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3 Steps to Fighting Candida Naturally (Part 2 of the Story)

3 Steps to Fighting Candida Naturally

In part one of this candida rash story,  I shared my surprising journey from the prideful fallacy of extraordinary health to a scaly, itchy rash that spread from the back of my neck, around the front, inflamed my neck and chest, then traveled down my arms. An M.D. and a naturopath had very different strategies for battling it, and I chose to treat the rash as a symptom of candida infection.

Did I forget to say that it itched? Oh, goodness, my friends – it itched with such intensity that it was a darn good thing it happened right after the discipline and self-control development of Lent! In fact, that timing may play into our story here…

It was interesting that this rash amped up so terribly right after Lent, even though the itchiness on the spot on the back of my neck had been a mild annoyance for about two years. During Lent, I give up all white sugar and corn sugar, and we were grain-free for the first half and remaining gluten-free, whole grains only, for the second half.

Lent is about 6 weeks long, which means that any candida I had in my body before that may have been in a “hunger” mode because I wasn’t feeding it as much of its favorite foods. (Not that I’m a huge junk food eater, but I do like sweets and indulge in the candy that enters our house without my permission, dark chocolate that I invite in, and ice cream. 99% of the grains I eat are whole, and we’re a low-gluten household all the time anyway. Nonetheless, Lent is a more radical time.)

I find myself wondering if the rash was a sort of “die-off” symptom, meaning that my body was fighting the candida overgrowth better than usual during Lent, and then the dead yeast and toxins had nowhere to go but out – in the form of inflammation and histamine response in my skin. When I started feeding the little buggers some sugar again, all heck broke loose.

By the time it was embarrassing to wear sleeveless shirts and scoop necks – and this was in May/June of last year – I knew it was high time to declare war on the candida.

This post is part of a Natural Health Month series here at KS.

3 Steps to Fighting Candida Naturally

Fighting a candida rash naturally entails both internal and external battles. One must:

  1. Starve the yeast by depriving it of its favorite foods.
  2. Kill the yeast overgrowth with anti-fungals.
  3. Rebuild the flora with strong probiotics.

Paula at Whole Intentions has been helping people kick candida for years, particularly those with recurring candida issues who thought they got rid of it but didn’t.

Her Kicking Candida program has 4 phases: clean up your diet and lifestyle, support liver and kidneys (because you can’t rid yourself of yeast overgrowth if drainage pathways are stopped up), get the candida with anti-fungals, rebuild the gut. You can work through it at your own pace and with support!

First Step: Cut off the Food Supply

Candida is really quite linked to sugar intake, which is why I titled yesterday’s post with the rather forward message: “If You’ve Ever Eaten Sugar, You Probably Have Candida Symptoms.” I don’t really like intense claims like that, to be honest, but I did really want to catch people’s eyes before they have to go through something like this to get their attention:

3 Steps to Fighting Candida Naturally

When I saw a naturopath locally, she recommended cutting table sugar for sure and reducing sweeteners as much as possible, but also nixing not only refined grains, but all flours for a while. In other words, I could have oatmeal or brown rice, but not something made of brown rice flour or whole wheat bread. She didn’t think omitting fruit was all that important, so I didn’t worry about it.

This step was the lowest priority, for whatever reason, for me. That doesn’t mean it should be that way for others, or even that I made the best choice.


Step Two: Kill Shots

Along with keeping the yeast organisms in a hungry, weakened state, you need to throw some grenades and gunfire at them as well, in the form of anti-fungals. I had been treating the nastiness on the back of my neck for some weeks with lavender and tea tree essential oils in a base of coconut oil (use the code STEWARDSHIP to get 10% off) , and I was disappointed that it wasn’t seeming to work.

Dr. Kathryn explained one of the more fascinating facts I learned that day (my paraphrase, since I lost all my notes somehow, arg):

The candida is always changing as it reproduces, and it quite quickly becomes resistant to whatever you’re using to kill it. So if you already eat a lot of garlic, garlic might not be an effective defense for you. After 7-10 days of using a certain essential oil, you need to switch to another one or some herbal remedy in order to keep one step ahead of the candida yeast.

To get the upper hand in this battle, I used the following externally to fight candida on the skin:

Do you know how to properly dilute essential oils?
essential oil dilution chart
Katie here, popping in to tell you how important it is to be sure you’re diluting those essential oils properly.Sure, you know not to use EOs straight (neat). But do you know the 1-2-3 math so it’s not too strong or weak? Print this chart to keep with your oils so you never have to do math in the middle of the night when your LO is congested:You can read more about why it’s so important to dilute essential oils here, and I know the little chart will be helpful!

And the following internally:

A bonus of a naturopathic appointment? I could get everything I needed to take care of my problem either in her shop or in my own kitchen. No extra trip to the pharmacy and back to pick up a prescription. Cool.

Last But Not Least: Rebuild and Repopulate the Soldiers

Probiotics – “good bacteria” – are your body’s defense against both bad bacteria and yeast colonies. You need to give your system a chance to not only have enough soldiers to “win the war” while you’re fighting off candida, but also replenish the stores after the “kill shots” are finished to make sure you’re not leaving space open for more “bad guys” to take up residence.

Fermented foods are a great way to achieve this, as are probiotic supplements. Dr. Kathryn and I had a great talk about probiotic supplements and the soil-based organisms we were taking at the time, which resulted in this popular post: Are Your Supplements Turning into Deadly Pathogens in the Gut? and this follow-up on antibiotics: What’s the Antidote After Swallowing a Hand Grenade?

For this war on candida, I nourished my “soldiers” with the following external applications:

And made sure I was getting probiotics internally as well:

Some Quality Probiotics

Some of these I’ve used, some I’m planning to use, and some have been recommended by friends and professionals alike. It’s good to remember a few things about probiotics: 1. People should get different colonies of probiotics, so switching brands/strains every so often (6 weeks?) is good practice. 2. What works great for one person’s needs doesn’t always work for another. I’ve personally tried:
  • Just Thrive Probiotics – this one can be taken during antibiotics and not be rendered ineffective, which almost all other probiotics are! It’s the top-recommended probiotic overall by Paleo Mom Sarah Ballantyne. 😮 (Be sure to use the code Katie15 for 15% off; also found on Amazon and from Perfect Supplements where you can use the coupon KS10 for 10% off!)
  • Seed Daily Synbiotic – the new player in the field but recommended by superstars like Chris Kresser for its unique probiotic/prebiotic synergy. Here’s my full review including a number of surprises for my thinking and a 15% off code!
  • Note: If you’re struggling with digestion, especially constipation, or you feel like you really need to populate your gut with healthy probiotics, I would recommend Saccharomyces Boulardii in addition to any other you choose (except any above which include this strain). Saccharomyces Boulardii is research-proven to get through the digestive tract without being killed, which is rare. 
  • Balance One probiotics with a unique time-release formula (use the code KITCHENS15 at either Balance One’s site or even Amazon to save 15% either place! Wow! Use the code at checkout on Amazon btw.)

For Little Ones (we use all of these):

  • Mary Ruth’s liquid probiotic is a liquid probiotic that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and tastes like…nothing! It’s my new favorite for administering to kids! (Use code KCRF15 for 15% off!)
  • WellBelly by WellFuture (9 strains of probiotics in apple and banana carrier – it’s a powder)
  • Buddies in my Belly probiotic powder (2 strains of probiotics + potato starch carrier and prebiotics) or chewable tablets
Recommended by experts I trust:

I used to think that if your probiotic was not refrigerated it was no good. This isn’t true!! Read more in question 5 of this interview. Consider switching up the active cultures (not just the brand, since many can use the same handful of live bacteria) from time to time just as you switch up the “killing” mechanisms, although not quite as often.

Maybe a supplement? Balance One has a Candida Cleanse supplement that looks very promising, and they’ve offered Kitchen Stewardship® readers a great coupon! Use the code KITCHENS15 to save 15%! The code works either on Amazon or on the Balance One website! (If checking out on Amazon, enter the code at checkout, not on the product page.)

