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Whether your challenge is keeping up with the good food when you’re busy, or just serving meals and treats that your family loves instead of tolerates, I’m here to help.

I’m offering TEN ebooks, all packed with family-friendly recipes, very thorough notes to answer all your questions, variations to help you switch up the ingredients, allergy and food sensitivity notes and more. It’s easy to print recipes or bring your tablet into the kitchen, and the “premium packages” of all KS books (not community cookbooks) include the Kindle and Nook files plus other bonuses. Click to each book’s page for a free excerpt…

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Healthy Snacks to Go

Healthy Snacks to Go

Over 45 recipes to get you on your way with real food, real fast

Fast food doesn’t mean processed food. The 2nd edition includes more recipes, more bonuses and covers nearly every food allergy out there – all without a pre-packaged food. Finally, a book filled with truly healthy snacks! Learn more…


Premium Package Price:

The new premium package now includes some delicious freebies, including the Kindle version as detailed here.

Better Than a Box

Better Than a Box

How to Transform Your Processed Foods Recipes into Whole Foods Favorites

20 recipe reverse engineering demonstrations, 35 remake resources and 25 ready-to-cook recipes make cooking family-favorite recipes using whole foods a whole lot easier. Get rid of the processed foods and make dinner better than a box!
Learn more…

Premium Package Price: $16.95

200+ pages and TEN bonuses?! Read more about what the premium package includes here.

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The Healthy Breakfast Book

The Healthy Breakfast Book

Cereal-free Secrets to Starting the Day with Real Food

With over 50 family-friendly recipes, key tips for planning ahead, hosting a brunch and the one food to have on hand to kickstart your family’s “5-a-day” fruits and veggies at breakfast, this book will be your guide to healthier mornings.
Learn more…


Premium Package Price: $9.95

154 pages + EIGHT bonuses, including Kindle + Nook Read more about what the premium package includes here.

The Healthy Lunch Box

The Healthy Lunch Box

Sandwich-free Secrets to Packing a Real Food Lunch

45 recipes, 100+ resources and loaded with strategies to streamline your packing process, stock your pantry with emergency backups for your backups, and send healthy, delicious food in the lunch box, no matter how old your eater is – and there’s not a sandwich in sight. Learn more…


Premium Package Price: $9.95

Happy back-to-school time! Through Labor Day, get 35% off The Healthy Lunch Box with the code LUNCH35BDAY.

What does the premium package include? Much more than just a book! Read more here.

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The Family Camping Handbook

The Family Camping Handbook

Real Food in the Big Woods


You don’t have to compromise with pre-packaged meals and processed foods just because you’re cooking over a campfire. 36 recipes and a Paleo/Primal/Grain-free adaptation guide are at your disposal to make your next frugal vacation a success. Learn more…


Premium Package Price: $6.95

Camping without gluten? Get 2 weekend meal plans and more with the premium package here.

The Everything Beans Book

The Everything Beans Book

30 Frugal, Nutrient-Packed Recipes for Every Eater


From nutrition and storage to preparation and kid (and adult) friendly recipes, this book is the A to Z of beans. Beat the rising cost of food prices with thoroughly tested recipes that cover every meal, including dessert! Learn more…


Premium Package Price: $8.95

Feeding bean-haters? Try a recipe for free, right here.


Smart Sweets

Smart Sweets

30 Desserts to Indulge your Sweet Tooth


Can dessert really have less sugar, soaked or sprouted whole grains, probiotics, or even vegetables and still taste good? Absolutely! Whip up a batch of healthified cookies, bars, brownies, cakes, pies and more, and win over even the sweetest tooth! Learn more…

Premium Package Price: $8.95

Want to use better sweeteners? Get the how-to guide with premium package here.

Naturally Sweetened Treats

Naturally Sweetened Treats

A Community Cookbooks Compilation

Over 40 incredible recipes, zero refined sweeteners, almost all gluten-free/grain-free, and the most gorgeous pictures ever… Learn more…

Premium Package Price: $9.97

Learn all about the ebook and bonus perfect recipe printable here.


Winter Soups

Winter Soups

A Community Cookbooks Compilation

Over 50 bloggers came together to create a “best of the best” cookbook – the finest real food, from scratch soup recipes, all in one beautifully laid-out eBook. Learn more…


Premium Package Price: $9.97

What does the premium package include? The book and a special KS Bonus, How to Make Chicken Stock! Read more here.

