It’s one of the most favorite eBooks I’ve ever read!

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle


Money Back Risk Free Guarantee

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle


What are the Ultimate Homemaking Bonus Offers?

($200+ value)

bonus-imagesIn addition to all the amazing eResources, this bundle includes the best bonus offers it’s ever had. These deals are worth over six times the price of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. So you’re up on the deal right away!

  1. DaySpring—A FREE 10-pack of Premium Greeting Cards. ($20.00 Value. Standard shipping applies.)
  2. HopeInk—$15 HopeInk store credit to be used towards anything + a FREE 8×10 Art Print with order. ($39.00 Value. Standard shipping applies.)
  3. Redeeming Beauty Mineral Makeup—3 FREE eyeshadows of your choice from Redeeming Beauty. ($16.47 Value. Standard shipping applies – only ships to US and Canada.)
  4. Marie-Madeline Studio—A $15 store credit for anything in Marie-Madeline Studio’s online store. ($15.00 value. Standard shipping applies.)
  5. Once a Month Meals—A FREE One Month Pro Membership from Once a Month Meals. ($16.00 Value. No shipping required.)
  6. DizolveFREE 64-load pack of Dizolve Laundry Strips for you PLUS a Free 64-load pack of Dizolve Laundry Strips for food banks. ($25.98 value. Standard shipping [$3] applies. Only ships in the US.)
  7. TrilLight Health—Get a FREE 2 oz. bottle of a liquid health formula OR $15 store credit from Trilight Health. ($15.00 Value. Standard shipping rates apply.)
  8. ListPlanIt—Free 3-month membership OR 3 free ePlanners from ListPlanIt. ($15.00 value. No shipping required.)
  9. Bulk Herb Store—Instant download of the instructional video Making Herbs Simple Volume 2 for FREE from Bulk Herb Store. (up to a $15.00 Value. No shipping required.)
  10. Fit2B™ Studio—FREE 2-Month Online Fitness Membership at Fit2B™ Studio. (up to a $20.00 Value. No shipping required.)

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle$29.97

It’s an Opportunity Not to be Missed

Back when I started blogging, getting products to review – for free! – was one of the coolest parts of the job. I’d make friends envious with all the gadgets and cleaners and foods I was testing out: “You got that for free? I want your job…”

And now…it’s actually still pretty cool. 😉

And I’m always excited to be able to share that feeling with others, whether it’s longtime readers who win a great giveaway at KS or being able to share product samples with my team.

And today, I feel like this is your chance.

For hardly anything, you can sample non-toxic laundry detergent like I’ve done many times over the past 5 years; you can choose 3 colors of mineral eyeshadow (and if you’re like me, that will quadruple your previous stash of one color!); you’ll have a blast browsing the Etsy store with the Scripture prints and take a few days to choose which two you’ll order; and you’ll create a wish list at TriLight Health before deciding which 2-ounce sample to test out.

It’s some serious fun, and then I’ll be envying you – because you’ll get all the goodies but never have to spend a few hours (or 14 hours) writing a review about them.

I’ve written quite a bit about each bonus item to help you maximize your bundle purchase and try not to spend ages choosing and ordering them. Please enjoy “Katie’s Secret Tips to Maximizing your Bonuses” RIGHT HERE.

Remember, this bundle is available for 6 days only, from 8 a.m. (EST) on Wednesday, April 23 to 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, April 28th.

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle


Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post to the Ultimate Bundle from which, as an author in the sale, I will earn a portion of each purchase. However – seriously – you would need to know about this deal even if I didn’t get a kickback. I’d still share it. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

Click here for my disclaimer and advertising disclosure - affiliate links in this post will earn commission based on sales, but it doesn't change your price.

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  1. Justine says

    How many of these books were in last year’s “Ultimate Bundle”? Several of the titles look familiar…

  2. Heather Myhr says

    Hi. I had already purchased the Ultimate Bundle before seeing your bonus offers. Is there anyway without purchasing another whole bundle to get the KS bonuses? I’m really interested in the one about teaching your kids in the kitchen. Thanks in advance for your help.

  3. Amy J says

    Hi Katie,

    You are so great offering extra bonuses for us! Quick question: if I get 2 friends to go in with on the bundle bundle deal and use your link, do we all get your mini e-course and audio files or just me?

  4. Heidi W. says

    I can’t get past the first ordering step. It will not accept my email as valid. Is anyone else having this problem?

  5. Lynn says

    Can I use the Kindle ebooks for my Nook app on my android? I’ve not really tapped into this lately. I am contemplating which set to buy.
    Thank you,

    • says

      Hi Lynn,

      Do you mean you have an Android device? You can download the Kindle app in the Google Play store and read Kindle files there. The Kindle app also reads PDFs but of course the Kindle format looks much more attractive and has a few features that are better than reading a PDF. Amazon then has instructions on how to get the Kindle files from your computer to your Kindle app. I hope this answers your question!

  6. María says

    Dear Katie,

    I purchased the UHB earlier today (three hours ago as I am in Spain and it was not so early here) and it all was Ok when I used Paypal. I even received the confirmation email but soon afterwards the only mail I got from [email protected] was one mentioning that I had made some mistake with my purchase and no links to the books.
    Should I order again (with the risk to be charged twice by Paypal as they have already confirm that the operation was successfull)?

    Just worried about it because I do not know why the Customer Service says that I have not acquired it when they had sent me the invoice 33940 some minutes earlier and no other email despite my reply with the information. : (

    Thanks for your time,

  7. Cristie says

    Hi Katie,

    I’ve just found your site, and this offer is still listed on the top, but when I scrolled down, it says I’ve missed it :( Is there any way at all to still take advantage of this offer?

    Praying for a yes…


    • says

      Hi Cristie,

      Unfortunately it’s over and won’t be coming back! We try and get the ads down as soon as we can, but with a sale ending at midnight there’s only so much we can do. You can watch the official bundle site for any future sales at

  8. Shannon says

    I purchased the bundle but I honestly didn’t realize it was for sale at different places – I thought it was all the same since the purchase button was the same everywhere I saw it. Am I still eligible to receive your e-course? It would be so useful for my 3 helpers that are learning to cook. TIA.

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