Advent Daily Dose: Simple Advent Devotions

The Advent Daily Dose is a very short reflection, encouragement, lesson, or challenge for you to read every weekday of Advent. Be sure to sign up for an email subscription so you can get each one delivered to you. This is great for those of us who are forever misplacing our little Advent devotional books or forgetting to address them during the day.

Simple Advent Devotions

Here’s the master list of the nuggets of thought for Advent, one for each weekday (along with a few bonus Sundays), so if you’re signing up for the emails late, you can check out the ones you missed. Your emails will start on the day after you sign up, whatever reflection is scheduled for that day:

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four:

5 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. marsha says

    What a lovely sharing and support of advent to readers and eaters and interested/appreciative followers of Katie KS… I’m one…. and, I’m in…
    It feels to me like suddenly an angel, maybe two angels, one on each side, have appeared to walk with me, talk with with me, teach me, as we step lightly along toward the Christ-mas arrival. Blessed be you all, thank you ! Marsha

  2. S says

    Hi Katie,
    I enjoy your site a lot but I had to unsubscribe from your Advent emails! I’m reformed and don’t appreciate unscriptural things to do for Christmas. “Holy water” will not save or bless anyone unfortunately. You put your faith in things, not God. Read the Bible and follow it, not things invented by man. Please see this as truth in love, not negative criticism!

    • says

      Thanks for the honest feedback. The reflections are definitely from a Catholic perspective, my own. You’re certainly right that holy water won’t save anyone – Christ is the only one who already did that. As for blessings, any prayer is mighty powerful, Christ himself promised that…so I know Catholics have a lot more “things” than Protestants do. We call them sacramentals and believe that God, who sent Jesus to be with us in a human BODY, understands how much we experience and relate to the world with our bodies, so there are ways to connect with our faith physically. Not salvation, not magic, not faith in things – but reminders of God that we can experience with all 5 senses.

      I appreciate your honest comment and don’t take it as criticism at all, just a difference in practice. Makes sense to not get the Advent emails, but thanks for hanging around for the food and such! :) Katie

      • S says

        Thanks for the reply, Katie! I guess I just don’t understand why Catholics add things to worship that were never taught by Jesus. I’m happy with being spiritually fed on Sundays by our minister, attending a women’s Bible study every week and connecting with my fellow congregants through various other activities as well as daily Scripture meditation and prayer. I don’t believe that God needs or requires extra things that we have come up with ourselves to feel something physically. I think it’s basically telling God he’s not good enough. It sounds like these rituals are made to please ourselves rather than Him! It takes the focus away from Him and puts it on us and our feelings.

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