What to Expect from KS
If you agree with the mission of Kitchen Stewardship, you’ll probably be wanting more information about how to live it out.  This blog can do just that.  I’ll provide:

  • Suggested changes in the kitchen
  • Practical tips and ideas to implement changes
  • Reflections on the vocation of the kitchen
  • Recommendation for prayer in the kitchen
  • Information and research
  • Resources and recipes
  • Encouragement to make broader change

I’ll share 2-4 posts per week to move you along, baby step style.  I promise I won’t overwhelm you!  If anyone knows how difficult it can be to juggle all that one wants to change in the kitchen, it’s me.  We’ll walk together.

Posts will include:

§         Monday Missions

§         Mental Missions

§         Mary and Martha Moments

§         Food for Thought

§         Recipe Connections

§         Call to Action

Monday Missions

Every Monday, be on the lookout for your mission for the week.  I’ll challenge you to tackle ONE topic and make ONE change in your kitchen every week. Part of the purpose of Kitchen Stewardship is to continuously be making small changes to work toward the goal of truly being a good steward of all four:

time, nutrition, environment and budget.

Another part is not getting overwhelmed and giving up!  Try your darndest to accept one mission a week.  If you can’t accomplish a mission, don’t fret and DON’T GIVE UP! Just sign on for the next mission.

Don’t worry – we’ll return to almost every topic with another, deeper mission, so if you haven’t completed one the first time, you can either take step one or just take a larger stride in a certain area that week.  Everything is possible with God — if a mission seems difficult for you, pray about it.  He won’t lead you to a place where He’s not willing to walk along and guide you.  Be bold in your kitchen!

Understanding Levels of Commitment and Impact Ratings.

Good stuff:  Time Savers and Added Bonus icons.

Mental Missions

These are tiny.  Little.  So miniscule you hardly even notice them.  They don’t even take any real time.  Just a nugget of thought.  I like to think things over before I have to DO anything in the real world, and I’m banking on the fact that many people work this way too.

Each week, either at the bottom of the regular Monday Mission or in a separate post, I’ll give you a preview of the next week’s mission.  Just enough to get you thinking.  Maybe you can be more conscious of that issue in your kitchen that week, to see where you may want to take a real-life step the next week.

Mary and Martha Moments

Every week or nearly so, expect something faith-based to be coming through in your reader or your inbox.  I want to remind you to connect your cooking to your Christianity.  God calls us to be faithful to Him in ALL things, even the little things we do in our kitchens.  I’ll share reflections and prayers to help you along in this area.

These reflections will be from a decidedly Catholic perspective, because that is who I am.  However, I want to encourage Christians from other faiths to give KS a try – I guarantee that 80% or so of the faith-based content and 100% of the practical tips will apply equally to all Christians, so if you can glance over (or come to appreciate) a Hail Mary or two, stick with me!

I also want to give a shout out to members of non-Christian faiths or those who don’t believe in any god:  if you’re trying to make healthy changes in your kitchen, 75% of this site (the practical stuff!) should be very accessible and applicable to you.

I believe that it’s my vocation (call) in life to share the knowledge I have with everyone, and if I can help you discover a healthier lifestyle, then I’ve honored my God.  If I can save the earth by giving others the guidance they need to “go green”, then I’ve multiplied my own little recycling mindset ten-fold.  Thank you in advance for reading Kitchen Stewardship and helping me live my faith, even if you don’t have one of your own.

Food for Thought

On Wednesdays, put your thinking caps on.  Food for Thought is the least food-related, least salivating content on Kitchen Stewardship, but if you are a lover of learning like myself, you’ll need Wednesdays to satiate your mental curiosity.  I’ll post essays and articles covering the scientific facts behind Kitchen Stewardship changes, based on research but brought to a practical, reader-friendly intensity.  I’m a mom, which means my brain cells are often fried by one-syllable words and repeated queries of “Why?”  I promise nothing will be too heady!  The Food for Thought topics will always connect with the Monday Mission for the current or upcoming week.

