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Natural Nail Polish Review: Suncoat Nail Polish

I admit I’m not one of those women who gets a professional manicure every few weeks (augh, the fumes!) and has perfect nails. That’s kind of the point… If you’re going to paint your nails at home, and if you try to live a non-toxic lifestyle, you want to know the best natural, safe, non-toxic nail polish that really works.

Good but not Great - Safe Natural Nail Polish Brands. Kitchen Stewardship Brand Reviews to find the best.

When I do a product review, I always go all out. That’s why my daughter, some friends and I tested two dozen+ natural nail polish brands.

This nail polish ranked at mid-level compared to the others, and you can read my full review below to see why it was so mediocre.

First, if you’re curious why you shouldn’t just grab any old national brand at the drugstore, be sure to educate yourself on why choosing safe nail polishes is so important.

You can also check out our comprehensive review of non-toxic nail polishes with plenty of progression pictures of how they all chipped off or stayed on over a week’s time.

And if you’d like a non-toxic nail polish for your daughter, I did a separate review of the safest nail polish for kids. These might not stay on as well, but they have the least odor possible.

Natural Nail Polish Review



Shop: Huge range of prices online, from below $10 to over $20. Price check  Amazon and Suncoat. May even be available at CVS.
Suncoat Water-Based Nail Polish Review

Ingredients (from Amazon):

Aqua (water), acrylate copolymer, styrene-acrylate copolymer, Glycol ether, Benzoate ester, [+/- mica], [+/-iron oxide], [+/-titanium dioxide], +/-ultramarine blue], [+/-Ferric Ferrocyanide].

EWG Rating: 1, Data fair

From the company:

Suncoat water-based nail polish contains ~70% water. When applied, water vapor is released in to the air, not chemical fumes. Thus Suncoat water-based nail polish is:

  • environmentally friendly
  • does not dry or discolor nails
  • virtually odor-free
  • non-flammable
  • Mineral pigments and natural colorants

Is This the Right Non-Toxic Nail Polish for You?

Even though a lot of proven toxic ingredients are missing in all the nail polish brands I reviewed, including this one, we still have to remember that we don’t know what we don’t know.

There’s always new research coming out, and it seems that scientists discover another problem with personal care product ingredients every day. I prefer to err on the side of caution and use these natural nail polish products in moderation, especially those that have a little more odor than others, which is usually unavoidable for true long-lasting nail polish.

Remember to check out the full review of non-toxic nail polishes to find your best new brand.

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