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With over half a million pageviews per month and nearly a half million unique visitors, we have a large and loyal audience of real food lovers here at Kitchen Stewardship. We work with companies that promote or sell real food, natural body and cleaning products and safe kitchen gadgets for the from-scratch cook.

The personal touch of a recommendation by a trusted blogger brings any product right into the home and is much more authentic (and thereby effective) than a random visual ad on the Internet or TV or radio spot. Our readers always take first priority, and endorsing a product via a marketing partnership is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

One reader puts it like this, “Your blog is a modern chat across the backyard fence, and I truly appreciate your sharing all your research with us ladies trying to feed our families the best way.”

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  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors:  400,000
  • Average Monthly Website Pageviews:  650,000
  • Total Daily Reach:  Over 60,000 through various forms of media
  • Regular Daily Subscribers via RSS and email: ~19,000 (over 14K email + 9K monthly newsletter list)

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Campaign Options
  • Integrated Campaigns allow you to reach out across all streams of social media becoming a familiar face with our loyal readers.
  • Visual Advertising creates consistent exposure all month long
  • Affiliate partnerships, giveaways, and sponsored posts available
  • Newsletter sponsorship puts you right in the inbox of over 8,600 interested readers
  • Monthly and quarterly sponsorship rates available

We are very happy to offer a variety of ad placements and campaign coverage – there’s something for just about every budget out there.

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Welcome!  Meet Katie.

I embrace butter. I make homemade yogurt. I eat traditional real food – plants and animals that God created, not products of plants where food scientists work. Here at Kitchen Stewardship, I share how I strive to be a good steward of my family's nutrition, the environment, and our budget, all without spending every second in the kitchen. Learn more about the mission of KS here.