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After Hundreds of Reviews, Here's What Katie Kimball Still Uses Regularly

Kitchen Stewardship Resources – Katie Kimball’s Personal Favorites

After doing HUNDREDS of product reviews, here's what I actually still use regularly.

“You review a lot of things…but what do you really use?”

I was asked that question by a longtime reader, and it struck me that not only was it totally valid, but a really great question.

In fact, if you follow a number of wellness or food bloggers, you might have found yourself thinking you need to take eleventy-dozen supplements, buy these 27 products to clean your air and water, and spend thousands of dollars on new kitchen equipment and niche foods just to get your family on par with “health.”


I’ve done hundreds of product reviews over the years, but even the ones about which I had mostly positive things to say may or may not have become “favorites.” We don’t always continue to use everything, even things that work well and do their job.

I’m sure it’s normal for people to have things in their houses that they like but don’t use regularly.

So although my product reviews are always honest and I frequently go back and edit them if further experience proves them to be more or less helpful than I originally thought, the best litmus test of a great product is whether it actually gets used. THAT’S the stuff you probably want to consider buying!

I wandered through my house for you and made a list of the Kitchen Stewardship® inspired products that have permanent places in our cupboards, medicine cabinets, and even counters. I included them all here (whether I was able to use an affiliate link for commission or not).

It’s a genuine “what’s in my house” list.

I hope this collection is a great resource for you! Happy browsing!

Katie’s Top All-Time Favorite Products

Toaster Oven

Very useful if you’re trying to cut back on using the microwave!

Redmond Clay 10 oz
Redmond Clay, 10 oz.

Use the code kitchenstewardship for 15% off of your first purchase!

Redmond Real Salt
Real Salt, 26 oz

Use the code kitchenstewardship for 15% off of your first purchase!

Paleovalley Meat Sticks
Paleovalley Meat Sticks

Use that link to get 15% off your order!

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffe
Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffe

Use the code KITCHEN10 for 10% off!

Recommended Personal Care Products

Bend Soap
Bend Soap

Use the code KS10 for 10% off entire order from Bend Soap Co!


Peppermint, Cinnamon, Lemon, Wintergreen

You can find all my makeup options in my Natural Makeup Reviews, and read all my reviews of personal care products in one place.

Raw Elements Sunscreen Review
Raw Elements Eco Formula Sunscreen

They have a great stick and the cream is wonderful. Use the code KS10 for 10% off!

That’s just 4 of my top 10 favorite non-toxic sunscreens – and we’ve personally tested over 100 mineral sunscreens! Best Natural Sunscreens

And here are my top reviewed natural bug repellents.

Recommended Supplements & Medicine Cabinet Products

Raise Them Well's Mag-Focus
Raise Them Well’s Mag-Focus

and all their magnesium products

Perfect Supplements Collagen
Perfect Supplements Collagen

Use The Code KS10 for 10% Off!

Trilight Health Lympha Rub
Trilight Health Lympha Rub

Coupon for 20% off your first order here!

3rd Rock Nutrasporin
3rd Rock Nutrasporin

Use The Code KITCHENSTEW for 20% Off!

3rd Rock Itch Block
3rd Rock Itch Block

Use The Code KITCHENSTEW for 20% Off!

Genexa Remedies
Genexa Remedies

Get 20% Off First Order with code KITCHENSTEWARDSHIP

Recommended Cleaning Products

Where to Buy my Fav Cleaning Products

My Green Fills
My Green Fills

Unscented Laundry Soap, Oxygen Bleach, and Stain Stick

Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda
Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Baking Soda:

My 3 Favorite Frugal Cleaners

I tested SO many natural dishwasher detergents trying to find one that WORKS, and believe me – I’ve tried it all. Homemade, tons of natural brands…and I have two top favorites. Here’s the full Best Natural Dishwasher Detergent review.

Recommended Baby Products

These were my favorite baby products when I had babies, but it’s been several years since there was a baby in my house…there may be more interesting products on the market now.

Katie Kimball Babywearing with a Homemade Ring Sling
Softbums Cloth Diaper
Softbums Cloth Diaper are my number one fave.

