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Help for Vaccinations

It seems there are a handful of options when it comes to vaccines:

  • Do what your doctor says. Get all your shots, on time, multiple vaccines at once, and more added to the list every few years, it seems.
  • Push back, hard. Do research, avoid all vaccines, sign waivers, deal with angry pediatricians.
  • Take a decision-making approach one shot at a time. Choose some vaccines and not others.
  • Go slower. Get all your shots but space them out over a longer period of time or avoid multiple vaccines in one day, or just delay starting vaccinations until a child is one or two years old.

I’d like to introduce you to our newest sponsor, Vaccishield, who offers one more option for vaccination time:

Build your child’s immune system and give them defenses particularly designed to fight the potential side effects of vaccines.

For plenty of parents in category number one, vaccines are a non-issue. They go to their well-child checkups, make sure their child gets hugs and kisses and a band-aid, and they neither know nor worry about whether the vaccine might hurt their child. (top photo source)

For many of the KS readers, however, I’m guessing there’s some concern in the groups of parents who choose vaccines for their children. They’ve done their research, learned about the potential real and mythical side effects of vaccinations, and they’ve decided that the benefits of the shots outweigh the risks…but they’ve read about the risks. Of course they want to do whatever they can to mitigate them.

Some will choose to space out vaccines, to leave a few off the list, to delay starting them. There’s some peace of mind there, and I’m pleased to share another version of vaccine peace of mind in today’s giveaway.

Kitchen Stewardship always has been based on a mission of baby steps, bringing real food and natural living to a practical level, accepting whatever phase of the imagejourney people are in and offering grace. I feel like Vaccishield, which is a white powder given to the child for about two weeks surrounding a vaccination, is the perfect product to help parents who choose vaccines find the balance.

As I chatted about the product on Facebook, there were many positive reactions and some controversy, as it seems there always is when it comes to vaccines.

This conversation is a huge one and just this week people had plenty of ways to disagree with my even mentioning Vaccishield – but I still think it’s a great fit for the mission of KS and allows me to empathize with all sides, not to judge, to meet every reader where they are, and to present all the sides of every story since I truly believe in offering ideas, research, and products for parents who take any route. One reader also reminded the community that some parents – like those who take in foster children – have no choice but to vaccinate fully and on schedule, and for them, Vaccishield is a nice opportunity.

Here’s a little about how the product works from the company:

I founded WellFuture in 2010 as my son turned six months old. As an expectant mother I became concerned about vaccinating my son and wanted another option to support him during vaccinations. I looked to the research to see if there was something I could do nutritionally to support health during this vulnerable time.

So we created VacciShield to fill a gap that we saw in the vaccination process. VacciShield is designed for infants and kids to help support healthy brain, immune, gastrointestinal and detoxification function during vaccination. It is a blend of non-dairy infant-friendly probiotics, vitamins, minerals and an amino acid and it’s designed to use daily in the two weeks surrounding immunizations to boost health.

Well Future also helps low socio-economic kids and expectant mothers around the world obtain better nutrition through their charity project, which you can read more about HERE.

I know that Vaccishield isn’t a product that all KS readers will need, but if you have kids at the right age and you’ve chosen to vaccinate, then perhaps it catches your eye. (It costs about 50 cents a day, FYI.) I’m happy to share it with you if it’s a good fit, and if it’s not, the parent company, WellFuture, has one more product for infants and children.

About WellBelly

Well Belly probioticSince I’ve had WellBelly probiotics in our house, I’ve genuinely recommended it already to two people: a reader whose infant had an intense round of antibiotics and a friend in real life whose 5-year-old tried the green powder that the probiotic fairy shared with him (story in this post). The green powder in applesauce became such a power struggle in the mornings that it just wasn’t worth the potential benefit anymore, even though for a while the “super hero green” applesauce trick worked nicely.

WellBelly is not only specifically formulated for infants and children but is also an unassuming white powder. The scoop serving size completely disappears into applesauce or yogurt. I tested it on my kids by not telling them it was in there, and no one was any the wiser. Believe me, they’re quick to tell me when something is fishy! I dish a little more about that in this very important post on your microbiome and how it affects your health.

Win Some!

Today one KS reader from anywhere in the world will get their choice of two bottles of WellBelly or VacciShield (or one of each), a $56.98 value.

And if you’re not the winner or just can’t wait, be sure to use the coupon code “KITCHENSTEWARDSHIP” for 20% off any purchase from (expires September 1, 2014).

Squooshi Winners

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20 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. AL says

    I am shocked that you would stand behind a product like this. This product not only gives people a false sense of security but also this product will suppress immunity. I gave the ingredients a quick glance and saw D3 added. There’s no magnesium at all and they’ve added D3. Do you realize that many (if not all) are born magnesium deficient? Do you realize that magnesium is essential to over 300 processes in the body? Do you realize that taking hormone D3 (yes its a hormone) will wipe out magnesium in the body making it impossible for the immune system to function properly? Hello autoimmune. These folks are clueless.