Note on Killing and Building

Unlike the octogenarians you might know who take all their pills before breakfast with their handy dandy weekday pill containers to keep them organized, you don’t want to take probiotics at the same time as the anti-fungals (or any anti-bacterial or anti-viral treatments you might be taking to kill an infection naturally).

They could honestly simply do battle against each other and cancel one another out before they help you any, so I always took care to have at least a meal or 2 hours in between the killers and the builders, both for internal and external applications. Yes, it was a lot of work!

Other Skin Maintenance

Redmond Clay mask to fight candida rashes naturally

Since I had such a severe rash, I also took some steps to quite simply ease the itch and fix my skin, by supporting drainage pathways, being gentle to the skin itself, and attempting to reset the pH of the skin.

Bentonite Clay for Binding Toxins, etc.

A few time, I applied hydrated Redmond Clay like a facial mask but all over the rash, allowed it to dry about 30 minutes, then washed off. Holy COW did that itch!!!

The naturopath explained a little about the healing process and the role of histamines, so I knew itching was actually a positive sign (and tried not to scratch):

Pain and inflammation are part of the healing process just as much as if you had cut your finger. White blood cells, T-cells, antibodies, etc. are actively working. Histamine is produced by certain white blood cells to help remove the pathogen using physiological responses such as sneezing, watering of the eyes, scratching, coughing,etc.

So the clay increased the histamine response, which in turn would stimulate my own immune system response even more (hopefully speeding up the healing). Bentonite clay also helps to bind and eliminate toxins and decrease redness, so it was a triple threat helper for my situation. redmond-clay

Modern medicine, by the way, treats an itch with anti-histamines and/or anti-inflammatories, which help the person feel more comfortable, but ultimately cripple one’s own immune system and probably slows down healing in some cases. Embrace the itch! (But don’t scratch; broken skin could cause a secondary infection.)

Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

After I visited the naturopath, the rash kept spreading, down my chest and arms. Gah. I won’t say I didn’t freak out just a little, but I remained determined to avoid steroid creams.

The recommendation was to take a lukewarm bath, every couple days or daily if possible (that wasn’t) with 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar in it, then apply a thin layer of water-thinned-yogurt or kefir over my entire body, like a body armor, to protect against external invaders, just as the internal probiotic was protecting against internal bad guys.

Sometimes I would also include a palmful of the Redmond Clay for supporting drainage while in the bath, although instructions for that include very hot water. Eh. It was also relaxing to sit in the tub with a magazine – honestly, when’s the last time you had time for something like that if you have young children? The fact that it was “doctor’s orders” didn’t hurt my feelings in the least, and reducing my stress was another weapon against the yeast overgrowth.

Gentle Treatment of Skin

I didn’t use soap on my face or the rash area and did my best to let my skin breathe and get a dose of sunlight whenever I could. I really didn’t wear turtlenecks often at all but just subscribed to the “grin and bear it” philosophy – literally. Any moisturizing was done strictly with coconut oil. The advice from the naturopath was (with my comment in italics):

If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth… don’t put it on your skin. Excessively dry skin can have coconut or olive oil. Irritated areas should only receive the probiotic wash (the yogurt, kefir, or sauerkraut juice – and yes, my husband thought I was nuts with all this food on my skin!). Keep it dry and expose it to the sun for short periods of time.

As I watched the rash continue to spread, I was disheartened at first with the natural treatments. We’re programmed in our culture to expect immediate and logical results, as in: Take medicine, get better, symptoms go away.

In the world of natural health, it’s true there are a good many counter-intuitive events, like “die-off” that makes you feel sicker but means you’re getting better. In response to my concern, I received this from Dr. Kathryn:

The extent of internal pathogens is greater than we thought. Be encouraged that your body is taking action to destroy these pathogens. Eat as light and healthy as possible, rest when possible, drink plenty of fluids and let your body work.

And this later:

If the rash is moving and changing in severity then the body is actively working on it. The smell is a good sign that the body is eliminating waste material from the blood and lymph.

I had noticed that my armpits had a distinct “smell” which I recognized from a test I did with a detox deodorant. If you’re wondering what that smells like, it’s just really bad B.O. that you’ll recognize as different than your “average” sweat stench after working out, for example. That’s another counter-intuitive “good sign.” (More on healing the armpits.)

Self-healing was a very difficult task for me, frustrating at times, feeling hopeless on one turn and empowered with the next, but although I hated it, I persevered. I changed up the battle plans and tools from time to time, continued to eat well and try not to freak out, and eventually, the rash started receding, in reverse order from the way it spread. It left my belly first, then my arms, then my chest and neck. The last holdout was the back of my neck, which thankfully was easier to cover up.

It was still evident in some form back there throughout the summer, and eventually I stopped fighting it hard. I just continued taking capsules of olive leaf and Pau d’Arco when I remembered and kept up faithfully with a probiotic every day.

The Final Kill Shot

It wasn’t until the fall that I truly felt like I had won the war (or at least been completely victorious in a battle).

You all know by now that I learn a lot more in the comments section of some posts than I teach in the body of the article. When I was questioning publicly about probiotics last summer, Lacey of KV Organics, a longtime reader, chimed in with her experience of overcoming a recurring yeast infection with a certain brand of probiotics. We chatted via email and then eventually by phone, and she shared her journey to natural health with me. She even let me listen in on a call in August with the man who formulated the probiotics, and I was amazed at how much I learned.

At Lacey’s recommendation, I finally tried Miessence probiotics, and it didn’t take long for the rash to disappear completely, even better than it had been in two full years.

I didn’t make any other dietary changes that I can think of, although the weather did of course change from summer to winter (I believe it was October when we got the new probiotics).

I had decided to finally take the plunge (they’re expensive) because my husband’s Crohn’s Disease seemed to be flaring up again with diarrhea. We were skeptical but impressed when within 2-3 days, his symptoms also disappeared.

Learning to Take a Powder Probiotic

The Miessence basic probiotic is called InLiven, and it’s a green powder because it’s made of food. You take about a teaspoon a day, and there was a definite learning curve, since it’s not exactly tasteless.

I started by trying it in yogurt:

3 Steps to Fighting Candida Naturally

The powder does hide great in smoothies, but we don’t make one every day, and it was harder to regulate how much each member of the family was getting.

Eventually, I learned that for me, the most palatable way to take it is to mix it thoroughly with a glass of iced water kefir, preferably lemon flavored, but cherry or pomegranate is okay too. Here’s more on how to take (hide) a powdered probiotic.

Miessence sells a gluten-free version of the same probiotic which is a liquid, and on our second round, we ordered a bottle of that – it’s much quicker to take, since I don’t have to mix it with anything, and my kids actually like it (they think it tastes like pop!).

The Return

No fairy tale ending  here, sorry about that.

A few years ago, when I was getting a bit stressed out working on releasing Better Than a Box (and we had just come through the ill-fated “holiday season” full of treats and temptations), I started to notice a little bit of itching on the back of my neck. It was an ominous feeling.

I was just glad Lent was coming, and I knew I would be cutting some exacerbating foods at that time. During Lent I did see a little histamine response (meaning it’s getting itchier), but no spreading (phew!). I’m hoped it was a sign of a healing response and not a problem…

I did try a parasite cleanse, sort of, and I posed some questions about whether parasites are related to candida or not and wondered about whether everyone has parasites or if that idea is overblown.

I recently became aware of a program offered by Whole Intentions called Kicking Candida. It’s a year-long course designed to coach you through long-term lifestyle changes with the goal of healing the gut and stop recurring candida. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s on my radar!

An Anti-Candida Diet

Veggies in a resuable snack bag

I have no trouble going grain-free after mastering elimination diet meal plans completely, now that our family has worked through that challenge a number of times, although, as with any elimination diet, it wasn’t easy at first. (Don’t let anyone tell you it will be.)

What is interesting to me is that on the candida diet, I could actually have grains, as long as they’re whole grains. It’s the fruit, dried fruit, and cheese that I’d miss. And honestly, the fact that the anti-candida diet says not to have any leftovers older than 3 days and only 6 eggs a week means that I’d have to change my meal planning significantly, and it would be one more hurdle.