(here’s why)

Cloth Diaper Reviews: What's the Best Cloth Diaper For You? Overwhelmed with all the cloth diaper options? One rookie mom tried 25 brands on a real baby - Incredibly comprehensive cloth diaper review covers cloth how tos, pros and cons, AND no-leak solutions, with photos, video and text all in one place. Reviews pocket cloth diapers, all-in-twos, AIOs & fitted cloth diapers with covers.
Comparing Cloth Diapers

I reviewed over TWO DOZEN brands of cloth diaper!

Katie's review of 8 sippy cups
My Review of 8 Sippy Cups

We like others, but Eco Vessel and Thermos FOOGO were the first to come out for baby no. 4!

Books, Cookbooks, & Recipe/Meal Planning Resources

KS eBook Store
All my books, print and e-versions: KS eBook Store

I seriously cook from these books in my own kitchen on a regular basis.

Kitchen Stewardship Recipes
And of course my other favorite recipes: KS Recipe Finder

Ladled Book by Kimberly Harris
Ladled by Kimberly Harris

paperback or kindle

KS resource page pin
Unless otherwise credited, photos are owned by the author or used with a license from Canva or Deposit Photos.

39 thoughts on “Kitchen Stewardship Resources – Katie Kimball’s Personal Favorites”

  1. What type of pot holders do you recommend for my children (ages 8 and 10) who don’t want to burn themselves while helping with the hot oven.

    1. Laura Snell @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Hi Jill! I highly recommend Ove’ Gloves for kids learning to use and helping with the oven. There’s lots of great kitchen products for kids (including Ove’ Glove on the list) over here:

  2. You are a great resource. I am in beginning stages. I use lots of canning jars for storage. I use my Mom’s old 2 quart canning jars for pitchers. Has ANYONE discovered a HANDLE for a 2 quart canning jar? It sure would help. THANKS.

  3. when you were trying oregano as antibiotic, did you ever try DoTerra brand? or their onGuard oil? i was disappointed to hear my month-old grand baby had stomach upset for a week after mama took amoxicillin for sore throat – even though i have given her $300 worth of essential oils..i appreciate you sharing your experiences – education is so needed these days!

    1. Gail,
      No, that was a long time ago and I just bought whatever was at the health food store. I wouldn’t give oregano to a child orally anymore but would dilute to 1% and rub on the skin or just diffuse. OR use a blend, which are usually more effective anyway, such on OnGuard or Plant Therapy’s Germ Fighter.
      🙂 Katie

  4. Hi there,

    I stumbled upon your site looking for a natural best sunscreen. Shocked I have not come across your site earlier, as another crunchy mama. I know the post is older, but was wondering if you could answer a question – of the top 4 sunscreens that you recommend – which would you say is best for face? i.e. least white-looking? We use badger, but I’m looking for something more aesthetic for my face :-). Thanks!!!!

    1. Hi Julia!

      I actually am working on a “facial sunscreen” post, but I love the tinted ones (Kabana and Raw Elements) and Devita is a new one that goes on very smooth and is a daily moisturizer. This post is the most comprehensive and is updated every year at least once. Hope that helps!! 🙂 Katie

      1. Thank you, Katie.
        I’ll try the tinted ones.
        As for now – the best one that rubs in clear and seems to have clean ingredients is from majestic pure.
        The tube is meant to stand on the lid, but if you let it do so, the oil accumulates, so I’ve been just laying it down. It has a faint smell – maybe sunflower – ? barely noticeable, and goes on easily, a bit oily, but not heavy, in a good moisturizing way. Appears to be water repellant – you can see water beads on the surface. I have no idea how they got it to go on white and turn clear, maybe the honey and/or the salt? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the ingredients…
        Thanks again!

