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You’re starving. The kids are starving. It’s way past lunch and you haven’t even thought about dinner. You open up the cupboard and…all you see are ingredients. Uh oh.

Healthy Snacks To Go to the rescue! With over 45 healthy snack recipes and ideas including traditional granola bars, iron-packed Popeye bars, and 15 “larabar” style variations, Kitchen Stewardship’s new Healthy Snacks To Go is the resource you need for healthy snack ideas.

Complete with time-saving tips, frugal options and allergy notes, Healthy Snacks To Go will become your “go-to” cookbook to keep your cupboards filled with nourishing yet quick choices. Grain-based recipes include soaked versions, and you’ll find healthy fats like butter and coconut oil throughout, plus many more grain-free options in the new edition.

When you’re trying to avoid processed food, coming up with something quick can be a challenge. Healthy Snacks To Go features diaper-bag friendly snacks that are toddler-approved and will help your household be prepared for the classic call of, “Mom, I’m huuuuungry!” You’ll also find sophisticated recipes like Wheat Thin Style Crackers and Spelt Biscuits, along with two bonus sections: “Basic Snacks for the Absent-Minded Eater” and “Reduced Waste Health Lunch Packing Tips”.

Healthy Snacks To Go on iPad

Healthy Snacks To Go eBook,

2nd Edition

by Katie Kimball
(85 pages + Kindle + Nook)

Over 45 recipes to get you on your way
with real food, fast.

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What’s in There?

Here is the complete Table of Contents (click to enlarge):

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Read some reviews:

“This book has been a real lifesaver!”

Chic Mummy

“Katie has a wonderful focus on stewarding our time and energy well, and she’s always looking for ways to make things more efficient and streamlined in the kitchen. For anyone still learning and transitioning to more real and traditional foods, Katie makes it all so simple and basic. She offers lots of explanations and info, in a completely down-to-earth way.”
–Stephanie Langford, editor of Keeper of the Home and author of Real Food on a Real Budget

“Katie’s writing style is both engaging and thorough. Her recipes are interesting enough for the accomplished cook yet explained in such a way that they feel approachable for those of us who routinely contemplate purchasing Cooking for Dummies.”
–Anne McClure of Catholic Mommy Brain, in a review at Catholic Mom
“I can tell you my proudest achievement to date. I am just starting our journey to ‘real food’. Last weekend I made homemade fruit roll ups from my own homemade applesauce! My husband was sooo impressed! Your HEALTHY SNACKS TO GO ebook is fabulous!”
–Jen (a reader)


Kindle, Nook and PDF files all included! Take your Healthy Snacks… on the go!

Healthy Snacks To Go on iPad

Spend Money to Save Money

Some people might wonder why you’d bother to pay for recipes when there are so many free on the Internet.

I’d sure like to think that I can save you money. In fact, if you make just a few batches of the famous power bars, packed with expensive ingredients like dried fruit and nuts, you’ll save the purchase price of the book vs. buying individual Larabars. A couple batches of homemade Wheat Thins, and you’ll not only have a much healthier end product, but a few bucks still in your pocket as well.

I won’t hide the fact that about a third of the recipes are posted right here at Kitchen Stewardship; another handful have been adapted from other recipes on the web. You could trawl the Internet to find good snacks…but they won’t be as thorough or easily accessible and printable as an eBook. I take great pains to make my eBooks user-friendly and practical, even putting all the photos on three pages so you can save printer ink.

In a time when recipes are abundant online, why would you pay a little extra money to purchase an e-book like this? Here’s why:

“There are so many great recipes included, all in one handy little book. No digging through sites, reading through comments for variations, and printing out page after page of feedback and adjustments. Katie has thoroughly vetted, worked through, and perfected each recipe she shares.”
(See the rest from Megan of SortaCrunchy)

“Katie’s recipes are very, very easy to understand even for someone like me who is phobic about baking…the Wheat Thins are labeled “hard.” But honestly, if I could make them, how hard can they actually be???”
–Beth from Life Without Plastic

How About Food Sensitivities?

It seems like more and more people are having to cut foods from their diets these days. Healthy Snacks to Go has always had helpful icons so you can see at a glance whether a recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free or grain-free. Here’s the breakdown, out of 45 recipes:

        • grain-free: 33
        • gluten-free: 38
        • dairy-free: all but 4 have CF (casein free) adaptations
        • nut-free: 24 have the option
        • egg-free: 37, plus at least 3 of the remaining ones, maybe 5, would work great with the flax/water egg substitute
        • I even added a new section on how to substitute coconut, if you’re one of those people who just don’t like it. Winking smile

Please see the satisfaction guarantee below if you have food sensitivities and are worried you won’t get your investment’s worth out of Healthy Snacks to Go

My favorite gluten-free blogger reviewed the book here: “Fantastic.”

Almond Power Bars…one of the gluten free options

Of course I think everyone should get their hands on a copy of Healthy Snacks To Go. Here’s why:

10 Reasons to Buy “Healthy Snacks To Go”

      1. Real food on the go is one of the trickiest feats in mastering a whole foods diet.
      2. Fifteen Power Bar variations! (reverse engineered Larabars) You’re bound to find one (or more) that you’ll love!
      3. The recipes are delicious, not intimidating, and often capable of hanging out in your diaper bag or desk drawer to wait until you’re hungry.
      4. Easily printable recipes ready to go right into your meal planning or recipes binder.
      5. Allergy and special diet friendly: Two-thirds of the recipes are grain-free and sweetener-free, so very friendly to some tough diets like the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Almost all have gluten-free and/or dairy-free adaptations as well, denoted by simple icons.
      6. Over 45 recipes and not one package in sight.
      7. Most of the recipes will save you money in the long run.
      8. Buying a blogger’s product is an easy way to say “Thank you” for providing the rest of her work free of charge via daily posts.
      9. Five Bonus Sections: Basic Snacks Checklist, Soaking Grains Primer, The Snack Bar Manifesto, Yogurt Variations, and Sanity-Saving Lunch Packing Tips.
      10. … you get the Kindle and Nook versions absolutely free. See more below…


Healthy Snacks To Go on iPad

Healthy Snacks To Go eBook,
2nd Edition

by Katie Kimball
(85 pages + Kindle + Nook)

Over 45 recipes to get you on your way
with real food, fast.

$9.95     $8.95

Any coupon code is entered after clicking the “Buy Now” button once the item is in your cart.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are disappointed in the book for any reason, including that you can’t find enough recipes to fit a dietary restriction, I will refund your money without hesitation. Just email me!

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