Final Day for eBook Crazy Deal Bundle!

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The bundle of eBooks for $29 (a $300+ value!!!)  is only available until 8 a.m. EST tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd.

If you’ve been holding out, now is the time…

To see the amazing offerings, click HERE. I know I sound a little like a used car salesman, but I’m really not making this up. You can check the comments at that post for some of the early purchasers ringing in saying the same thing. This is not a package to pass up.

Some folks have decided to purchase this bundle as a gift for others, which I think is an awesome idea:

  • clutter free!
  • for the person who “has everything” – especially if they enjoy reading books on a Nook, Kindle or tablet
  • for someone you know who is trying to eat healthier and change their life
  • for someone you know who you WISH was doing the above!
  • you could even split up the books and pass them on to different folks and keep some for yourself – just remember to play by the honor system and treat each book like a hard copy, only ONE should be in existence from your package (i.e. “no sharing”)
  • stocking stuffers that won’t hit the landfill!

Check out the full list HERE including $49 of additional FREE Bonuses, and be entered to win one of 3 great prizes.

Of course, two popular KS eBooks are included: Healthy Snacks to Go and Smart Sweets, together a $17.90 value right there! If you already have them, you can certainly gift the doubles to a friend (just remind them that they own the book and can’t just email it to 500 of their own closest friends…) 😉

Thanks for supporting all these amazing authors! I hope you find someone new to love!


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7 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Sandi in MN says

    Katie, I downloaded all the books last night plus used the amazing offers from the other companies to order things I’ve been thinking about for a LONG time! Including your books! Can’t wait to get my brown rice sour dough starter (I just finished a 21 day cleanse and think I need to be gluten free), my water kefir (no dairy, same cleanse), my Earth paste toothpaste. I’ve used Real Salt for awhile, so glad to have more coming again. I also ordered the Made On Lotion making kit this week (not related to the book deal but love reading other lotion ideas). I don’t know if I even remember all the things coming my way, it will feel like Christmas!

  2. Jennifer says

    Bummer. I had a busy week and just sat down to order the ebook bundle and realized it expired at 8am this morning. I had scanned and saw the graphic that shows it’s good through today…didn’t read the text that said it was only til 8am. It sure would be helpful in the future to have the offer expire at midnight on the final day…not 8AM :-(

  3. Janet says

    Bummer also! I just came upon your website and found this amazing deal. Please let me know if it is offered again.

  4. says

    I was so excited to finally get your snack book but of course that was the one link I broke when downloading. :( I emailed the recommended email hopefully I’ll still be able to get it. It was the one book I really wanted.

    • Vanessa Chesebro says

      I’ve had a problem with the snack book as well – I downloaded it fine, opened up the pdf, read the book, took some notes about what recipes I want to try, and then today as I’m trying to read the recipes, all I can see are numbers, @ symbols, and exclamation points. I re-downloaded it twice, but still no luck! How can I get it fixed?

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