        1. Julia – that one looks pretty clean, i agree! Grapeseed oil isn’t my favorite, just because I wouldn’t eat it, so why put on skin, but it’s better than synthetics I would think. I don’t love the ones that separate with oil – they don’t all do that. Also if you find one without beeswax, it’s going to feel a lot lighter on the face in particular. Beeswax is great for the water resistance and that “beading up” on the skin, which is great if you’re swimming but not so much for everyday facial use at the office or whatnot. Overall good find though! 🙂 Katie

  5. Anybody have advice on good bread pans? The only one I have right now is silicone and while it works well, I know there’s debate about that material…

      1. I had one that was metallic – could be stainless steel, but I don’t know. However, it had weird texturing, was really old, and last time I made bread it got stuck in the corners (they have a weird little seam overlap), so I got rid of it. Why wouldn’t glass be good for yeast loaves? I’m pretty sure I made bread at least a couple times in my Mom’s glass loaf pan – hadn’t thought of trying to buy one of those. The silicone one I have is easy to pop loaves out of 😉 and actually holds the loaf shape well, which I was concerned about because it’s so floppy before I put the dough in :p.

        1. Just did a quick search on Amazon – apparently Lodge (your griddle company) also makes cast-iron bread pans. Anyone ever tried those?

        2. Amy,
          I only meant that maybe glass wasn’t ideal for browning or the perfect crust – and it may be, I just can’t remember much about baking yeast bread! I know some bakers are very picky about pans. 🙂 Cast iron sounds awesome! I love cornbread in my cast iron skillet and my mom makes a mean sourdough loaf in her round one. 🙂 Katie

          1. Ah, that makes sense. I’ve been invited to a Pampered Chef party later this month, so guess I’ll see what they say about stoneware – I know people really like their baking stones ;).

  6. Hi, I just found your site and another that I really like ( I find you both refreshing, honest, happy to learn and make mistakes and being upfront about it. I love your writing style – long-winded and all. I want to thank you for sharing so much. I’ve just started really looking into alternative medicines. We don’t get sick a lot, but this last 2 months my 4th pregnancy has taken a turn for the worst (for me, I’ve had 3 totally uneventful pregnancies) at the beginning of the 3rd trimester with pre-term labor, leaking amniotic fluid, group b infections, bladder infections (that started recurring before I got pregnant for no known reason), footling breach baby, possibility of c-section, having to be on bed rest for the last 4 weeks, elevated liver enzymes (still exploring that one) and a scare for gestational diabetes (thankfully my 3 hr glucose test came back as processing sugars normally with no abnormal numbers) but all this all at the same time while dealing with chronic headaches that normally go away when I’m pregnant and this time have not, I started looking into “other” ways to live. (I’m a bit long-winded myself, can you tell?) Anyway, I have discovered so much by reading so much from blogs, .gov sites, health websites, customer reviews, etc. I have found Peppermint to be the BEST way to keep my headaches away – 8 weeks and I still haven’t had to take an OTC painkillers for my headaches!! I’m being very methodical before I try something and caution when I do because I understand not one thing works for everyone or is good for everyone (ie, peppermint doesn’t work for my husband, it burns my skin so I only use it as aromatherapy; YLEO Peace & Calming works on my husband but I’m super allergic to something in it). With that said, I’m also starting off very slowly. I just decided to begin research and reading into Thieves oil, to look into ACV, probiotics, and elderberry. I have moved on from peppermint (first oil and natural remedy in my medicine cabinet) and am starting to add coconut oil to try. I have done lots of reading about it and trying to figure out how I want to use it. I have not seen this oil discussed on your blog. Have you tried it? Have you read about it? Is it something you would endorse? I’d love to see a post from you (eventually, I’m sure you have a laundry list of topics to blog about) about coconut oil because I know you would be thorough, find things I haven’t, be honest, and etc. Much thanks for what you’ve provided. I can’t wait to start reading any one of your published books (btw, congratulations on publishing and being such a success!).

    1. Hi Sheila!
      Congrats on your pregnancy and thank you! I’m honored to be up there with Adrienne and to have garnered your respect so quickly.

      As for coconut oil, it’s a staple in my kitchen. I use it for cooking many things, for oil pulling, and as a carrier oil for EOs. Here are some links:

      Quick note about peppermint oil – I think it’s for breastfeeding moms that it’s not recommended, although maybe aromatically it’s ok? Just something to peek into quickly since you’re pregnant; some oils are rec’d for pregnancy and b-fing and there are usually others to substitute for the same purposes.