It’s not that I couldn’t do it…it’s just that the rest of my family’s needs have been surpassing mine most of the time.

So I guess we’re still technically in the middle of the story. Here’s part 3.

Also, the rash did not come back (phew!). Every so often – and I haven’t written things down, but I do think it’s more likely after a compromise weekend or party – the back of my neck starts to feel ominous. It’s like my litmus test or signal that I’ve cheated too much. But thankfully, it’s never gotten worse than that. I have continued to take Miessence probiotics regularly and share them with friends who run into digestive issues, too.

I’m still not positive how I feel about the naturopathic doctor thing, and I haven’t had any reason to go back, so I haven’t. I do get frustrated any time I talk to a medical doctor (hello visits and well checkups since this posting), and I’m considering trying an holistic chiropractor sometime soon.

I just found my long-lost notes from the experience (in a folder marked “to do” that I forgot I created in one of my organizing blasts, sigh). My husband’s assessment of the naturopath was, “I was hoping she would be a little more mainstream/normal, but still in this realm of holistic health. Not reading your fortune in your palm!” He wasn’t indignant, just in simple disbelief.

“She didn’t read my palm; she read my fingernails,” I shot back with a grin and a cackle that didn’t help one bit. 😉

My own honest reaction, at least while I was sitting in the office, neck burning, tingling, begging me to scratch it vehemently while we talked about histamine responses, was: “This is exactly where I need to be.” And that’s really all anyone can ask.

Some Purchasing Resources

Other resources I bookmarked:

Lots of Ideas and Advice from readers on Facebook:

  • Morinda Supreme internally and super strength oregano oil
  • Try calendula salve for topical symptoms
  • Gentian violet Update: reader in the comments mentions this is made from petroleum, not so natural…
  • Mycocan-Chord
  • Bee’s anti candida diet
  • Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf Oil, and Coconut Oil (use the code STEWARDSHIP to get 10% off) are excellent anti-fungals and will help eliminate candida
  • Yeast thrives on sugar and carbs and those should be eliminated until you have it under control. ThreeLac is a very good natural product to eliminate it also. I bought mine off of Michael Winicki’s website and he has the best info regarding candida on the web.
  • Grapefruit seed extract (taken internally)
  • Drop sugar and simple grains from your diet
  • Probiotics! Especially after a round of antibiotics, but all the time is good too
  • Nystatin powder is helpful (topically and internally) and safe, with less side effects than Diflucan
  • Coconut oil (use the code STEWARDSHIP to get 10% off) is great, both topically and internally. It works slower than the Rx meds, but that helps prevent the die-off reaction (makes you feel like you have the flu – no fun!)
  • Myrrh oil
  • Diflucan (this is a prescription, but at least it’s safe for nursing moms)
  • Did you try lavender oil? Sources: 1 and 2
  • The Body Ecology Diet” book that diet helps get rid of Candida
  • All the information about candida is on this site:
  • I’ve heard that H2o2 therapy works wonders for this!!!!

Here’s part 1 and part 3 of this battle. This is part 2.

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  1. I noticed that on March 27, 2013, someone else commented about
    Cinnamon Oil for Candida Krusei. That is the yeast that I am in
    search of a treatment protocol for. I have combed the internet
    for several weeks and called around with little success. The
    gastroenterologist what ran the stool test (Genova) has never had
    a case of it, so is unsure of what to do. I don’t want to experiment
    with things that aren’t proven successful, because I don’t want it
    to come back stronger and more resistant. It seems to be resistant
    to most antifungals , except Vocanizole, and that has only been used
    for bloodstream cases of very sick people. The yeast is also beginning
    to have an acquired resistance to it as well in one study. The natural
    treatments don’t have a very high score on the success chart that
    Genova sent. Cinnamon wasn’t mentioned, but I will look into it.
    I guess I need more than one herb anyway to keep it from becoming
    resistant. Then, there’s the Biofilm issue. Interfase seems to have
    the right compounds in it, but I don’t know if it is compatible to use
    with all other treatments. Who would know?
    Anyone out there who has successfully treated this? Any advise is
    welcome. A Doctor/Naturopath who has dealt with this would be nice
    to be referred to.

    1. Hi Barbara Ann,
      No one will likely see your comments but me, the site owner – I recommend clicking “reply” under the comment about cinnamon oil, because then that person will get an email that you replied and you might find more information. Best of luck to you! Katie

      1. I guess you have no knowledge about treating this
        yeast. Have you ever even known anyone with it
        in your everyday dealings with people in this field?

        1. I have it! Have you found anything that worked well? I had gut testing done 5 years ago that showed what I had and what was effective against it. I used the natural ones. I think it was berberine, caprylic acid, maybe one other thing. My functional med doc told me it was ok to eat a small amount of fruit and I eliminated all grains and pseudo-grains due to a genetic sensitivity. I think it was too high carb. I also started a whole bunch of other supplements for gut healing and nutritional deficiencies I had. Long story short, it helped itching but overall my gut health got worse. Aaaah! Now that’s fine but my skin itching is back and now I have joint pain. Here are some things that HAVE helped: Natto, when I take it regularly, thieves oil (clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata, rosemary oils), oregano (doesn’t become resistant apparently), saccharomyces boulardii (!!), a video on YouTube by josh axe and Jordan Rubin (surprised to hear new stuff after 25 years of fighting Candida). Searching Candida krusei I found These things have been studied and found effective against krusei: natto or nattokinase, lemongrass oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil. If I could get consistent uninterrupted sleep that would really help!! Let me know if you have anything to add.

  2. I have been suffering from so many symptoms related to hypothyroidism but my natural dessicated thyroid would work some weeks and other weeks I would have a flare up of symptoms. Couldn’t figure out why. Last year my arms broke out in such a severe rash (very , very severe like a triple layer of rash from wrist to elbow). Dr’s never knew what it was and I was stumped that poison ivy medicine did not help – I thought that is what it was. Eventually had to take prednisone to force it back. Fast forward to now – rash started to come out – and through all my research began to realize that this could be candida and another reason why the thyroid meds are not working. I am in the middle of a course of caprylic acid and suffering through die off. Am about to add in bentonite and pysllum husk to help with the detox. As much as this stinks, I am happy to know that I think I have found what might be the root cause of many health issues that I have suffered from for years. Thank you for all the great information. I hope to incorporate some other things as it sounds like the candida can be tricky and might become resistant to one method, however I have read that it cannot become resistant to caprylic acid.

  3. Hi,
    I’m wondering about your doterra essential oil usage and when you started using them in comparison to the start of the rashes. I recently started using doterra essential oils and it wasn’t until after I started using them, that I started randomly getting really itchy (I mean extremely itchy). I also started breaking out in what looked like hives/rashes (no scaley skin) and my lips and eyes were swelling! The symptoms go away once I take over the counter allergy medication. I’ve recently stopped using oils due to this reaction, but seem to still get these symptoms often, possibly due to accidently touching something with oils still on it…why would this start only after using oils? I’ve never had any known allergies and have always been pretty healthy. I have gained weight in the past two years and am working on losing it, but I’m not super strict with my diet.


    1. Ashley,
      This itchy spot for me started before I had essential oils in the home. It does make you wonder though, I’m sure! Other folks do have trouble with oils and have skin reactions, so you’re not out in left field. Good luck figuring it out!! Katie

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! It’s nice to hear I’m not the only one noticing allergic reactions to essential oils; since, the reps continue to say it’s very unlikely to be allergic to them…



        1. I use essential oils a lot but can only apply them to the bottom of my feet. Anywhere else and it takes at least a month to get rid of the itch. I apply them with nitrile gloves to kids and my feet and ALWAYS diluted. It’s frustrating how few distributors recommend diluting. I know someone who can’t use them anymore because she was never told to dilute.

