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Stress Mastery For Busy Moms Super Mini Course

Taught by Katie Kimball, CSME

A Calmer Rhythm for Life in Just 2 Hours of Learning

Ever feel so stressed out that you forget what you opened the cupboard for? 

Never thought you’d be a “yeller” as a mom and suddenly your temper is so short you’re embarrassed to talk about it? 

Welcome to Monday…or whatever day it is…

If you feel like everyone else on social media is more put together than you, you’re not alone. (and the folks social aren’t as together as they look)

The mom-guilt pressure is pretty intense sometimes.

All we want to do is be loving moms and raise balanced kids, but it’s not working. 

Imagine being able to change your responses to your life — without one speck in your life changing at all. 

Imagine feeling like you’re in charge of your brain…your reactions to your child asking a question for the 17th time…and even to the news delivering yet another “it can’t get any worse” report. 

In this mini-course, Mastering Your Stress for Busy Moms, you’ll learn how to transform your stress into FUEL for your beautiful life.

Women have different hormones than men, so we feel stress differently. 

And we can react to stress differently too–

Which means women have to recover from and MASTER stress differently.

Certified Stress Mastery Educator Katie Kimball shares actionable ideas and science geek info in this mini-course.

Stress Mastery Course Products

When you become a student, you get good feelings:

  • You’ll be validated that your stress means something.
  • You’ll feel relieved that there is hope for positive change.
  • You’ll be empowered with knowledge to improve your stress responses, reduce your temper, and become a more calm, peaceful (effective) mom!

PLUS…the practical. Kitchen Stewardship® has always been known for a couple things:

  • solid research,
  • comprehensive honest reviews,
  • and super practical tips and strategies to use right away!

This course exceeds those expectations. 

You’ll learn exact methods to truly transform the stress you feel into something that can help you through your life, taking only a few minutes a day. 

recharge yourself just like your phone battery

What Does It Take To Get Through the Course?

  • Can you get through 2 hours of podcasts in a month? You can do this. The whole course takes less than 2 hours, delivered video OR audio!
  • Is your family worth half an hour a week for 3-4 weeks? They are. That’s all it takes, maybe less. 
  • Do you love reading a quick article or two a few times a week to feed your brain? This is the same. I include skim notes so you can get the gist in literally 15 minutes total and only dig in where you need more info! I get it, Mama…every minute matters. 

Are you worried your kids aren’t developing resilience to stress because you’re not sure you’re demonstrating it? THAT’s the real question, and it’s one that may fill your thoughts at night. 

We want our children to be

  1. Independent
  2. Confident
  3. Successful
  4. Generous

…and able to handle whatever life will throw at them both now and when they’re grown-ups.

But it turns out that the most powerful way to teach something is to model it.

And THAT isn’t always easy to do when we feel like we’re underwater or a firecracker ready to touch off at the slightest backtalk.

That’s why I want to help moms master their stress and have made this course so approachable and digestible. 

Real Moms Ring In:

I’ve taken a lot of courses that were so-so, but this one is special. It was so easy to understand, finish, and implement, and it’s been truly life-changing.

– Angie W. from Romania

I need to completely listen, once again, to all three stress mastery classes! They were so good the first time, and I really want to continue practicing some of the techniques I learned.

– Casey Knotts, U.S.

I believe this is an answer to my prayers. I love my family so much, and want to enjoy them instead of being so stressed out all the time.

– Maria in California

In fact, as my team was working on worksheets and skim notes, I kept getting messages like, “Wow, Katie – teachers everywhere should know this stuff!” and, “Watching it was SUPER helpful to me!”

Stress Mastery is What Busy Moms Really Need (But Don’t Know it)

With the stress mastery principles you’ll learn, you can reset your habits and create a whole new pattern for your day, one that allows you to oscillate between running on high octane and allowing your system to recover…

  • …so that you’re a more effective, calmer mom.
  • …so that stress doesn’t cause a negative impact on your physical (or mental) health
  • …so that you can handle your to-do list AND the surprises that come up during the day

And all without adding hours (or even very many minutes) to your routine like some “self-care” experts recommend.

But how to set new habits when it’s human nature to just keep doing what we’re used to doing?

I’ll Be Your Accountability Buddy

Katie Kimball here…let’s be friends? 😉

My favorite part of the whole course is that we’ll use text reminders to help you actually implement the strategies (imagine a friend reminding you to take time to breathe).

It’s one thing to understand a new habit, but it’s completely another to implement!

Shoot, I pick up my phone to send one text, and 20 minutes and 5 apps later, I canNOT remember why I even picked up the blasted thing! How will I remember to stop midday and practice gratitude???

That’s what the text coaching is for — interrupting the distracting notifications with an anti-distraction, a stress mastery practice reminder from your coach.

Be sure to share your cell number during checkout if you want to opt-in to this helpful addition – INCLUDED with your course purchase!!