      Enjoy this foray into natural living (and I’m so sorry I took so long to respond – I remember reading your question and I must have gotten called away from the computer or something, and then it got a bit buried and lost!)

      🙂 Katie

  7. Hi Katie,

    I was hoping to find the brand of slow-cooker you use on this list. We recently got rid of ours because it was cracked, and I’m looking for a new one, but wanted one that was safe and lead-free. What brand do you use?



  8. Gwen @

    I actually want to thank you for recommending the Lympha Rub. Our second child gets a scary “croup”/asthma episode a few times a year since he was 1 (he is 5 now) where he will wake up in the middle of the night/early morning not being able to breathe. We’ve had to take him to the ER (which, as a former paramedic, takes a lot to do),and have a nebulizer with albuterol and oral steroid presciption kept in our house for these events. Since using the Lympha Rub when we notice the early symptoms, we’ve been able to avoid having to use the steroids and decreased the needed albuterol treatments as well. I rub the Lympha Rub on the front & back of his neck (which also helps to move the lymph fluid out of the swollen glands & reduce some of its immediate impingement on the airway). If I notice the early symptoms, I do it before he goes to bed (along with a Eucalyptus-based chest rub by Gaia Kids). If he needs an albuteral treatment in the middle of the night, I will do this while he is sitting on my lap getting the treatment. I’ve found it greatly reduces the likelihood he will need another albuterol treatment.

    It is a scary thing to watch your child struggle to breathe (even for a former paramedic like myself), and it has been so reassuring to find a safe (you can even ingest it!), natural product that makes a significant difference in their health and comfort.

    Thank you again for turning me on to this wonderful product!

  9. I’ve been enjoying your site since I found it a few weeks ago. I’m wondering where is a good place to buy sprouted wheat berries and other healthy-grainy-seedy stuff? I’m an Amazon fan, but maybe there’s a more reputable place to buy from. And recommended brand names would be great! Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the post! I was just wanting something like this the other day.
    May I ask what your prayer chalkboard thing is, it is with the pictures above your fireplace? I am wanting a “prayer board” for my house and haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet! Thanks!

    1. Aw, that’s so fun that you saw that in the background Lauren! 😉 My MIL got that for me for Christmas, and it was already labels “When prayers go up…blessings come down.” We just add names to it when we’re asked to pray for someone and already have an evening prayer routine with the family, so that just reminds us who needs to be included in our intentions. No real “set up” at all! That’s my style…just write stuff down and do it. 🙂 Katie

  11. I knew there was something else!
    Regarding laundry…. I’ve been using soapnuts since you originally posted about them several years ago. I like them very much but am ready to try something else. I know you’re using Molly’s Suds now, but do you like it as well as the soap nuts, or better….? Maybe I should re-read the reviews…
    Thanks, Carolyn

    1. Carolyn,
      Both products get rid of stinky clothing smells, which is all I’m any good at evaluating. I get so many stains on our clothes that I couldn’t tell you if a detergent is doing well on them or if they would just stain anyway, you know? But right now I just want easy – one scoop and done, no chasing soapnut bags around. 🙂 So I’m really happy with Molly’s! At least as well as Naturoli, maybe more. 🙂 Katie

      1. Carolyn Stutz

        Oh my word! I didn’t think the bag was a big deal, but there have been several times when I’ve had to take each piece of clothing OUT of the dryer, back in, and out AGAIN trying to find that bag!!! I’d laugh about it, but I can feel myself starting to hyperventilate just thinking about it! haha Lately it just seems the clothes are NOT smelling all that fresh after being washed. And it’s not like they’re horrible smelling when they go in!
        I’m going to give Molly’s a try:)
        Now….about Branch Basics… haha… have you tried that in your laundry? I’m tempted to try them (I read a favorable review by another blogger some time ago) but don’t want to be disappointed. I’m actually looking for something that will work on grunge in a basement shower complete with cement walls. My husband had been buying and using Clorox, but I think he switched to Lysol (yea). I refuse to go near it but they seem to be the only products that actually do the job. Maybe it needs more elbow grease than I’m giving… Anyway, that would be perfect if I could use one product for laundry, get that shower clean, and use it for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, too. Hm…too much to ask?
        Thanks for your input 🙂