  4. This story is exactly like mine. I’ve been to drs, dermatologist, chriopractor, all whov’ve had a different opinions much like yours. I am gluten free and that helped a lot. Stress at work makes it worse. I moved offices it really helped me. I just recently discovered dairy seems to flare my skin up. So GOODBYE! This story was like I was reading my very own. Thank you soooo much for this. I now know whats wrong and how to kill and treat myself more. THANK YOU!

  5. I agree – sticking with the Candida Diet is the best way to go. I wish I had that will power all the time! The Candida Diet def works, but i also keep a bottle of Lady Soma Candida Cleanse handy when I cant follow the diet – take a pill in the morning and at night for a couple days – and it will be gone…..get back on the diet when you can – but keep Lady Soma around when you cant

  6. Erica Mestyanek

    Your post saved my sanity! I hope you don’t mind that I put a link to it on my blog. If you do, please let me know and I will be happy to remove it. 🙂

    1. yes, u can :), I wanna help other people too, I just want to clarify about the external part, just wipe it with cotton balls dipped in acv(apple cider vinegar)

  7. hi, I have a candida in my feminine part. I started my diest: I eat 1 garlic (one clove like a moon-shaped) evry after my breakfast and lunch. I noticed no more secretion, only rash. Then i started to wipe the rashes with cotton balls dipped into acv with garlic solution. It’s working. I’m still doing the regimen and the diet. I just hate candida, and I’m quite lazy. But thanks God for galic and acv, works well. I am planning to add raw yogurt into my diet. thanks, just sharing 😉

    1. I found this post last year and it has changed my life! I had a skin condition very similar to Katie’s and was desperate/depressed/at wits end/etc. I followed her steps and also started using the Miessence pro-biotics. My issues have GREATLY improved in the last 6 months. But also like Katie- what took a couple years to develop won’t go away over night. I met a lady at a sustainable Ag conference in Iowa who recommended her salve when I have “lady part” flare ups. It’s amazing and offers instant relief and healing. I would highly recommend you looking into it! It’s called “Fun-Gal Salve”

  8. This very same thing is happening to me right now after going Paleo. My neck, chest and arms are a nightmare right now! What kind of diet did you do while getting through this? I am interested in Miessence. Can you tell me how many 1tsp. serving are in the InLiven powder? How much liquid did you take and how many servings is in that one? They don’t share that info on their website. It’s quite expensive. Thanks!

  9. Maybe you initially had an allergic or sensitivity to the nickel or other material in that necklace?

    Contact dermatitis which weakened the skin. Itchiness may precede an actual rash in contact dermatitis from what I read. (Have my own contact dermatitis I am fighting and your info helped me figure out how to do that more naturally and simply)

    Did you have the area tested for candida or did you just go on symptoms to make a guess?

  10. Enjoyed your story about candida. Just wanted to reassure you of your path. Now that you have started it. I went to RN nursing school in early 1990 – 1992. My first husband died from brain cancer 1993. My second husband had a major heart attack in 2003 and became disabled in 2008. I grew up out in the middle of no where we are of Amish descent so I learned to grow food and can when I was young. I got away from it(moved to town0 and did the whole eggs, butter, whole milk, sugar etc are bad for you routine. Raised my children to get as much exercise and eat right as possible. LOL . Now we are back out in the middle of no where and grow are own organic food. Stopped going to the medical doctor completely. Se a naturapath. My husband has been off his meds now for 3 1/2 yrs. He is doing great. You can grow your own veggies in your flower beds around your house etc. Keep on the path God will help you to know what to do. God Bless.

  11. I know I am reading this a bit too late, but I followed some links and finally came to this blog post. I am commenting here instead of on part 1. I have a story to tell.

    My doctor about 8 years ago also told me that there is no such thing as systemic yeast infection. Just vaginal yeasts. I HATE it when doctors lie so I went and proved him wrong (sorry this may be a long comment but it will contain some important information in it).

    My mom was diagnosed with cancer when she was pregnant with me. It was Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Instead of aborting me (obviously, haha!) she had me, of course there were complications during her pregnancy but I was a miracle baby and I am here now, all 38 years of me 🙂

    She died by the time I was 2 years old. The doctors were amazed at how well she did through cancer, so they requested to do an autopsy (Stanford Research Hospital). You know what they found on the autopsy report? Systemic yeasts invading EVERY ONE OF HER ORGANS. Their diagnosis? She died because her organs shut down from the CANDIDA, not from the actual cancer itself. The candida starved every one of organs and one by one they shut down.

    I got a copy of that autopsy report, and brought it into my doctor, and PROVED him wrong, told him that I hate narrowmindedness, and fired him.

    So. I don’t know whether she had candida overgrowth before she got cancer, or vice versa. But I strongly believe the two are relatd, whether it is a chicken or the egg thing, or not. Without candida, she probably would have been able to battle the cancer successfully. But maybe she had candida and it wore her body out so that she got cancer… who knows. But that is beyond the point that candida CAN KILL.

    So, here I am. 38 years old now. Experiencing a host of problems even though I live pretty much chemical free. I am pretty sure I have leaky gut / IBS / yeasts / some sort of parasites (oh by the way, yeasts ARE parasites — so that answers one of the questions you posed in your article). Fungus, yeasts, bacteria, virus — any living organism in your body that is detrimental to your health, is a parasite… unfortunately we also get a ton of worms and such (especially if we have animals).

    So… I have one spot behind my right knee that constantly itches. I also have occasional yeast infections, itchy skin in general (especially when it is dry), itchy nose and eyes sometimes.

    I figured that I shouldn’t have yeasts…. especially since I don’t eat any processed sugar, I drink 16 oz of milk kefir a day (homemade) and about a quart of water kefir, plus homemade sauerkraut, and Miracle Greens and Reds (with 18+ billion probiotic microorganisms, etc etc).

    I have done a ton of pau d’arco, oregano oil, essential oils, etc etc. Tons of things over the years. I have used my Zapper (yeah, Google that one!) and have done colloidal silver (NutraSilver) and etc etc it goes on and on.

    Thankfully I don’t have acne or many skin problems, every once in a while I will get a rash somewhere, but not too often.

    I do have a fungal toenail as well (since I was 9 years old!) It keeps falling off every 3 years or so.

    Well, this article has prompted me to start going again. I know from my history (and from my own naturopathic doctor, who is actually an MD, I am wondering if your naturopath is an MD or not?) that I have a very low immune system (based on an IgA saliva test). I was not breastfed for obvious reasons and I am guessing going through the birth canal I was expose to the excess yeasts in my mom that she was battling during cancer.

    I plan on starting oregano oil again, starting my zapper, not doing even natural sugars, cutting back on starches and grains, and doing a parasite cleanse (Humaworm also has a liver cleanse and yeast/fungus cleanse that I am going to do).

    I live in Panama now (Central America) and so I ordered the stuff from – please check it out. I am not affiliated with them at all but they have awesome information there. I am waiting for it to arrive but then I will do a full cleanse one after the other (not all at once for sure!). I will put new batteries into my terminator zapper, and I may even start oil pulling with oregano oil if I can stomach it. Right now I use Thieves and coconut oil. I also am taking 2 T of coconut oil a day (it makes it so easy to take here in Panama because it is all a liquid, my kitchen being 85 degrees on average).

    So, we will see how I do. I am sick of fatigue, I am sick of itching. I am sick of having stomach issues.

    Thanks for the article. Have a great day.

    1. Rebecca,
      Wow, what a story – hitting close to me right now because my dad was just diagnosed with cancer (at age 75) and has always had toenail fungus. Hmph. I do know that most people who eat a candida-fighting diet don’t do any natural sugars either, so hopefully that will be the turning point for you. What an experience!!! Thank you for sharing – this post just gets more interesting every week.
      🙂 Katie

  12. Hi, I have noticed little small dots around my shoulder (they look like what you’re having on the picture above just not of that severity) after increasing my homemade milk kefir intake.
    Could this be a yeast detox reaction? I have never seen anything like it on my body. Should I slow down the kefir or continue with it? I have applied tea tree oil and this morning the small dots were gone. Can you help me understand what’s going on in my body?
    Many thanks.

    p.s. I enjoyed reading this piece, it’s very informative and I love the probiotic powder recommended by you.