Are You Ready to Understand:

  • Why our stress harms our kids, even when we’re trying not to let them see it?
  • Why “reducing” your stress will never work (and what to do instead!)?
  • How you’re going to master your stress so you can live your life with your best health (and be the best peaceful mom you can be)?
  • Super practical tools to recharge your system (that you can put into practice in just minutes a day)?

You can build a bridge from the knowledge to implementation. I can help.

guy hanging between 2 cliffs
guy hanging between 2 cliffs

You can build a bridge from the knowledge to implementation.

I can help.

What You Get: 

  • 3 short videos with stress mastery trainings, made specifically for busy moms who need more peace in their lives, ~2 hours total ($44.95 value)
  • Audio-only versions of the videos so you can listen on the go ($19.95 value) 
  • PDF worksheets and notes (skimmers rejoice, $19.95 value)
  • Text coaching and a direct line to Katie ($34.95 value)
  • BONUS #1: Four Christian guided meditations for KIDS of various ages, audio ($12.95 value)
  • BONUS #2: Why we Freeze conversation with trauma and attachment expert Dr. Aimie Apigian ($12.95 value)
  • All content has NO expiration, so as long as I’m online, you keep the course! Plus audio and PDF files are downloadable so you truly can keep them forever. 

This is all bringing immense value to families and will give you the lifeline you need to finally take your brain back — and you can become a student for less than half the cost of Amazon Prime: just $37, one-time fee.

$37 USD To Master Your Stress

M and Guarantee

You’ll Be Satisfied, No Matter What

M and Guarantee

I know – there’s a lot of stress information out there. If this was just the usual, “exercise, eat healthy, do something you enjoy, meditate, etc.,” I’d be pretty disappointed too.

I don’t want you to feel that way!

I’ll give refunds anytime someone thinks this information won’t help them (even longer than 30 days, really, if it’s what it takes to make you satisfied, no matter what).

The crux of stress mastery is to learn how to use your stress for good, to actually appreciate it, and then to use how to brain works to recharge your system. Some of the practical strategies do include some of those “same old, same old” recommendations, but it’s so much more. It sets the rhythm for the breaks you need, and I think the “bottom up” brain approach that allows you to take a 30-second recharge that works (can’t quite do that with exercise!) is golden.

And actually…I don’t talk about food and nourishment at all. This is far more about how you manage your brain!

Your brain will be satisfied – safe, loved, and focused (that part will make more sense once you’re in the course). 😉

Your Teacher, Katie Kimball, CSME

Certified Stress Mastery Educator Badge

Katie Kimball is an entrepreneur, online cooking class teacher, and mom of four who is passionate about researching natural remedies and making healthy cooking easier for busy families. As a trusted educator and author of 8 real food cookbooks, she’s been featured on media outlets like ABC, NBC and First for Women magazine and contributes regularly on the FOX Network.

Stress mastery is a habit that is so needed in our world today, and as a mom in the trenches, Katie can help you understand how your brain works, how stress can be made into fuel for positive change, and how to quite simply be a better mom and more peaceful person. 

She’s still working on continuing to implement the habits of stress mastery on a daily and weekly basis…so we’re all in this together!

$37 USD Super Mini eCourse


Can someone who isn't a mom benefit from this course?

Absolutely. 100% of the stress mastery principles apply to all humans. I’ll tend to use mom-related examples, but any gender or life calling would still enjoy the content and be able to put the principles into practice.


How much time will I need to do it right?

The basic content takes 2 hours to get through, and taking notes is always helpful. After that, while you work to implement the new habits, expect about 10-15 minutes of planning ahead each week and 5-30 minutes a day for recharging your system.


How does a refund work if I don't like it?

Just dash an email to customer service at and we’ll refund your full purchase price, no stress. 🙂


Do I have to have good internet for videos?

Nope. You can also listen to the audio only, even on the go.


What if I'm not interested in the text coaching?

No worries, that’s totally optional. If you don’t share your cell number during checkout, you won’t get the text coaching anyway, or you can opt out at any time. However, getting a one-line text every few days may be the pattern interrupt you need to implement what you’re learning, OR the reminder you want to make sure you use the course your spent good money on. 😉


P.S. I Skim Down Here Too…

Caught you! Oh yes my friends, the busy-est and most savvy among us skim to the bottom to check the price and see the important part – the FAQs. Fastest way to understand the offer!

In the case of a stress mastery course for busy moms…the fact that you’re reading this might mean that you need the course more than most. 😉

Bottom line:

  • 2 hours of content + text coaching directly from Katie
  • $145.70 value for $37 (100% happiness guarantee)
  • Stress mastery principles will give a new rhythm to your life without adding time to your schedule, and that rhythm is what your brain and body needs to say in control and quite simply — be a more effective, calmer mom.

Here’s one last link directly to the order form ($37). See you inside!

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