Recipe Connections

Ah, now for the salivating!  Often some of the healthy changes you’re about to make will require a new recipe, or will at least fit nicely with sharing some good ones.  Recipe Connections will be a simple post of a printable recipe that correlates with the current or previous Monday Mission. Hopefully readers will share links to their favorite recipes to help others complete their Monday Missions with style and satisfied taste buds!

Speaking of connections…

I would encourage you to grab a Kitchen Stewardship buddy, either in the real world or online.  It’s always helpful to have someone to dash an email to or ask outside the school building, “Did you see this week’s Monday Mission?” or “Can you believe the Food for Thought article on Kitchen Stewardship?” or even “Have you tried making yogurt yet?  I’m scared!”

Call to Action

Every so often, when you’re least expecting it, I’m going to ask you to write a letter.  Or send an email.  Or make a phone call.  I’m a huge believer in advocating for change outside my own walls.  See my post for more explanation.

Follow Kitchen Stewardship
Thanks for joining us on our journey toward stewardship!  On a practical note, it would probably help you keep up if you go back to the home page and sign up to receive KS in a reader (like or as an email subscription.  The emails are run by Google Feedburner, and Google is well-known for being spam-less, so please don’t worry about your inbox getting an onslaught of unwanted junk.

A Keystone essay:  Conscious Thought

Learn more about Monday Missions.

Understanding Mary and Martha Moments.

Back to Philosophy of Kitchen Stewardship.

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7 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Georgiana Cameron says

    I must tell you that I had been eating No Grains at all for over two months – until last two days. Yes, I lost weight, felt wonderful – lost weight, walked more , BP dropped. No Dairy either – Paleo Diet – watching foods from Blood Type Diet and Weston Price’s info. And then I ate too many blueberries and with diverticulosis, had a major problem. Will go back to that way of eating – with perhaps a slice or two of Essene bread/week – sprouted. It is time to read, really read what you are doing. I love your philosophy.

    [Reply to this comment]

    Katie Reply:

    Welcome! We’d love to hear more about your experiments! I’m always fascinated by people’s reactions to grains and lack thereof. Thanks! :) Katie

    [Reply to this comment]

  2. Charity says

    Hi, I just came across your website and I was wondering what state you live in. I’m asking because I am into soaking grains and such and live in Alaska. We’re relocating to NC next year and I’m wondering how on earth people soak with heat and bugs, not to mention store their grains.

    [Reply to this comment]

    Katie Reply:

    I’m personally in Mich., so we have summer but lots of winter, too. Soaking is just quicker in the summer, and I always cover things with a lid, plate, or tea towel.
    :) Katie

    [Reply to this comment]

  3. Mona S Casselman says

    Kudos to you, Katie, for what you are doing! Using the internet as a teaching/outreach tool for this kind of mission is awesome. As a 50-something wife/mom/grandmother who has been trying to do this for her family for going on 35 years, I honor and appreciate what you are doing.
    Living in Alaska, usually in rural/remote areas, there have been a LOT of challenges and compromises, but one foot followed another and God has always been faithful!
    I have been planning (with an elder friend) to begin teaching/mentoring some of these skills to the younger homemakers in our community and am totally jazzed by the resources that finding you has put into our path!
    Thanks SO MUCH for making this project easier!

    [Reply to this comment]

  4. Trish Heinrich says

    I have to tell you that though I am a Christian I am often turned off by blogs I have stumbled onto that have any kind of a Christian flavor to them; until I stumbled onto yours, that is. I came here to peruse your ebooks first and foremost and found myself looking at how you set your blog up (since I’m launching my own in a few months), then I started reading. I have to say I LOVE your mission, it speaks to changes I have been making in my own kitchen the past year and half. I love the simple mindfulness of your blog, and am pleasantly surprised at how I want to join in the Monday Missions. Thank you for your work here, it’s refreshing to see Christianity expressed with simplicity and a non-judgmental spirit.

    [Reply to this comment]

    Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship Reply:

    So glad the mission of KS resonates well with you! Don’t take notes on my current design, though, yikes! It’s much too cluttered and has terrible load time. I’m in the midst of a design overhaul, so someday (soon, maybe??) it will look much more organized. :)

    Good luck launching your own blog and don’ be a stranger! :) Katie

    [Reply to this comment]

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