    1. Jenny,
      I’m just another mom with one experience, I’m so sorry I’m really not qualified to even guess. As for slowing down the kefir – I would ask myself, “Is this bothering me?” (the dots) If they’re not too much to bear, you’re probably not hurting anything by drinking kefir. Good luck figuring it all out! 🙂 Katie

  13. This is a great post! I remember getting it in an email but just bookmarked it because I didn’t think it applied to me. Well, I’m 19 wks pregnant and going mentally insane with a rash from head to toe. Starts out like hives, then turns to hard bumps, then they cluster and get blistery. The itching is unbearable. It has been progressive and started just on my cheek and bottom of legs at beginning of pregnancy. Have seen 2 OBs and they have no clue…just recommend Benadryl and Zyrtec. Meds during pregnancy are a last resort for me and only if they won’t harm baby. Have spent weeks researching what this could be. I found several pregnancy message boards with thousands of women who have had this problem during pregnancy and found no help. Amongst all those responses, I found 3 ladies who treated the issue as yeast and they were the only ones who ever found relief. So, that’s where I am. I went cold turkey and cut out all forms of sugar (even fruit, maple, and honey) and all grains. Within 4 days, saw amazing improvement…my face looked completely healed. Had family visit over a week and a half period and “cheated”. The rash came back with a vengeance and it’s just unbearable. Back on the no sugar diet, but also trying to find other things to encourage die off. I started taking caprylic acid but really didn’t see a difference. Started dandelion tea 2 days ago (so bitter and nasty!), have been on probiotics, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, and flax oil. I really want to eliminate this but nervous about all the various herbs/supplements/meds that are available to help and how they impact baby. I found a few databases that list things that aren’t safe during pregnancy but they list stuff that seems crazy like garlic, oregano, etc… These are foods so I’m not sure how they can harm a baby. Any advice on pregnancy safe candida fighters would be great! Also, I’ve heard that you should take the candida fighters (like caprlic acid, oregano) at different times than your probiotic. If this is true, what is a good supplement schedule to help best fight the candida. Sorry to be so long winded! Thanks for any advice!!!

    1. Aileen,
      You poor girl! Pregnancy is tough enough without all that – but what a blessing to hopefully beat your candida before baby is born so maybe you will give him/her a nice happy flora. I feel so badly when I see my 5yo’s cradle cap (still) and know that it was probably my lovely flora that passed on to her…

      But I digress.

      As far as pregnancy safe candida fighters, it sounds like you have a pretty good handle. If you’re not putting yogurt and stuff on the skin, that would be a great idea. The varying times IS a good idea for sure – just a few hours apart will do, but you’ll have to kind of make your own “schedule” based on your lifestyle, whether you work outside the home, etc. I would start the day with the probiotic and alternate from there!

      I’m so glad that this post was helpful, and how crazy to hear that 1000s of pregnant women are distressing like this! How to get this info to them….????

      Best wishes,

  14. I just found your website and the posts about candida. I have had a similar problem for 3 years…3 YEARS…and wonder if this could be the cause. My symptoms started on on my face- left cheek, to be exact. Over the last three years it has slowly spread across that cheek. It has become very aggressive in the last 2 months and I need to do something NOW! (Traditional Dr.s have provided no answers.) I have a couple of questions for you. In addition to itching, was the rash on your neck ever hot? Did it seem worse after you ate certain foods (or just after a meal, if you couldn’t nail down a particular food culprit)? Curious to know some more details! Thank you so much for your in-depth, length, 2 part post. It was very informative, and will hopefully be helpful!

    1. Sara,
      Pardon the delay on my response! I hope you’ve gotten some relief already – I never noticed an “after food” reaction, but I do feel a bit of itching on my neck now that it’s gone after I have a huge compromise time, like a Christmas party or something. Goes away after a few days of better eating. Good luck! 🙂 katie

  15. Hey, I think i have a candida problem, so basically the smart idea would be to buy this probiotic, cut out suger (for the most part), cut out gluten (for the most part) and lay back on dairy for a little?

    1. John,
      The great thing about every one of those strategies is that it can’t hurt you, and will probably help you whether you have candida or not – so it’s one of those things that is worth a try! I don’t know if you want to focus on gluten, specifically, or just avoid flours – use only whole grain rice, oats, etc. Personally, I’d go entirely grain-free for a week to see how that makes you feel.

      Good luck! 🙂 Katie

    1. Kjean,
      They’re going to be hard to find, and likely an MD won’t be knowledgeable. Your best bet is to search for naturopaths in the area…Here’s how I did it in my community:

      Good luck! 🙂 Katie

  16. Thank you for posting! One year ago I noticed a tiny dry spot under my eyebrow, which would come and go. This past summer was stressful for me, and the dry spots spread to both eyelids, ear lobes, around my nose, and just in the past week and a half all over the front of my neck. I don’t want to go anywhere. I am going to try to do a mostly anti-candida diet. Today I bought probiotics, a “candida cleanse” supplement from Whole Body, biotin, and caprylic acid supplements, and I will be eating at least 2 cloves of garlic a day. I am thinking about doing a 3 or 4 day coconut oil cleanse after Thanksgiving. I have an appointment with an allergist but I might cancel that and go to the natural healer instead, although I am somewhat skeptic of her and that computer/machine. I wish I would have dealt with this at the first sign!

  17. Yogini Mami ID

    Gah! This is exactly what I am going through! I have been detoxing but I am at a loss of what to eat. I feel like I am starving to death. Also still nursing my baby so I want to be gentle not fanatical/extreme.

    Katie, what did you eat?! I would love to see a post on recipes specifically for detoxing candida.

    All the best!


    P.S. I have never once read someone’s entire blog post! I read two of yours. 🙂 IMPRESSED

    1. Aw, thanks…glad my story could be of help to you. And these were LONG posts, so I’m impressed too! 😉

      I didn’t really change my diet all that much, which is odd for most. For recipes though, I have a few great sources for you:
      Both those gals pretty much stick to a candida diet all the time, so just about anything they post will fit the cleanse diet. There’s also an eBook called “Healing Candida with Food” which I just got a month ago, but it’s really good. Full menu plans to move you through healing without (a) starving or (b) having to spend 9 hours a day on food. 🙂
      Here is a direct link to the book (not an affiliate link):

      I hope you find some great sources there!! 🙂 Katie

  18. When I saw your rash I almost wished I had not. I have had the same rash going on about 5 to 6 months now, been to the dr. 3 times and a dermatologist 1, and still have the rash. I was thinking it might be yeast related and now I would dare say it is. Thanks for posting this

  19. Most people have candida in their systems, but don’t notice any symptoms. Even if you don’t end up with itching, flaking, redness, or other external systems, candida can be causing your body problems on the inside and contributing to variety of symptoms many people never guess could be from bad intestinal flora (digestive issues, skin problems, trouble concentrating, constant tiredness, anxiety, mood swings, OCD, irritability, headaches, cravings for sweets, difficulty losing weight, etc.). I have been using the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse for years because its the only thing to has worked to get my body in balance. I’ve found that a coconut oil supplement works well too.

  20. Hi Katie, I’m so relieved to have found your blog.

    I was recently diagnosed with candida and my skin looks exactly like your photos (covering my face, neck, chest, arms, part of my back and behind my knees). I have been struggling with severe symptoms for over a year now and am so ready to be done. Every moment of every day has felt like pure torture.

    I had seen many dermatologists, allergists, etc (did a few rounds of heavy steroids, of course) and finally found someone who was willing to look a little further into things and diagnosed me with candida. A few months ago, I did a round of Nystatin at my doctors orders, and although he did put me on a few supplements, he never mentioned anything about diet. I cleared up slightly at the time, but here I am again just a few months later with terrible, terrible rashes all over my body.

    He’s since put me back on the Nystatin & I’ve researched many candida websites over the past few weeks. I’m currently 2.5 weeks into the intense candida dieting (I’ve eaten mostly Paleo for almost 3 years now and am more than willing to be as strict as necessary to heal!!!). I’ve also been switching between the natural antifungals that you mentioned above. Some days my skin looks a little better, some days worse. I’m praying that these are die-off symptoms and that I just have to keep trudging through. At this point, I really have no other choice, anyhow.

