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Bethany Wright {Contributing Writer}

Bethany Wright

Bethany lives in Ohio with her wonderful husband, delightful daughter, and adorable son.

When she’s not busy making a disaster in the kitchen (usually involving her beloved Instant Pot), she enjoys taking all-day cycling excursions with her family and reading books. She comes from a long line of cooks, including ancestors who were chefs to German nobility.

Bethany’s love of cooking has been a blessing to her family, especially as they figure out living life with Celiac disease.

Despite her chops in the kitchen, she is completely unskilled at vegetable gardening. (Her consolation is knowing that in a zombie apocalypse, her role would be the town baker and not farmer.)

In between making messes in the kitchen, you’ll find Bethany huddled around the breakfast table homeschooling her two children.

A long-time KS reader, Bethany is thankful for Kitchen Stewardship®‘s baby-steps and Monday Missions that have completely transformed her family’s life. Bethany blogs regularly at

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