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Natural Nail Polish Review: Suncoat Girl Nail Polish

Nail polish makes such a great stocking stuffer or Easter basket addition for little girls, but health and safety is a big concern. We don’t want our children breathing in toxins or applying it to their fingernails, which do allow compounds to cross into the body.

Top Recommended Safe Nail Polish Brands for Kids. Non-Toxic Nail Polish for little girls.

Is there a way for girls to have fun and paint their nails, but still be natural and safe?

I think so, and after testing over two dozen nail polishes rated non-toxic or less toxic, I’ve identified the safest nail polish for both adults and little girls.

This polish is a good choice for children because it barely has any odor. When reviewing non-toxic polishes for little girls, I did not worry as much about how long they lasted.

First, if you’re curious why you shouldn’t just grab any old national brand at the drugstore, be sure to educate yourself on why choosing safe nail polishes is so important.

You can also check out all the reviews, child and adult, in a comparison to find the best non-toxic nail polish, with plenty of progression pictures of how they all chipped off or stayed on over a week’s time.

Natural Nail Polish Review

Suncoat Girl
  • Ease of Application
  • Staying Power
  • Product Smell
  • Ingredient Safety


Suncoat Girls Nail Polish Testing

Shop: I recommend checking for the multi-pack, which makes this one of the most inexpensive brands out there (possibly less than $1.50/color)! The bottles ARE tiny, but fun. Try Amazon.

Ingredients (from company website):
Suncoat Girls Nail Polish Review

Aqua (water), polyurethane, acrylate polymer. May contain: mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, ferric ferrocyanide, carmine, chromium oxide green, ultramarines, polyethylene terephthalate (plastic glitter).

EWG Rating: 1, Data fair

From the company:

  • SuncoatGirl water-based nail polishes are uniquely formulated by our chemists without using any of the following chemicals: Phthalate plasticizers, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Acetates, Alcohol, Glycol ethers, FD&C dyes.
  • SuncoatGirl nail polishes are not tested on animals.
  • Virtually odor-free. Releases water vapor when applied, not toxic chemical fumes. These water-based children’s nail polishes are truly the most natural nail polishes in the market place.
  • Created by a chemist and a mom of two girls, Suncoatgirl natural nail polish is water-based, odourless, 100% VOC free (chemical solvent free) and peels off when ready. No remover is needed.
  • Suncoatgirl nail polish complies with Health Canada, US FDA cosmetics regulations and European Cosmetics legislation (REGULATION (EC) 1223/2009 RELATING TO COSMETIC PRODUCTS).
  • Suncoatgirl conforms to ASTM D4236: Extra step has also been taken to ensure product safety for children: Suncoatgirl natural nail polish colors have been evaluated by board-certified toxicologist (Diplomat, American Board of Toxicology), at a US FDA recommended consumer product safety lab.
  • The result: Suncoatgirl nail polish conforms to the health requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard D4236 and meet the criteria defined in the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) Regulations 16 CFR 1500.14 (described in the Federal Register Announcement 57:197 pp. 46626-46674, dated Friday, October 9, 1992).

Smell: A very nice aroma, such a nice surprise to open the bottles.

Application: This will never win any prizes for vibrancy, but for little girls who love pastels, it’s great. On the first application, Leah said, “It was like I didn’t even put anything on!” Remember that some of the colors are a clear polish with glitter, while others are pastels. Suncoat Girl goes on plenty smoothly and looks good with 2 coats, just on the thin side.

Long-lasting: With as thin as Suncoat Girl presented itself, we were all very impressed by how well it stayed on. It is “peel-off” so it can come off easily and quickly, but if you can resist the urge to pick, you’ll only have a bit of chipping after 3 days and passable at a week.

Katie’s Notes: Same company as Suncoat – this is their children’s line – interesting to note that it has fewer ingredients than the adult line.

This set of tiny nail polishes is our number one pick for little girls. Not only do you get a bunch of colors and glitters for a very reasonable price, but there’s hardly any scent and an impressive staying power. Plus, nail stickers as a bonus!



  • Low price point
  • Little to no scent
  • Stays on well


  • Thin paint needs multiple coats
  • Only pastel colors

Is This the Right Non-Toxic Nail Polish for You?

Even though a lot of proven toxic ingredients are missing in all the nail polish brands I reviewed, including this one, we still have to remember that we don’t know what we don’t know.

There’s always new research coming out, and it seems that scientists discover another problem with personal care product ingredients every day. I prefer to err on the side of caution and use these natural nail polish products in moderation, especially because little ones are more likely to put their fingers in their mouths and ingest whatever is on their fingernails.

But painting nails together is a really fun activity, so I’m glad you have this less toxic nail polish brand available.

For other ideas to fill a natural Easter basket or healthy stocking stuffers, I have you covered.

Remember to check out the full review of non-toxic nail polishes to find your best new brand or this list specifically for the safest nail polish for kids.

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