    Anyway, some of your tips have been so helpful. Your suggestion to use yogurt on the skin is a godsend–it helps relieve the itching so well.

    I did have one question for you about your experience: do you have an idea of how long it took you to start feeling like it was really working for you (or when you knew you were finally starting to heal)? I know that everyone’s situation is different (and I know that you might not even be completely done with it yourself), but I’d be curious to know, after all that you did, how long it took you to start feeling even mostly-okay?

    Thanks so much, Katie. I’ll be following. 🙂

    1. Stacey,
      I’m so sorry you’ve had such a tough road! I’m really surprised this would pop up after eating Paleo for 2 years, if I’m doing the math right. No grains, no legumes, no sugars already…kind of odd. If a stricter candida diet doesn’t work, I don’t know…it just seems suspect that you were already off grains for so long. Your body is telling you something for sure.

      Hopefully you’ll start to see real results soon and know you’re on the right track! I’m so glad the yogurt is giving some relief. I feel like it might have been a month or so of battling it before it started going away, but I only had it going on for a month before that, not a year, so I would guess that yours would take longer to reverse, maybe especially because of the additional steroids, etc., that your body needs to recover from? I’m no medical professional for sure, just guessing…but don’t give up, I would think any progress is good progress! And how great it will feel to get to the bottom of it, finally, whenever that is.

      As for the end of my story, I completely and totally got rid of the rash by the end of September, I think…so it receded back to just the back of my neck in a month or two, then 2-3 months later it was totally gone, after I did the Miessence probiotic. I started feeling an itching again this spring after loosening up on my diet – which was never a 100% candida diet, not even close – and I made sure I took my probiotics more faithfully, and nothing ever came to fruition. There’s hope!!! 🙂 Katie

      1. Hi Katie,

        Thanks so much for your response. You’re right, it’s odd that this would start happening to me after 2 years of Paleo, but there’s one interesting similarity I find between you’re story and mine: Just like you said that you gave up sugar for lent; I did a 30-day sugar detox. Although my complexion completely cleared up during that time, that’s probably around the same time that my rashes started appearing elsewhere on my body (albeit, small rashes). I also went through a very stressful month (or so) after that. And that’s when it really started getting bad!

        Needless to say, steroids have done nothing except masked the symptoms. After every round, the rashes would come back two-fold. What started as a few small patches turned into a rash that covered over 95% of my skin.

        I’m now almost 3.5 weeks into the candida diet and still waiting for real tell-tale signs that it is, indeed, working. I have a very long road ahead for healing it seems. I am in constant prayer that this truly is my problem. Somedays I am full of hope and other days so full of doubt. It’s comforting to read stories of others who have healed. Hoping this will be my story too.

        1. I don’t know of this might help, but I found that probiotics made my hives much, much worse + gave me terrible headaches. I read somewhere that this was not die-off, but a result of the probiotics leaking through thin spots in intestine walls into bloodstream. I think probiotics are good, but only if your intestine lining hasn’t been damaged.

  21. Tammy Philbrick

    I wrote back in March and started the diet you suggested. I’ve not had sugar (even fruits), wheat or anything you listed. Basically I’ve only had meats, leafy veges and eggs. I’ve taken lots of coconut oil and used oregano and lavendar topically. I bought the probiotics you listed and have been diligently eating that. My skin irritations have spread to both eyes (which make it difficult to treat as my skin so so sensitive around my eyes and BURNS like crazy to get it in my eyes) and it’s also spread to my neck. Is this normal? It’s been almost two months of this strict diet (which I don’t mind doing) and was wondering how long do you think before I might see some positive results? It’s just very irritating being on and all around my eyes! Thanks so much for any help you have to offer 🙂

    1. Oh, Tammy, I’m so sorry you’re battling something so aggressive! I wish I had any sort of help to offer, but I really think you should see if you can find a naturopath in your area and ask some questions. The only thing I do know for you is that essential oils should not be used in/near the eyes. Hoping and praying you find a solution!!

    2. Oh my I think you should try NutraSilver. You can put it in the eyes… anyone who tells you essential oils can be used in or near the eyes needs to be fired!! NO!! Don’t use them near the eyes. You can read about NutraSilver if you’d like, but it is safe to put in the eyes even the ears, etc. (even in newborn babies and animals).

      Good luck.

    3. Greg Palmerton

      I noticed you comment about ‘around the eyes issues’ possibly small skin cracks as a result of a candida infection. An old post i saw in ‘2012 mentioned, applying with Q-tip a mixture of Benadryl and Milk of Magnesia which forms a white creamy paste, and leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. Also, Organic plain yogurt also applied (w/Q-tip) onto area for 15 min to 1 hr then rinsing it off , also works. Working at office with a automated pod coffee machine (drk,med,lght roast) and ignorantly drinking too many cups until i noticed i was feeding candida, resulted in alot of eye wrinkle skin cracks, and those 2 topical soltns. helped ‘big time’ in eradicating them, in addition to getting down to drinking anti-fungal teas and only 1 cup of coffee.

  22. Ok, I’ve gotta ask, as someone with a similar family health history (my dad is over 60 and could pass for someone in his late 40’s, Grandma’s pushing 90 and still going [though she wishes God would take her home], I’ve never had a weight problem, etc) – do you think the candida stuff is a sign that you’re not as healthy as previously thought in general, or rather that you are not “superwoman”? I mean, I would assume that epigenetically you do still have a leg up on much of the population, it’s just that that doesn’t make you impervious to health problems brought on from growing up on a SAD. Right?

    (Because, see, I have this rash that likes to show up on the side of one finger in the winter, and it went away when I switched to healthier fats but now it’s back, and while GP’s Body butter clears it up nicely, it does bother me that it’s returned at all and your candida “cleanse” doesn’t seem too scary, I’m thinking maybe I should give it a whirl…maybe…)

    1. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Definitely – “not superwoman” – but thanks for letting me keep some pride and say that, yes, I certainly hope I have a leg up on the average Jane SAD-eating American! 😉 Katie

  23. Katie, have you ever heard of glutathione cream? I was prescribed it for a rash 4 years ago, and it was amazingly helpful!! I can’t say I did a lot of research–because I was in such a state at that point, I just wanted somebody to help me, and then it did help–but this is similar to the info I was given although I don’t know anything about that brand in particular.

    My rash was diagnosed by my family practice physician (who is unusually naturally-minded for a mainstream doctor) as perianal eczema triggered by my cleaning an anal fissure with witch hazel. I had assumed that because witch hazel is often used to treat hemorrhoids, it was good for any problems in that area. My doctor says witch hazel should NEVER be used on a really open wound because when it gets into the bloodstream, there is a possibility of systemic reaction which can lead to a lifelong allergy to witch hazel. (I haven’t been brave enough to find out if I’m still allergic!) So I had this awful eczema where I had to sit on it all the time and just walking normally would make it crack and ooze. He sent me to a local alternative pharmacy for glutathione. It can be slightly stingy/itchy when first applied, but that’s as bad as it gets, and it smells lovely! In addition to healing the skin, it has a detox effect, which made me very tired for several days–but I was stupidly stressed-out at that point and really needed to be socked down like that so I would give up some of the things I “had to” do and get some rest. By the time the rash cleared up, I felt better than I had in months, and I have never had even a hint of eczema since then.

    Anyway, if you feel like researching glutathione, I’d be interested to see what you turn up!

  24. I’m glad you’ve had some success. I actually agree with the MD, the back of your neck looks like Psoriasis to me. I had my first outbreak of psoriasis about 7 years ago and have had a patch here or there ever since. Fortunately it’s been pretty mild, after getting the initial outbreak under control. The one thing that has really seemed to make the most difference is the fermented cod liver oil I learned about from you. I saw a noticeable improvement after starting that on a daily basis.

