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Dr. Catherine Clinton, ND {Medical Guest Contributor}

Dr. Catherine Clinton

Catherine Clinton is a board-certified naturopathic physician, speaker and author currently practicing in Eugene, Oregon. Dr. Clinton has several publications on topics of autoimmunity, gut health and children’s health, as well as being a guest writer on many health sites.

Catherine is the founder of Well Future, a company providing food-based supplements for children.

When in medical school Catherine was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that effects the gastrointestinal tract, leaving her with a special interest in autoimmune diseases and how the gut microbiome impacts immune and overall health. With the birth of her own children, Catherine Clinton became passionate about the prevention of these chronic diseases and conditions by addressing the immune and gut health of children.

She is also the mother of three with two homeschooled kiddos and when she doesn’t have her head buried in a research article, she enjoys cooking, hiking and enjoying time with her family and friends.

Posts Catherine has contributed to on Kitchen Stewardship®:

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