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Drinkable Probiotics plus a New Version of Kvass That’s a Little Sweeter than Beets

Zukay kvass review

It was my goal in the past to learn to make more fermented foods, and although I did sauerkraut and homemade kimchi a couple times, I wasn’t very good at doing it regularly.

I did learn that my two older kids and husband won’t really eat fermented vegetables, although we all gave it the good old college try a couple times.

My toddler, on the other hand, begs for them. It’s hilarious!

The First Kvass Test

This is how it went down when we tried our first fermented veggie drink from Zukay, called “Super Roots:”

Paul and Leah (ages 7 and 4) both made horrible faces and said quickly, “It’s not for me!” DH smelled it and wouldn’t touch it. John, the toddler, drank Paul’s, Leah’s, and his own and loudly begged for more, which he drank and then poured the fifth serving onto his tray.

I think it’s doable – not quite to the level of “pleasant” or “desirable,” but “acceptable to drink for its health benefits.” Far superior in taste to, say, straight fermented cod liver oil.

Zukay Live Foods makes 7 varieties of kvass, the traditional Eastern European probiotic beverage featured in Nourishing Traditions.

From the Company

Here’s the real deal on why you want kvass – it’s all about what’s inside:

We’re the worlds healthiest beverage. We ferment raw organic vegetables and juice them so that our Kvass is raw, probiotic, has no sugar, and is full of vegetable nutrition.

Want Something Sweeter?

Zukay now makes a kvass with fruits added. Let’s break down the awesomeness:

  • certified organic
  • handcrafted
  • NO added flavors, colors, fillers
  • no sugar
  • raw
  • glass bottles
  • fermented
  • made from fruits, veggies and green stevia, plus Celtic sea salt. That’s it.

How Does it Taste?

Zukay kvass review

It depends who you ask.

The fruits are a definite improvement, so much so that I found myself craving them when I felt that “ominous tickle” soon after my samples arrived in the mail.

The four new fruit Kvass flavors are:

  • Berry Blend
  • Green Ginger Brew
  • Tropical Veggie Twist
  • Melon Loves Mint

They come in glass bottles similar to the veggie kvass but with a little bit of a feminine “slim waist” if I can call it that. Honestly, the bottles are cute. You can roll your eyes at me all you want – I have a thing for glass jars and bottles.

Zukay kvass review

My pictures are of the empty bottles because I drank them all before I even thought about taking photos! Not a terrible problem to have.

Here are the honest opinions of the fam:

  • The ginger and melon/mint are too “off the beaten path” for my husband and kids, and my neighbor agreed. She couldn’t do it (but doesn’t usually drink fermented beverages). I really enjoyed the ginger, and I think that was the one I was sipping on when I knew I was battling a cold. (It contains ginger, pineapple, kale, spinach, chard, lemon, lime, spirulina, Celtic sea salt, live active cultures, raw green stevia.)
  • The berry blend looks the coolest (hot pink) but well, it has beets in it. If you’ve ever tried to hide beets in a smoothie, you’ll quickly learn that beets don’t stay quiet. The beet flavor does come through, BUT I think it’s a really palatable juice. I have trouble enjoying the regular beet kvass, and I did enjoy this blend (others did not).
  • Tropical Veggie Twist is the one to go with if you want to avoid the idea of a veggie drink – it’s got a very nice blend of fruits and tastes like a fermented pineapple/mango drink. The veggies don’t shine through in taste. My neighbor said she would drink that one, especially if it was a healthy drink. Winking smile

Certainly it’s a great idea to make beet kvass in your own home – but the whole idea of Zukay is that they’ll do it for you if you happen to have more disposable income than time or if you just need to try it before you invest the time to learn how. They make it right, like the old-fashioned Polish family from which they come.

My Final Thoughts

Any time I can read the side of a food and laugh out loud (without there being cartoon characters on a box), I’m a happy camper.

Of course, any time the words “probiotics” are on a packaged food, I’m pretty delirious with joy too.

It’s not often that traditional foodies can find anything with a bar code that they really want to buy, but Zukay Foods is one company that makes things like you would in your own kitchen, complete with familial jabs. Here’s what’s on the side of the bottle of the new fruit kvass:

“Our dad, Scott, makes Zukay kvass, which is pretty much the healthiest drink in the world. We love it, but sometimes we want something a little sweeter and fruitier. So, when Daddy goes to sleep, we sneak into the kitchen, take some of his organic veggies and add our favorite raw fruits. We ferment it just like he taught us, and since we thought you’d like it too, we bottled some up for you!

Enjoy, and whatever you do, don’t tell Dad!

Jacob & Noah
(The Kvass Kids)

Tell me that’s not too cute! It’s a traditional family affair to make healthy kvass accessible to everyone!

Do you make your own ferments? Would you consider buying traditionally made kvass?

Disclosure:I received products for my review at no charge, which of course did not affect my opinion in the least. See my full advertising disclosure here.

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