  25. Great info! The timing on this post was perfect for me, as I just found, what I believe to be, candida rash on my daughter’s arm. She frequently gets it on her lips. Hopefully, we can figure out how to wipe it out completely. I can’t wait to reread the article and start adding to the items we are already doing.

    Thank you!!

  26. Tammy Philbrick

    I can’t thankyou enough for posting this! I’ve had the same exact skin issues but mine has been on my right eye. I was trying alot of the same topical things- tea tree oil, coconut oil, etc but after reading this, I’m so encouraged to see I can heal it with my diet as well! Thankyou, now the journey begins 🙂

  27. So glad to read that things have cleared up for you! Our stories sound SO similar. I also had a horrible rash that wouldn’t stop spreading. I followed a strict candida diet for about 6 months and used most of the natural remedies you mention here (though I also had to be on diflucan for quite some time). Unfortunately my rash was in an area that couldn’t be exposed to sunlight. . . unless I went topless (not going to happen!).

    As for the diet, I know mine is quite different from yours (ie, vegan), but I also adapted for my own needs and things still cleared up. And just to clarify, the notion about not eating leftovers only applies to fresh/in the fridge from what I understand; frozen should be fine (I used a lot of frozen foods!).

    Candida is a horrible thing to suffer and I agree that there are probably SO many of us out there who don’t even know we have it. But with persistence and diligence, it can be beaten. I stopped eating white sugar because of it, and that’s a very good thing! 🙂

    1. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Thank you! I was hoping that was the case for frozen. Now I need a bigger freezer so I can rotate more leftovers through…We often eat Monday’s dinner as Saturday’s lunch as a family – way more than 3 days…

      🙂 Katie

  28. Glad I read this! I’ve had a rash I’ve been battling that sounds like yours & my kids had (the newborn had) cradle cap & eczema. I have a question, though. I use white sugar in my water kefir. Would could I still use it or should I replace it with another sugar? Any advice you have about it would be awesome. Thanks!

    1. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

      A very good question! I use either organic cane sugar (which is basically white sugar) or sucanat…at the least, I would make sure it ferments a bit more than 24 hours, and try the “second ferment” on the counter another 24 with fruit juice, because then you’re going to get rid of more of the sugar into the fermentation process.

      But in the end…that’s still a really good question. I wonder what the stricter anti-candida diets would say about that one?
      🙂 Katie

      1. From what I’ve read the sugar is “eaten” in the fermentation process, so any natural sugars left over at that point are minimal–same with kombucha.

    2. White sugar these days, if not labeled “organic” or “cane” very likely can be from sugar beets. Sugar beets are among the list of GMO items these days.

      The only reason i have sugar in our house is for kombucha. We tried some treats this last year at Christmas time, and even with organic and gluten free, we found the sugar had negative effects on us.

      1. I do make sure to buy cane sugar… but not organic. I’ve been debating about whether or not to get organic next time. I rarely use it, though… usually just for water kefir.

  29. I think I am also dealing with candida issues….but like a poster above I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of information out there on how to take care of the problem. There are so many diets out there…and each of them are a bit different. Some say to use such and so supplement and others say a different. I don’t want to waste time, or “suffer” through a diet that may not help…nor do I want to waste money. How on earth do you choose??

    1. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

      I hear you, for sure. For me, going to a naturopath was the beginning, so maybe finding a practitioner you trust would be a good idea. You could always start with whatever is constant through all of them and take it easy first, then add more things to eliminate if need be? Seeing results will be your sign that you’re onto something…

      🙂 Katie

  30. Thanks for sharing this. After reading your post yesterday I was looking forward to the conclusion today. 🙂 I’ve been wondering if I don’t also have a bit of a problem with yeast.

    I tried Miessence products 4 or so years ago and loved everything I tried. (Seriously – they make the only toothpaste that has ever excited me.) I’m not sure why I haven’t used them lately but I will have to give their probiotics a try.

  31. Cinnamon Vogue

    You might want to try Cinnamon as an additional measure. Research ( is showing that Cinnamon Oil is effective against the 3 Candida strains including the most dangerous, Candida krusei. Wikipedia says “is a budding yeast (a species of fungus) involved in chocolate production” so as you correctly surmise maybe your addiction to sweets, presumably chocolate, is the origin.

    So other than a topical application of Cinnamon Oil mixed with a nice massage oil recipe, I would like to suggest you try our Ceylon Cinnamon tea which is infused with real Cinnamon Bark Oil with zero flavoring. I know I am sounding a bit spammy, but you have to try this. Cinnamon is well known to promote gut health. Would love to send you a complimentary can of our Ceylon Cinnamon Tea and get your feedback. Just email us with your shipping address.

    By the way this blog is one of the best I have seen. Extremely well researched with lots of details and a pleasure to read.

  32. Something I always am fearful of when I read stories like this is what if you are actually pursuing something damaging to your body and yet rationalizing it through ideas like “die off” response. Where is the check, you know?

    1. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Arg, I know! The good thing is that it did clear up in the end, in this case – but I hear you. If only there was more research done on natural cures, but there’s no money in it, so who will pay for the research? Very tricky. Thank you for being a voice of wisdom – I often say nothing is easy when it comes to natural health!
      🙂 Katie

  33. I thank you so much for posting your experience!

    My concern, however, is that you “cured” the symptoms…for a time…and now you are discovering the symptoms (rash on the back of your neck) are coming back.

    So while you did lots of good things, it doesn’t sound like it was ‘enough’.

    I highly recommend Bee Wilder’s “Healing Naturally” program to heal from candidiasis: yeast overgrowth.

  34. I appreciate all you do and am an avid reader of your blog! I have battled candida for many years, going to extremes at times. I make as many fermented condiments and beverages as I can come up with using an airlock, drink milk kefir and kombucha every day, cook everything from scratch- all organic, gluten free etc etc. Recently I saw this website and it completely changed the way I think about candida. Rather than fighting it, it’s a matter of converting it back to a yeast from the systemic fungal form, and using certain specific enzymes to “kill hit”. It’s absolutely crazy how smart candida is!

    1. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Whoa. This site is going to take some time to dig into..thank you! 🙂 Katie

  35. Would you consider asking a version of these questions to the maker/inventor of the probiotics – as I have been researching them and have asked but not had a satisfying answer even after I called

    1. What dose “superbred” mean exactly

    2. How does this probiotic get through the acidic stomach to the colon?

    3. Was there tests conducted to see if this probiotic is still alive if it reaches the colon (i.e. not killed by the acid in the stomach)

    4. What are some ways to help the probiotics reach the stomach? So far I have found through research that maybe taking it on an empty stomach and with liquids only (so there is less acid in the stomach and it only stays in the stomach for a brief time), some places have suggested taking it with baking soda to decrease stomach acid. Does he recommend taking the probiotics with baking soda?

    Some people recommend the enteric coated probioitcs.
    I have not found anything good about the enteric coated probiotics – research seems to state that the coating is made form things that will harm your body. Also, there have been no studies that say the coating actually helps it reach the colon. Also, it makes the inside of the capsule too humid.
    What do you know about enteric coated kinds of probioitics?

    Thanks. I am looking forward to hearing your answers.

    1. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

      I’m totally fascinated by these questions – I’ll make sure they get into the interview! Hope you get to listen! 🙂 Katie

  36. Jessica via Facebook

    (Sigh) This is going to be a big change for me but so worth it 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to write about your experience and laying it all out there for us! It is a huge blessing for me. I knew I needed to change something I just didn’t know where to start. Thanks again!

  37. Jolene via Facebook

    Thank you for this! I have had one spot on my chest for a couple of years that is soo itchy at ttimes. I just thought it was a skin condition. But after reading your article I think it is candida. I have been having a few other symptoms as well. I guess I have a lot of reading to do!

  38. With probiotics, what about freeze-dried probiotics? Are they considered good?

    The ones I have, they said they are freeze-dried, and therefore require no refrigeration. And they contain live/active cultures.