        1. LOL that’s a tall order! I saw that BB could do laundry but wasn’t in the experimenting mood 🙂 so I can’t speak to that. I know that my 7mo threw up on the carpet Wednesday, and it took 3x squirting and scrubbing for about 30 secs with BB and now the smell is gone! Cement walls? That’s tough! What gets on there – mildew? Or hard water stains? The good thing is that if it doesn’t work for one or the other, you’ve still got regular cleaning or handsoap pumps that you could do with the BB, so it wouldn’t go to waste – but it sure would be nice to have one item for all! I wonder if the BB customer service team would have any ideas for you on the shower walls?
          🙂 Katie

          1. Carolyn Stutz

            Hi Katie!
            Okay, upon your recommendations I put in my order for Molly’s Suds and Branch Basics! I’ve not been disappointed yet with your suggestions and am quite excited to try the new products.
            Regarding a food processor I just picked up a Hamilton Beach. The bowl size is smaller but, it’s got a larger motor than my last one. It worked beautifully grinding up that massive batch of larabars that killed my original! Of course, I had to do it in smaller batches, but it did the job wonderfully and that’s all that mattered. I use the machine often but not daily so decided not to spend the big bucks 🙂
            I appreciate you!

  12. Katie, what a timely post (even though I’m getting to it a day late).
    My food processor just died while making oh, a quadruple (larger?) batch of power bars from your Healthy Snacks to Go. Obviously, you must have a food processor though you’re not showing one (unless I missed it and/or a link). My question is this: would you recommend another food processor and if so, which one, or would you recommend the Blendtec? I use the food processor enough that my husband says he has no problem with purchasing a more expensive piece of equipment. I’ve gone through 3 or 4 food processors over the last 5 years probably. Granted, they are not top of the line because though I use it often, I don’t use it daily. I have a decent blender to go with my Bosch mixer and I use that almost daily. I don’t really need another blender, but if the Blendtec will do the work of a blender and a food processor I’m willing to buy it. Oh, and no, I don’t use the fp for shredding cheese or slicing veggies or things like that. Mostly nut butters, power bars :), some breads…
    Now to get that goo out of my food processor… lol

    1. Hi Carolyn!
      I didn’t put the food processor out because I have a Magimix (review sample) and although it’s great, it’s not worth the highhhhhh price tag IMO. A Blendtec can NOT take the place of a food processor, which was a big bummer for me when I first got it! I was thinking that it would be more versatile like that, too. Before the Magimix, I had my mom’s Cuisinart food processor, and it lasted really well. My only hassle with it is that it was too small, but I bet that could be remedied. If you think you need a super huge or more powerful one, Magimix has a heck of a warranty, so you would not have to be replacing them year after year. Hope that helps!! 🙂 katie

      1. Carolyn Stutz

        Hi Katie, thanks for getting back to me. The Blendtec isn’t for me if it can’t take the place of two appliances 🙁
        I’ve spent a couple hours reading comments here, and reviews on Amazon of various food processors. I’m not having a lot of fun. lol. I’ll keep plugging away.

    1. Ack! Do you mean in the photo “100’s” Julie? That’s actually a pet peeve of mine, and I never do it, but my graphical assistant made that and it was already uploaded to the site before I caught it…and I was too lazy to fix it with as many steps as it would have taken…I feel badly for the poor kitten though! 😉 Katie

  13. Many of your items don’t match to the links. For example, the Leak proof stainless steel containers and the Lunchbots. Haven’t tried any others….

    1. Oh, my goodness – thank you, Devorah!! Most of them were correct, but I did find another few that were wrong – on a page this extensive, there are bound to be errors, so thank you for reminding me to doublecheck! 🙂 Katie PS – they should all be right now. Here are the two links you were interested in:
      stainless containers:
      Lunchbot quad:

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