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Hyperbiotics PRO-Kids

Hyperbiotics PRO-Kids

Details from the Company:

hyperbiotics pro-kids This very tiny pearl is the smallest on the market and is easy to swallow for most children of chewing age and up. PRO-Kids pearls are most effective when swallowed rather than chewed (though they still taste great if chewed!). Avoiding the synthetic and sugar-loaded ingredients you know are not beneficial for your child can be quite a challenge! You can rest assured because PRO-Kids is sugar free (sweetened with stevia) and has ZERO artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Price Range: $

Where to purchase: Amazon or Hyperbiotics

Unique feature: Formulated for kids, time release

Strains included: Lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus plantarum, bifidobacterium infantis, bifidobacterium lactis

My experience: I ended up ordering this probiotic because I was using the PRO-Dental from Hyperbiotics to work on my silly cavities. These are tiny little chewable or swallowable caps, and my littlest guy just loves them. For my daughter, who doesn’t love swallowing pills, it’s nice that this one goes down so easily. For me, it was just a way to diversify more, and because they’re so tiny they travel really easily.


  • Formulated just for kids
  • Easy to chew or swallow for any age
  • Includes prebiotics
  • Formula proven to survive past stomach acid


  • More effective when swallowed (but cool that little ones can chew too)
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