Gluten-Free Snacks

Gluten-Free Snacks

A Community Cookbooks Compilation

When you want to make an allergy-friendly dish to pass or invite friends over for dinner who avoid gluten, does it make you nervous? This book has you covered for gluten-free, Paleo/Primal and GAPS legal and friendly recipes! Learn more…

Premium Package Price: $9.97

Looking for more snacks? The premium package includes a 50% coupon for Healthy Snacks to Go. Learn more here.


Summer Vacation Survival Kit - 20 hands-OFF activities that don't need a parent every step of the way. It's the anti-Pinterest, anti-boredom solution to feed kids' brains this summer.

Summer Vacation Survival Kit

Make a Ready-to-Go Kit with 20 Activities for Kids Ages 3-12…

Do NOT buy this book if your kids love boredom, can’t be entertained by anything that isn’t happening on a screen, or are afraid to explore, laugh, and experiment!!! Learn more…


eBook Price: $6.99

Snow Day Survival Kit Coming Soon

Snow Day Survival Kit



Katie Kimball in Kitchen

“Pick My Brain” Session – A Chat With Katie

Don’t call me, I’ll call you!

We can read all the books, research and blogs that we want, but sometimes a kitchen table chat is all that will do! You wouldn’t want to pay for my drive time, but I’m ready to pick up the phone and give YOU a call.

Items I’d love to chat about:

  • Ingredients in your pantry to watch out for
  • Picky eaters
  • Getting family on board with real food
  • How to start blogging
  • Living grain-free or gluten-free
  • Troubleshooting food sensitivities
  • And many more!

One Hour: $100.00


Half Hour: $50.00

What does this package include? Once your purchase is complete you will receive complete instructions and a list of available times (in EST) via email. No matter your technology comfort level, we’ll be able to connect! Phone, Skype and Google Hangouts are all possibilities.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and as such I will not discuss medical or health issues; my family; religion; politics; brands of essential oils; other topics at my discretion.

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The KS Super Pack includes the entire KS eBook collection: The Family Camping Handbook, Healthy Snacks to Go, The Everything Beans Book, Smart Sweets, The Healthy Breakfast Book, The Healthy Lunch Box and Better Than a Box .

KS “Super Pack” Package Price: $49.95
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Includes The Family Camping Handbook, Healthy Snacks to Go and The Healthy Lunch Box.

KS “Real Food Away from Home” Package Price: $20
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Includes The Healthy Breakfast Book, The Healthy Lunch Box and Better Than a Box.

Meal Plan with KS Package Price: $27.95
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Includes The Family Camping Handbook, Better Than a Box and The Everything Beans Book.

KS “Living the Frugal Lifestyle” Package Price: $26.50
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Includes Healthy Snacks to Go and Smart Sweets.

KS “Eating Outside the Plate” Package Price: $14.50
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Includes The Healthy Breakfast Book and The Healthy Lunch Box.

KS “Healthy Day” Package Price: $14.90
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are disappointed in the book for any reason, including that you can’t find enough recipes to fit a dietary restriction, I will refund your money without hesitation. Just email me!

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Are you a blogger? Have lots of like-minded friends that you’re connected to via email or Facebook? If you help promote KS eBooks, you can earn a commission on every sale! Click HERE for details.

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126 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Genet Harris says

    I just downloaded the Snacks To Go ebook!
    (Wide eyes — Mouth open)

    IS all I can say!!!!
    (Picking Jaw up off floor)
    This book is AMAZING!!!!
    I just had a LIGHT BULB moment!!! A Gee-I-Think-This-Will-work moment!
    It is sooo much more than snacks. I see MONTHS of breakfasts and some light meals in there as well!!! And I LOVE the step by step grain soaking instructions!
    Thank you!
    Maybe I can be a good mommy after all !
    Oh MAN . . .too bad its midnight . . . .cause I can’t WAIT to try these !!!

    • Katie says

      Wow, thank you so much for the kind compliment! I hope the results are as tasty as the expectations! 😉

  2. Fiona Thiessen says


    Your snacks cook book looks great. I just wnated to make sure I could use it as we are gluten dairy and sugar free.


    • Katie says

      You’d have to skip a recipe or two, but almost all the recipes have sugar-free adaptations (you can use honey?), more than half are naturally gluten-free and others have been adapted easily by GF readers and reviewers, and many are dairy free, or could be by subbing coconut oil for butter. If you buy it and don’t think enough recipes apply to your family’s needs, I’m happy to offer a full refund. I think you’ll love the power bars, the centerpiece of the book, which are everything-free! 😉 Katie

      • Renee Boutell says

        Hi Katie!!! Hope you are well! Haven’t seen your family in a loooong time! Our family is going GAPS soon…YIKES! BUT, Joseph is allergic to nuts (life threatening)…are most of the recipes in this book chocked full of nuts? He is also allergic to dairy, gluten, and egg, though we hope to challenge that soon! Thanks and God bless!

