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Miessence Inliven Superfood Powder

Miessence Inliven Superfood Powder

Details from the Company:

Miessence Inliven powder InLiven Superfood, based on more than 20 years of research, contains the complete Lactobacillus family of 13 strains combined with 26 certified organic whole foods naturally fermented for 3 weeks prior to bottling. When consumed, the body is able to instantly assimilate the broad spectrum of nutrients. InLiven uses an especially grown ‘super breed’ of very strong Lactobacilli designed to reach your digestion tract intact so they can do you the best. Unlike some other probiotics, the bacteria used by InLiven is produced from fruits and vegetables and not fast-tracked from fecal matter.

Price Range: $$$

Where to purchase: Miessence

Unique feature: Naturally fermented superfood powder

Strains included: Naturally occurring lactobacillus bacteria

My experience: I used this at the same time as the liquid, although there are some different strains because this one was a bit more economical. It’s really hard to use, though, because it doesn’t hide in anything other than a smoothie. So it was more of a backup only for smoothie days, which are not daily in the Kimball house. A few friends actually started using it as well and saw noticeable positive effects on their health. So Miessence has something good going on.


  • Also has whole foods in it


  • Needs refrigeration
  • Difficult to incorporate into routine
  • Cost
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