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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals for Real Foodies and Crunchy Mamas

Drum roll, please!

It’s gift season.

i.e. Black Friday Month, Cyber-vember, Thanksspending week, etc.

Which means since “things” drive me nuts, I do my best to spend very little on all the inconsequential junk calling my name, BUT…there are usually some great deals on supplements, kitchen products, and goodies to restock my natural health medicine cabinet.

So I’ll embrace that!

As your inbox is filling up with 100s of emails, here’s a quick look at what’s happening in the natural health world this Black Friday/Cyber Monday (ish). Enjoy!

Here are the brands I’m highlighting, but not all of them will be live on all the days – come back and check often!

Where I’m totally shopping this weekend, if you want to know my favs:

  • Magnesium Lotion Shop
  • Wellnesse
  • MadeOn
  • JustThrive
  • Beekeeper’s Naturals
  • Paleovalley
  • ECOlunchbox
  • Xero Shoes
  • Berkey
  • Third Rock
  • Pact
  • The Girlfriend Doctor Anna Cabeca
  • Bend Soap
  • Raise Them Well

If you don’t see one of these below, it’s just because their sale hasn’t started yet – check back tomorrow! 😉


MadeOn DIY Homemade Lotion Bars and Lip Balms (23) (475x356)

You all know one of my favorite companies is MadeOn, and my stash had gotten a little low for teacher gifts, so I just ordered some of the multi-packs of pocket-sized Hard Lotion Bars and lip balms, on special this month!

Until the end of the year, you can get a Beesilk lotion bar for $3 off here!

Here’s my whole review of the products, the company, and a 11-year friendship forged over lotion bars without parabens. 🙂 I had to use that old photo of little John, now 11, grabbing his stash of the older lotion bars. Safe enough if he put them in his mouth, so I didn’t worry!

Gabb Wireless and Troomi Wireless phones and devices!

gabb phone
Gabb Wireless

Both of my older kids started out with a Gabb phone, because it is a dumb phone that looks like a smartphone. It’s everything the child needs, nothing they don’t, and just what you as a parent want.

Starting November 1st, all devices will be FREE with a two-year agreement (Free Gabb Phone, Gabb Phone Plus, or Gabb Watch) and a select Accessory ($20 value) for New Customers with a $25 activation fee and 2 yr. contract when you use the code KCRF!

Troomi phone

If you’ve been following along in email, you know that Leah outlined her reasons why Gabb wasn’t the ideal choice for her needs, and she was VERY persuasive. We agreed, and now Paul still has a Gabb, but she has a Troomi Wireless phone.

You can see our comparison review with a video featuring Paul and Leah! Use the code KCRF for these deals!

Wild Pastures – Get $100 off ($20 off your first 5 boxes)

I’ve been loving the Wild Pastures meat box I’ve gotten, and I LOVE that it’s totally 100% US-sourced (and grassfed/pasture-raised)! You might remember that I took some of the Wild Pastures ground beef on vacation with me this summer, so I knew what quality I was feeding my family even while traveling.

In every box, you get 100% grass fed, pasture raised, wild caught meat and seafood delivered directly to your doorstep. 

These products have been rotationally raised on small-scale farms right here in America. 

They’re better for the environment than any other meat (or meat alternative option) out there, they’re more nutrient-dense for your health, and they’re better for the livestock. 

And with $100 OFF! ($20 OFF your first 5 boxes!), you’ll pay significantly less than what you would pay for this quality of meat anywhere else. 

ButcherBox – current deals!

Grassfed, pastured, organic, heritage — if those are words you look for when shopping for meat, ButcherBox is great if you don’t have a local source!

ButcherBox switches up their sales and they haven’t published their Black Friday deals yet, but if you click here, you can see whatever they currently have on offer.

My favorite sales are when they have Ground Beef for Life or Free Bacon For Life, but I love their steaks, too! Steaks are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished and raised free from antibiotics and hormones. They are DELISH. I’m usually too cheap to buy steaks, especially grassfed GOOD steaks, but sometimes it’s a nice treat to have some around for date night.

Check out my review of ButcherBox here if you’re on the fence about joining!

Perfect Supplements – Everyday Good Deals!

Super simple regular deals for the 2022 holiday season!!

  • Buy Any 3 Perfect Brand Products (Mix and Match encouraged) – Save 20%
  • Buy Any 6 Perfect Brand Products (Mix and Match encouraged) – Save 25% and use the 10% off code KS10!

These are supplements we take daily (and add collagen (use the coupon KS10 for 10% off!) – to smoothies and hot drinks) and it feels good to stock up on the cheap!

Bundles are always on sale – keep a lookout for out of stock items to come back!

Time to stock up on gelatin, MCT oil, Magnesium, Desiccated Liver and more!

Read here to learn more about supplementing with Vitamin D.

Collagen is hugely joint supportive (I try to get some every day for nail strength and joint health), and I really like having their powdered bone broth on hand for rice and adding into recipes!

