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Feeling a Little Stressed, Busy Mama?

Learn to Master Your Stress for…


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Do you know anyone who…

  • Feels overwhelmed by the end of the day (or heck, by morning snack time)?
  • Has headaches, stomachaches, or back pain, especially when feeling busy or rushed?
  • Forgets what she opened the cupboard for because of stressed, foggy brain?
raised hands

What if I told you it was possible to use your stress for GOOD instead of feeling awful?

That stress can actually be fuel when used correctly?

It’s not about wine and chocolate for you and video games and candy for the kids to make it go away.

Imagine being able to change your responses TO your life — without one speck IN your life changing at all.

When You Register for FREE You Get:

Free trainings and challenge action steps you can start right away to help you understand how to master your stress and be the mom you know you can be.

Four Free 15-25 Minute Lessons

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What are people saying?

— from J.N. via text

Your Teacher: Katie Kimball, CSME

What’s a CSME? Smeeee? Schmee? (Isn’t that Captain Hook’s sidekick?)

  • Katie Kimball is a stressed out mama of 4 who knew she needed something in her life to get control back.
  • She pursued the Certified Stress Mastery Educator certification because her heart of a teacher wanted to give to other busy mamas even as she learned for herself…plus, having accountability would help her actually implement anything she learned.
  • Stress mastery is all about changing yourself and implementing tiny habits (in just minutes, not hours!) to help stress become fuel for good, not a health issue waiting to happen.
  • She’s ready to walk with you on the journey of mastering your stress, and it’s so important to her that she’s teaching for FREE because busy mamas need help right now! (Truth be told, it’s all selfish – Katie is feeling a lot of stress lately too and needs a kickstart back to good habits, and teaching others is the best way to learn!)


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