    1. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

      That’s a new one on me, but makes sense – I copied the question into my document for the teleseminar. 60 minutes will never be enough time, but we’ll try to talk fast! 🙂 Katie

  39. Pati via Facebook

    oh, wow. I think I just realized the psoriasis I’ve been dealing with for several years (back of my head/neck area like the pic!) as well as a couple other things may be a candida overgrowth! Nothing I’ve tried over the years has worked. Thanks for the info – time to get to work!

  40. the ‘phase one’ diet by doug kauffman of is a TOUGH diet but a much needed one for me. for me the external symptom was a nail fungus…the internal issues that the antifungal diet and antifungal rx resolved are: heart arrhythmia, pain in my hip knee & foot joint, itchy internal ear, twitchy eye, muscle spasms in calf and foot, tendonitis type pain in wrist, nasal congestion…not all at the same time but that all went away after use of antifungals and phase one diet. i’m 53 now and many people my age are already on at least a few rx’s and/or feeling like crap. i’ve tried to help them understand a change in diet can change their life but most people won’t believe it…honestly if i hadn’t experienced it i probably wouldn’t either! so i can say i’m truly thankful for nail fungus – it changed my life for the better…for all you 20 and 30 somethings out there you’re lucky to have this knowledge now!

    1. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Way to go, Janice! It’s my hope that I have zero prescriptions when I’m over 50 as well!

      🙂 Katie

  41. Melissa from the Blue House

    Interesting. I’ve been wondering if this is what my 5 m/o has; she has scaly patches on the back of her calves. She’s exclusively breastfed but had to have antibiotics in the hospital for Group B strep, and then had thrush immediately… I’ve been giving her probiotic powder sporadically since the thrush but you’ve talked me into giving it to her more regularly.

    1. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

      I’m almost sure you could put some of that probiotic powder (or also yogurt or kefir) and apply it directly to your daughter’s patches). That might be easier than getting the powder in her mouth, or maybe both should be done. Good luck! 🙂 Kati

  42. Gentian Violet has a lovely natural name but it is a petroleum byproduct. I unfortunately learned this after treating my son and myself for thrush. Just thought you’d like to know. Thanks for the great info!

  43. Carrie via Facebook

    Just reread the post — never mind. I used vinegar for athlete’s feet and it was amazing… But I used 1 cup of vinegar to a gallon of water…. Vinegar is supposed to kill 100% of all fungus, which would include candida…

  44. Could you maybe put the powder probiotic in a capsule? Maybe that way you wouldn’t have to taste it but still get the benefits. They sell them at health food store. Just wondering because it sounds like this is something I’m going to need to do and there’s no way I’m going to get my kids to eat that.

    1. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Yes, I would think so! I have never tried filling my own caps, but I know people do that all the time. We find that the liquid is much easier for the kids. Some probiotics that come in capsules are pretty tasteless once stirred into applesauce, for kids who can’t swallow pills. 🙂 Katie

  45. This is so funny… I was just last night researching candida and trying to decide what protocol to use. I have known about candida for over ten years- in college in 2002 or so I bought The Yeast Connection (yeah, it was random- I have always been interested in health info, but back then my interest was random and scattered and really inconsistent, as was my own diet… but I heard about The Yeast Connection on The Real World, the MTV show). I tried to follow the diet for a week, I felt great, but even then I didn’t have the motivation to keep with it. But since then I’ve made many other changes but not tackled Candida again. Now that I’ve been on a mostly traditional diet and ruled out gluten/grains as an issue for me, yet I still have problems (I’m a little overweight, I have issues with anxiety and depression and low energy levels, and am having some hormonal issues). So I’m trying this again. 10 years ago The Yeast Connection was the only choice. Now there is a lot more research, but my problem is the opposite- too many choices!!! I don’t know what protocol to follow, so at first I’m just going to do what I can do on my own without pouring in a lot of money, and see how that goes. I don’t want to do Body Ecology because I don’t like the idea of a lot of expensive products that I “have” to buy, and I don’t know which of the MANY online programs/ebooks/etc to trust. Thankfully I have a natural health consultant at my local health food store who is REALLY well educated and knows a lot about candida. Anyway, I like how you lay out the “parts” that you need to attack this so I know what I need to start. I’m still learning a lot about the diet portion, which I do plan on doing- I’m starting the day after Easter! Perhaps because the timing is so perfect I’ll do that guided 7 day cleanse- anyone have any experience with that program?

  46. There are different candida diets. One of the best is detailed in the book The Yeast Syndrome, by Dr. John Parks Trowbridge. I’ve always liked this book, because it’s by a medical doctor who thinks differently. Imagine someone like your naturopath, but with an MD. So he’s got both perspectives.

    Good luck!

    1. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Good to know, thank you! Putting that one on my Amazon wish list now, love it! 🙂 Katie

    2. Thank you Holly, I just bought this book. You are correct, there are many different candida diets-I’ve seen some that say you shouldn’t cut out all sugars, or else the candida will grow it’s long, tentacle-like fingers in search of food-becoming larger and even harder to battle! Sometimes it’s hard to know what is the right path to take, what voice to listen to….I’m praying for guidance.

  47. I’m going to have to try that spit test. I just lost a toenail to a nail fungus. I also had a rash covering everything but my feet, stomach and face a few months ago. I had thought it was pregnancy related, and it did go away about a month after the pregnancy, but maybe there was also something else going on there? It also started as a small itchy spot on my lower back, and after several months of that, spread to the rest of my body. I treated it with apple cider vinegar (internally and externally), pine tar soap and dandelion root capsules. Thanks for all the information!

    1. If you had yeast during pregnancy remember it’s also likely your baby now has yeast. At least according to I believe the body ecology lady? It might have been another presentation I was listening too, I haven’t been taking notes. Whoever it was recommended simply giving baby just a few drops of the juice from fermented veggies or coconut kefir daily to introduce lots of healthy gut bacteria. Yeast in kids can cause a lot of chronic long term health problems.

      1. That pregnancy unfortunately resulted in miscarriage at 11 weeks. I’ve often wondered if the two (miscarriage and rash) were related, but my midwife assured me the ACV and dandelion root were safe to take.

        1. Sorry! She’s right, they are safe to take and wouldn’t cause miscarriage- but no matter what, you shouldn’t worry that you caused it. Miscarriage is a difficult thing to come to terms with- while it can be helpful to look back at your health in order to improve it for the future, just don’t allow yourself feel guilt about something you may or may not have done.

          1. Thank you for your kind words. The hardest part is just not knowing why it happened. I’ve gotten over the guilt for the most part, but reading this post just has me wondering if maybe candida had a part to play in the rash.

      2. Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

        My info says the same, that I passed this on to my kids 🙁

        I’m just guessing, but I think that rubbing the juices on their feet or even tummy maybe would do well to get probiotics into their system without actually feeding them something – I get jumpy about putting anything in my newborn’s mouths…

        🙂 Katie

    1. I have chronic gastritis due bacterial infections, and hiatal hernia. I also have had candida symptoms like tonsillitis, tonsil stones, and skin rashes all over my body. I tried self medication using natural healing plants and herbs. I tried cabbage juice, green leafy salad, no dairy, sugar and process foods. I don’t smoke and drink alcohol. I took oil of oregano capsules for 6 mos. virgin coconut oil, garlic capsules, pau de arco tea, ginger tea, and the most miracle herbs that i use up to now, is turmeric powder 1/2 tbsp. -1 tbsp. everyday mix in almond milk or soy milk or mix it with ginger tea. This super herb has cleared all my skin rashes including my tonsillitis, hair & skin fungal. Turmeric powder act as natural antibiotic, anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory. I use this herb for over a year already with no side effects. I also drink activated charcoal as natural detoxifier. It adsorbs toxins, heavy metals like lead, mercury in teeth silver fillings, and poisons in the body. Now, i feel great. Thanks to the natural healing wonders God has provided to us. 🙂

    2. Candida is not the problem when it comes to skin problem.

      Liver is the problem. If you don’t believe do a sgpt sgot test.

      Repair your liver with medication and following a non toxic lifestyle as much as possible and you will see long lasting results.

      Anri-candida diet is not only starving Candia but your entire body of stuff we need to be healthy.

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