Two teachers collaborated to find the best mind-bending, fun-inducing activities that don't require a parent for every step.

What you can do with this kit:

Take less than 30 minutes to gather ALL the supplies in one Summer Vacation Survival Kit tub and then you're READY at the drop of a hat (or a rainy day) to bust out cool activities for your kids. No Pinterest searching (and wasting precious minutes) necessary.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Get more done while the kiddos are fully occupied - without a screen in sight.

  • Enjoy hearing "This day flew! It was so much fun!" instead of "What are we doing today???" for the umpteenth time...before noon.

  • Build your children's brains with critical thinking questions, creative exploration, independence and initiative, all built into the 20 activities!

  • Use simple supplies you probably already have around the house - no lengthy shopping lists!

  • Table of contents lets you know quickly how much mess and how much parent involvement each activity will take.

Do NOT buy this book if your kids love boredom, can't be entertained by anything that isn't happening on a screen, or are afraid to explore, laugh, and experiment!!!

What's Inside?

20 Activites + 2 Bonus Recipes

at least 14 suitable for preschoolers

* Build using unique materials - totally frugal and eco-friendly!
* Backyard water explorations for all ages
* Artwork with common objects, simple, but out of the ordinary
* Challenges to stretch the minds of older kids
* Homemade silly putty, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and ice cream (no machine needed!)
* Science investigations and adaptations to keep brains working
* Most activities fit just one child; many adapt to birthday parties or large family gatherings too!
* Videos to show how recipes are supposed to turn out

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Reviewers are Saying...

  • I am now looking forward to when my kids are bored in the summer!


  • I think it looks fantastic! I love to have it all set up in such an organized way...I usually stress trying to keep [my kids] entertained, and I think this is going to be a huge help. Thank you!


  • I love the science element in so many of the activities!

  • I honestly had my doubts about how relevant the activities would be to my almost 9 year old. But she will love so many of them! The way it has appeal to a wide age range makes it more valuable.


  • I'm a working mom and I never plan any activities for my kids because I'm just not into it...I lack interest in arts and crafts. [We] had a pretty boring summer last year with our older daughter. This eBook will help us so much!

    Karen D.

Kitchen Stewardship's Summer Vacation Survival Kit
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About the Author

I'm Katie Kimball, a mom of 4 kids from Michigan...and I hate crafts.

If my kiddos, ages 11, 8, 4 1/2 and 1, want to do crafts, they generally grab paper and crayons, maybe scissors and glue on a really creative day, and make up their own stuff.

I'm no Pinterest Mom.

And I'm ok with that.

This Kit is full of activities non-crafty people could actually pull off without pulling their hair out. They're frugal, simple, and still include a lot of room for kids to insert their own personalities and preferences. I think you'll really love the practicality of having things ready to go ahead of time too!

Usually I'm found in the kitchen or at the computer, running the Kitchen Stewardship blog, making messes, and somehow coming up with real food, from scratch, for my family to devour.

There are just two food recipes in the Summer Vacation Survival Kit...but they're good ones. You might even make them for yourself and not share with the kids. :)

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