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Natural Bug Spray Review: LuSa Organics Shoo Natural Insect Spray

LuSa Organics Shoo Natural Insect Spray


Price: $16.75 for 8 ounces (~$2/oz.) and available in smaller sizes and refillLuSa Organics natural bug spray

Where to Purchase: LuSa

Safety Notes: polysorbate-20 is rated “3” at EWG, just out of the range of the super safe (0-2) but still considered fairly benign.

Active Ingredients: essential oil blend of lemon eucalyptus, cedar, rose geranium, and citronella

Other Ingredients: *Aloe vera juice, witch hazel distillate, and polysorbate-20 (an olive oil and sugar based emulsifier). *certified organic ingredient (2022 update: Polysorbate-20 has been removed from the ingredients. Yay!)

Easy to use? Yes, spray bottle

Sticky? No

How does it smell? Not unpleasant, a little sharp from the lemon

Did it prevent mosquito bites? During a camping trip, mosquitos were clearly landing on our 4yo and me quite soon after spraying LuSa on our skin. Disappointing!

KS recommends? Only sort of. I’m hesitant about the preservative when no other brands needed it, and since we have one #fail on record, why bother? On the other hand, at least the oils are safe for children.

Additional Notes: The bug spray comes in a metal bottle, which made me wonder if it would get too hot in a sunny vehicle. 2022: This formula has been slightly changed, to omit the preservative and add citronella to the oil blend.

About the company: LuSa Organics is a small family operation committed to supporting local and regional economies. Their ingredients are naturally sourced, primarily organic, and consistently high quality. They scent their products with essential oils and create color with natural pigments, herbs, and clays. Ten percent of LuSa’s annual profits are donated to organizations creating positive global change. Their intention is to leave the world a better, happier, and yes, cleaner, place for their work.


  • Oils safe for children


  • Current formula has not been tested by us
  • Metal bottle might get hot in a vehicle
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