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Becca Stallings {Contributing Writer}

Becca Stallings {Contributing Writer}

Becca has been cooking real food and thinking about how to use resources wisely all her life, but she’s always finding room for improvement! She is the mother of an 14-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter, a social science data specialist, and the coffee-hour organizer for her church.

‘Becca and her family live in a wonderfully walkable neighborhood of Pittsburgh, where they strive for minimal environmental impact and maximal enjoyment of life’s abundance. Making good use of stuff that would otherwise be thrown away (including food) is one of their favorite hobbies. They also enjoy reading, hiking, and playing games.

‘Becca is constantly adding chapters to The Earthling’s Handbook, an all-purpose guide to life on this planet for natives and visitors. Many of her articles focus on environmentally friendly habits, including a low-meat, seasonally sensitive diet.

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