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Mineral Sunscreen Review: SVO Sport UV Lotion

Looking for a reef-safe sunscreen that uses only zinc oxide as an active ingredient? You’re making a smart choice!

Natural Mineral Sunscreens that are good but not great. Over 100 brands tested by one family.

My family has tested over 100 natural mineral sunscreens over the last 10 years, so we know what really works. This brand is pretty good, but in my opinion, if you’re looking for the cleanest ingredients and smoothest application, then head over to my ultimate guide to natural mineral sunscreens and grab one of my top recommended zinc oxide sunscreens instead. My standards are really high though, so this one is still pretty good. 🙂

You can read all the details below to find out why this safe sunscreen brand did not make my top recommended list.

SVO Sport UV Lotion (formerly Sea Val)


Sun VibesPrice: 2017 price estimate: ~$19-$20 (4 oz.) ~5/ounce
EWG rating: not rated
SPF: 30
Active ingredient(s): zinc oxide, non nano
Antioxidants added: Vitamin E
Where to purchase:Sea-Val
Ease of application: + rubs in well, slightly greasy though
Scent: neutral
Water resistant? Most likely!
My experience: I just got this tub this spring so I haven’t had many opportunities to use it. It reminds me a lot of both the Scratch Mommy/Pronounce tub and the Butterbean tub (the old version). The ingredients are very pure and it doesn’t do a Casper the Friendly Ghost look (unless the 4yo is left to his own devices to rub it in…and choose his quantity). #oops

The consistency is very thick and greasy, but it does rub in OK as long as you take the time to rub it in. If the toddler is trying to run away the whole time, you end up with Streaky-McPhee. 😉

We did have some question on this one about efficacy – in a side-by-side test, we felt that the skin was slightly more pink on this side. But it was only one test! Inconclusive evidence.

Note that the packaging and title of the product I linked to are actually very different from the sample I have, which is in a metal container. But it’s the website on the container, and the ingredients are exactly the same, in the same order.

Star Feature: I can tell the ingredients are each specifically well-chosen!

Wondering if this one is the very best natural sunscreen for your family?

I organized alllll the sunscreens we reviewed in each one’s recommendation category – one page, at-a-glance to find out what is safe to buy AND works! Print it or save to your phone for reference!

The guide also includes answers to questions people ask me all the time:

  • Which brand rubs in the clearest?
  • What’s the best for all day outdoor sports?
  • How do I save money on natural sunscreens?
  • What looks good on ladies’ faces?
  • Is there an option that is FAST to apply to wiggly kids?

I’ll send a copy to your email so you can see it right away and find it again later!

Have you tried this sunscreen? Was your experience similar to mine?

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