Tired of Unhealthy or Expensive Choices at Every Social Gathering? (& watching your kids eat junk?)

Easy Real Food recipes and the secret to guiding kids' choices --

Kitchen Stewardship presents:

  • 10 whole foods recipes that won't break your budget
  • Appetizers, salads and desserts that every eater will recognize and enjoy
  • Simple strategies for sharing healthy food with others
  • And the secret to getting better food into kids at parties...

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Delicious party foods

Speak the language of the majority:
Party food success =

great taste + pleasing appearance.

Everyone will recognize these dips, brownies and drinks, and you'll recognize the ingredients.


37 page resource

Recipes include one salad, 3 dips, 3 drinks, 1 dessert and 5 bonus supporting recipes for a total of 15 real food dishes! Normal ingredients you might already have on hand...

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