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Katie’s Fresh Salsa

1 large tomato
1/2 green pepper

Whir in food processor briefly or use hand blender:
1 jalapeno pepper (optional, of course)
dash garlic powder
chunk of purple onion (a few Tbs)
lime juice

Add a little salt and stir together.  You could also just finely chop the second list of ingredients.  Yummy!

Also check out my favorite canned salsa recipe.


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  • Sandra

    Occasionally, when it’s warm outside and a cold (uncooked) dinner sounds good, my husband likes to have chips and salsa. I’ve played around with my salsa recipe and finally got it down to a science – almost. You gotta try this one:

    1/4 to 1/2 small white or yellow onion
    1 jalapeno – * see note
    1/2 bunch cilantro, use top half only
    12 med size roma tomatoes
    salt – use ‘Real Salt’ if you can find it.

    Place onion, jalapeno and cilantro in food processor and process until chopped very fine. Add tomatoes and pulse to chop into chunks (don’t puree them – leave them chunky!) Add salt to taste (it takes A LOT!!) Sometimes I’ve thought that I added too much salt, but when I serve it, somehow the salt has been “neutralized” or something.

    Now for the note about jalapenos.
    * Often the ‘flesh’ of the jalapeno is as mild as a bell pepper. The seeds are hot, but the real heat is in the light green membrane which holds the seeds in place. You can easily adjust the “heat” of your salsa by how much of that membrane you leave when you cut up your jalapeno. Sometimes I cut up the jalapeno and set the membrane and seeds aside, so that I can add more it the salsa turns out too mild.

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    Katie Reply:


    Sounds awesome! Thank you for sharing about the jalapeno heat. I tried two cooked/canned salsa recipes this summer and we’re just loving having homemade now that’s it’s way past tomato season! Welcome! :) Katie

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    Ronell Reply:

    Would you mind sharing your canned salsa recipe? These ingredients are very similar to our favorite “fresh” salsa. But I worry about whether I can bottle it or not. Thanks so much!

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    Katie Reply:

    It’s so funny you asked that, because I just posted the canned salsa recipe last week. You’re right to wonder about whether you can can/jar/bottle this one or not – you cannot! You always need to add vinegar to a canned salsa recipe. Here’s my favorite, and it is amazing: :) Katie

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