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Hello and welcome to Kitchen Stewardship! I’m so pleased to introduce you the team here at KS, all dedicated to making sure you receive great family recipes for your Pinterest boards, real food encouragement and tips to get you out of the kitchen faster and with more in your pocket, and connections with natural companies you can be proud to support.

KATIE, Editor and Owner


I’m the foundress and writer at the site, and reluctant “boss” of the team. You can read more about my little family and the mission of KS here, so I’ll turn things over to the rest of the people who keep me sane and help provide the time I need to research and write posts and interact with the wonderful community we’ve built here.


HELEN, Site Editor

As site editor Helen works diligently to ensure all guest and contributor posts flow seamlessly into the vision of Kitchen Stewardship. She also makes sure Katie doesn’t become too long-winded in her posts. ;) Reading and editing have always been passions of Helen’s so she is thrilled to be able to help out in this way. She also makes sure the KS email inbox stays under control and handles all eBook customer service issues.

When Helen isn’t working, she enjoys reading books and blogs and is an avid knitter. Food allergies were the kickstart to more cooking from scratch and healthful living. Katie’s baby steps are the perfect into to making life adjustments. Helen, her husband and their two small children live in Wisconsin.


RACHEL, Social Media Manager

Rachel has been a stay at home mom for over eight years after having worked for several years in the financial services industry. Now that her kids are older, she wanted to jump back into the workforce while still being home when her kids came home from school. Virtual work seemed to be a perfect fit and working here at Kitchen Stewardship seemed to be an even more perfect fit! Rachel’s family is slowly but surely taking baby steps toward healthier eating.

Rachel handles all aspects of social media for Kitchen Stewardship, from Pinterest to Facebook and everything in between. But don’t worry, you’ll still hear from Katie on those outlets as well. Rachel and her family are born and raised Florida natives now living in Marietta, Georgia.

KATY, Ad Manager

Katy and her family began their real food journey in 2009 when they were challenged by some friends to think about how their food choices effect others in the world. That challenge led them to the natural, eco-friendly life they strive to live today. Katy handles advertising and sponsorships for Kitchen Stewardship, including giveaways.

Katy grew up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan and spent several years in marketing before her son was born in 2012. She now lives in Lafayette, Indiana with her youth minister husband and their two children. In her free time she loves reading, cooking, spending time outside and playing golf.

Our Contributors

I’ve got a great bunch of contributors here at Kitchen Stewardship. They bring experience and expertise in areas that I might not have to round out the information you are looking for. I hope you’ll give them a warm welcome and add to the discussion on their posts.

Haley Stewart

Haley StewartHaley Stewart is a bookish Catholic writer, speaker, wife, homeschooling mama to three, and co-author of Feast! Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year. She can be found chasing many small children and reading Jane Austen novels with a cup of coffee in hand (reheated at least twice because did you see the part about many small children?). You can connect with Haley at her blog, Carrots for Michaelmas, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Find all of Haley’s posts HERE.

Debra Worth

DebraDebra Worth is first and foremost a daughter of the king of kings. She resides in central Missouri with her husband of 6 years and three young kids. She is passionate about serving her family nutritious and delicious foods, especially after needing to cut out many foods due her family’s food intolerances. In March she started the blog Worth Cooking where she shares her healthy, delicious, and allergy friendly recipes.
Find all of Debra’s posts HERE.

Bethany Wright

Bethany - Guest PostBethany lives in Ohio with her wonderful husband, delightful 5-year-old daughter, and adorable 2-year-old son. When she’s not busy making a disaster in the kitchen, she enjoys taking all-day cycling excursions with her family and reading books. She comes from a long line of cooks, including ancestors who were chefs to German nobility. Despite her chops in the kitchen, she is completely unskilled at vegetable gardening. (Her consolation is knowing that in a zombie apocalypse, her role would be the town baker and not farmer.) A long-time KS reader, Bethany is thankful for Kitchen Stewardship’s baby-steps and Monday Missions that have completely transformed her family’s life.
Find all of Bethany’s posts HERE.

You can connect more with the KS community, powered by this incredible team, via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, read more about the mission of the site HERE, or even look at advertising with us.

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