Berkey Holiday Pricing!

Berkey water filter

Save $$ on Berkey water filter deals and bundles AND the first 1000 orders over $300 will receive a $25 discount voucher. Sale runs through December 23.

You can save on not only the big units, but also replacement filters (here I come!) and filtered water bottles. I don’t usually like drinking out of plastic, but these are lightweight to enable kids to drink school water easily and without chemicals. Here’s my full review

AirDoctor air filters

While we started with another brand that is no longer on the market, we now have 5 AirDoctor air filters – one in each of the bedrooms and one for the main floor.

AirDoctor Air Purifier

The AirDoctor is very quiet – they claim up to 30% quieter than other air purifiers. I appreciate the air quality monitor, which lets you know if your air quality is good, moderate, or poor and then automatically adjusts the filtration level based on air quality.

Each AirDoctor is powerful enough to filter all the air in a 2400 square foot room once every hour. It eliminates 99.97% of particulate pollution (dust, mold, pollen, etc.) and virtually all the chemical pollution too (personal care products, air fresheners, off-gassing from paint and furniture, and more) as well as bacteria and viruses.

Check out my review here, and get some fantastic deals on the purifiers at the AirDoctor site.

3rd Rock Silver Products – 35% off

3rd Rock Nutrasporin

3rd Rock is offering 35% off all silver products with code BLACKFRIDAY! Nutrasporin is a mainstay in our first aid kit and this fall I’ve been relying a lot on the silver infusion spray, both to keep germs at bay internally and to fight the bugs trying to spread through our family.

3RD Rock also is our family’s top rated sunscreen!

They haven’t published an end date to this sale yet, so as far as I know it’s still running!

Annmarie Skin Care

I have to admit I don’t love every product that Annmarie makes but their facial oil is quite incredible!

Since you can get such a good deal on this little sampler set ($19.99!!) with a very nice face wash, lip balm and anti-aging serum, I recommend getting a little stocking stuffer for mom with this offer.

(And you get a nice little coupon for later use!)

Don’t Forget About Kitchen Tools…

You’ll find my favs for kids (which, ahem, are pretty much the same tools I use and love myself!) on the Kids Cook Real Food Resources page:

black friday deals housewares image

So Many More Natural Health Deals! (No guarantees on timing)

What else do you need? Here you go!

  • Mattresses:
    • Naturepedic – code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to receive 20% off! Free pillow(s) auto add to cart.
    • Plushbeds – sale priced as marked
    • Essentia – 25% off for BF, no code needed that I’m aware of
    • Happsy – 20% off site wide with code FRIDAY
    • My Green Mattress – with code Holidays
    • FloBeds – Natural latex mattresses – Use coupon code BF22 to save 25%!
  • Tea Collection clothing – Black Friday pricing through 11/27
  • Hello Tushy – 30% Off TUSHY Bidet Attachments with Code BROWNFRIDAY. Valid 11/17-11/28.
  • Burt’s Bees organic pajamas and Carter’s pajamas on Amazon are usually safe (no flame retardants) too, but don’t get the fleece kind. 
  • This video is a tutorial about HOW to find safe PJs, because it’s a heavily greenwashed industry!! 
  • Wholetones Christmas – You know I’m such a science geek, and I’m also a Christian, so when I heard about a Bible-based, science-backed system that improves sleep with gentle music – um, what??? I had to try it out. Wholetones2Sleep has been really cool to test out, and I’m excited to play the Christmas songs this December!
  • Radiant Life – Take $25 off any order over $100 + Free Shipping with SAVE25, save 20% on Countertop Gravity & Direct Connect Water Filters with 20SAVE, and take $200 off 14-Stage Purifiers & Whole House Water Systems with WATER200, through 12/5.
  • Mabel’s Labels – 11/21 -11/29, up to 50% off Mabel’s Labels Best-Sellers
  • Relax Sauna – $200 off with code friday22, through Dec 4
  • The Girlfriend Doctor Anna Cabeca – 30% off plus free shipping through 11/28
  • Bend Soap – 25% off, code automatically applied
  • mindbodygreen – 30% off all supplements and personal care purchases with code MBG30 through 11/28
  • Whole Journey – 50% off courses, 20% off supplements, ends 11/28
  • Seeking Health – 20% off sitewide Nov 25-28
  • Mary Ruth’s – code BLACKFRIDAY for 25% off or more
  • Ollois (dairy free homeopathics) – Nov 25-27, code BLCK22 for 20% off
  • Ollois – Nov 28-29, code CYBER22  for 15% off
  • Autism Parenting Magazine – helping special needs families navigate the challenges of the autism spectrum. Save 86% on a yearly subscription.

Are expensive gadgets and specialty foods really worth the cost? Read these super-thorough reviews to see if the item you have your eye on passed the KS tests and truly lives up to the hype.

Disclosure: Quite a few links in this post are affiliate links, from which I will earn commission if you make a purchase, but it doesn’t cost you any more. See my full disclosure statement here.




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