    • says

      I admit, although I knew vitamin D was a hormone, and I know many people are magnesium deficient and that it’s very important, I have never read anything about this negative symbiosis between the two. I can’t speak to the validity of your questions, really, but maybe Catherine of WellFuture will chime in. Do you have any links or sources that can help us dig deeper?
      Thanks, Katie

    • Andy says

      Over the last decade, a large body of research is confirming that vitamin D3 is the most important supplement for both your kids and yourself.

      Adequate D3 prevents colds, flu, asthma and respiratory infections.

      Adequate D3 is essential for strong bones and muscles, prevents osteoporosis and significantly reduces the risk of cancer and many other diseases.

      Magnesium is relatively easy to get from dietary sources including bananas, potatoes, peanuts, raisins, beans, fish, cashews and leafy veggies.

    • says

      Hello! Catherine Clinton ND here, owner of WellFuture and creator of VacciShield. I just wanted to answer some the concerns you raised in your post. First of all, it is true that magnesium is a cofactor of vitamin D3 metabolism, as are zinc, boron and vitamin K2. It is true that magnesium supports 300 bodily processes but this can be said for a myriad of different nutrients. For example, Vitamin C supports virtually all the bodily processes.
      Let’s look at the research so we can get to the bottom of this- In 1974 there were two cases of rickets in children, one two years old and the other five years old. They were treated with high dose injections totaling 6 million IUs of dihydrotachysterol, a synthetic vitamin D that does not require renal hydrolation like vitamin D2 or D3, and they did not respond to treatment (remineralization of the bones) until magnesium was added. In 1976 there were four cases of severe magnesium deficiency caused by gi disease and chronic alcoholism whose calcium levels would not increase until magnesium was given, raising the possibility of vitamin D resistance being caused by severe magnesium deficiency. Lastly, in 2013 the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that magnesium intake alone or in its interaction with vitamin D3 may contribute to vitamin D status and the associations between vitamin D3 and mortality may be modified by the intake of magnesium. I have provided the research links below. There are some problems with using these studies as reason not to use VacciShield. First of all, VacciShield is a short term supplement intended for use surrounding vaccinations, not a daily supplement. Secondly, in the first two case studies we are looking at a different form of vitamin D being given in very high doses in the face of severe magnesium deficiency. There is no research that indicates or supports the hypothesis that vitamin D3 wipes out magnesium and will suppress the immune system.
      As far as autoimmunity goes, let me share with you why I created VacciShield. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in school and it is an ever present concern in preventative medicine/diet for my children. When researching vaccination I pinpointed theories about how vaccines might be contributing to certain conditions- autism, autoimmunity, allergies- and sought nutritional support for these concerns specifically during vaccinations. I chose to not include magnesium due to its irritating effect on the gi tract. I think this is very important given what we know about the importance of gi integrity and health on the immune and neurological development and health, especially surrounding vaccinations. I chose each ingredient for its ability to address the concerns raised by the aforementioned theories of vaccine injuries but I was also very careful not to include ingredients that would raise inflammation like magnesium’s effect on the digestive tract or like vitamin A’s hyper induction of the immune system. Both of the nutrients are very important to health but not ideal in a short term supplement surrounding vaccinations. Increasing inflammation surrounding vaccinations is exactly what you do not want as inflammation is the enemy in all of these conditions. Increasing the immune system usually takes place by up regulation of inflammatory cytokines or chemical messengers that in turn up regulate different immune cells. I was very careful to include nutrients in VacciShield that would support the immune system without increasing systemic inflammation.
      Thank you,
      Catherine Clinton ND

  2. Ellie via Facebook says

    I want to thank you for providing a reasonable middle ground option and promoting it. Many of us are concerned about the vaccination schedule but know the importance of vaccines. I hate only seeing the “you are an idiot and anti science and will kill your children if you don’t do everything the doctor says” and “all vaccines are evil and there are conspiracies to poison your children” being the only sides being presented. I am so tired of the nasty judgy people on both sides. Thank you for being a voice of sense and reason in all this.

  3. says

    Kelsy Jobson We’ve used the probiotics, but the one time I used the Vaccishield, I did the part “pre” vaccines, and then my 1yo had pneumonia at his well child checkup! So no vaccines that day…

  4. says

    This looks like a great middle ground for those of us on the fence. The answer to my question might be obvious, but is Vaccishield safe for a two-month-old? My son is scheduled for his first round of vaccines in mid-September, when he will be about 10 weeks old. I don’t know, I feel very paranoid about putting anything besides breast milk in his body when he’s this young.

    • says

      Hi Shauna, thanks for the question. My name is Catherine Clinton and I’m the owner of WellFuture and creator of VacciShield. Yes, VacciShield is absolutely safe for infants of any age, like your soon-to-be 10 week old. As far as your hesitation to give anything besides breast milk at this age, I can’t really advise you on that decision as it is very personal. I understand and respect the need for many different approaches to a newborn diet from exclusive breast feeding to circumstances with special needs to supplement the diet to anything in between. Thanks again for your question and congratulations on your new addition!

  5. Stacey says

    Hi! I space out my children’s vaccines and only do one or two at a time. I have a newborn who will be going to get two of her 2 month shots soon. Is this product safe for my 2 month old? Thank you!

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