        • Bethany W says

          Renee –

          We did GAPS for a year. Going without grains AND eggs AND nuts can be tricky when it comes to baking, but not impossible. Check out Bruce Fife’s book “Cooking with Coconut Flour” for a lot of great resources. Below is what Katie responded on another post at the end of this comment section. I’m sure it still applies.

          Ack! So sorry I took so long to reply; my comments got out of hand as I finished up the second edition of my snacks book! If the snacks book is the one you were speaking of, there are definitely enough egg-free and flax replacement possible recipes. Nuts are pretty prevalent in the book, but at least half do not have any nuts. I also offer complete refunds if you can’t make enough recipes b/c of allergies. –Katie

          • Bethany W says

            BTW – Katie’s ebooks are totally awesome. Even if you can only make a few recipes, it’s a great resource to have on hand to share with other families. I think they are totally worth the money, but that’s just my opinion. 😉

  3. Bethany W says

    Katie – I’m really looking forward to your bean book. Have you considered putting together an ebook on “Everything Soaked”? Focusing on grains, it could include anything/everything from muffins to pancakes to rice to oatmeal. Just a thought. For those of us who are just dipping the toe into soaking, having one centralized location would be fabulous! Not like you need another thing to do, right? 😉 We have both of your current ebooks and I can’t stop recommending them.

    • Katie says

      I’m actually considering ending the soaking grains series with a soaked recipe carnival and asking the bloggers if I can compile their recipes into a free ebook for my readers…so it’s a definite maybe! :) Katie

  4. says

    So, I am new to this whole eBook thing…is this an online recipe book or is it a real book? I am coming from Kinda Crunchy Kate’s blog and she also sent me a link you did on 2 paradigms of healthy eating….I was blown away, definitely finding myself in that first category. So, I am eager to get your recipes :), but live in Scotland…so just trying to figure out how it all works.


    Miss Mommy {Emily}

    • Katie says

      The ebook comes as a PDF download, so it’s all on your computer (no international shipping). It is formatted for printing and putting in a 3-ring binder, so it can become a “real book” pretty easily too. Hope that helps you decide, and enjoy the recipes! :) Katie

  5. Nicole S. says

    Hi to Katie! I just had to let you know how much I am LOVING your beans book. I cannot believe how fantastic these recipes are working out. I have so far made the brownies (delicious! who’da thunk it?) the Tuscan Bean Soup, and the Mexican Black Bean Burgers. Wow wow wow. I was very impressed with these burgers. Dare I say I almost preferred them to a regular beef or chicken burger??!!! Coming from a former professional baker and cook turned stay at home mom, you have compiled an invaluable new cookbook for me and my family. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Melisaa says

    Oops. Bought the snack book & wondered, can I download it to my phone *and* computer?

    • Katie says

      Melissa, If you mean “are you allowed to save” to both places, go for it! As long as your phone can download the file (or email it to yourself?). Does that help? :) Katie

  7. Natalie says

    Oh Katie. You are wonderful. I’m so excited to get started on this book! THank you thank you thank you sooo very much chica!

  8. Jane says

    I’ve bought your Everything Beans, Healthy Snacks and now, Smart Sweets. I must say, I have not had one recipe that my family has not LOVED. That collection is my go-to for cooking (making the cheesy white chicken chili with leftover turkey tonight). They are FABULOUS! Everything you suggest is spot-on. I made the black bean brownies for my grain-free friend at Thanksgiving and she loved it. She begged me for the recipe. I’m so thankful for your site and your e-books. Our lives (and diet) have changed…. Thank you, Katie!

  9. Traci says

    Oh, man! I wanted to get your beans book but have been out of town, just now looking at my email, wish I had gotten it last night. Alas, 12 hours too late. :(

  10. Laura says

    Hi Katie — We have a nut and egg allergy in our house and I was wondering if there would be enough nut-free (or adaptable to egg free) recipes in your ebook to be worth purchasing for us?


  11. Becky Bergmeier says

    I own the first copy of the Healthy Snack book do I have to buy it again to get the updated version and recipes?

  12. Maddie Frisch says

    Purchased the Kindle version, but wanted to print off some recipes. Tried the coupon code, KINDLESNACKS to get PDF, but it wasn’t working. Please help.

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      Another customer also alerted me, and the code is all fixed up now. Thanks so much for your purchase! Enjoy the snacks!
      :) Katie