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Up-to-Date Kitchen Stewardship Natural Sunscreen Review

Our family has personally reviewed over 120 mineral-based, reef-safe sunscreens, so we truly know what works and can save you SO much time and money. A Fox morning anchor even called me “the Wikipedia of sunscreens” in an interview that’s been viewed over 2 million times on Facebook.

We truly have A/B tested sunscreens every summer since 2010 — my kids don’t even comprehend if I say, “You can wear just one brand today…”

Crazy though – only a handful have made the cut for my top recommended slots!

These top recommended brands apply smoothly, won’t make you look like a ghost, and will stay on in the water for all your summer fun. And with my hundreds of hours of research, expert interviews, and personal testing, you can be assured that the ingredients are of the highest standards (I have a 10-point “must-have” checklist!).

Natural Mineral Sunscreen Review

If you just need to grab a tube or two, here are the top recommended for summer 2020 (links go directly to other sites to purchase):

  • Kōkua Suncare with tons of antioxidants and my kids’ favorite scent and application (use the code KS for 15% off from Kōkua’s online store!)
  • 3rd Rock Essentials rubs in well and reliably prevents burns in our tests (use the code KITCHENSTEW for 20% off!)
  • Raw Elements for so many reasons, including their tinted stick for adult faces (all styles, use KS10 for 10% off!)
  • Maelove, which I call the best “transition” sunscreen when moving away from chemical ‘screens
  • Others that make the top recommended cut: Badger, ThinkBaby, Adorable Baby, Kabana

Safe Mineral Sunscreen Guide

You might want more info than that though!

Download this natural sunscreen cheat sheet for all the details in a quickly consumable format you can save to access anytime, anywhere. You’ll get the SPF lowdown, why antioxidants are important, how to evaluate your own sunscreen for clean, reef-safe ingredients, and all of my favs in a quick list.

Get The Sunscreen Cheat Sheet

I don’t want the cheat sheet. Take me directly to the reviews.

The guide includes answers to questions people ask me all the time (quick-shop right here or grab the full guide):

When you download the printable you’ll be taken to all our sunscreen reviews and research so you can learn more!

Don’t Get Greenwashed by “Reef-Friendly” Labeling!

I am fed UP with the big brands right now, because they all just came out with “reef-friendly” sunscreens that only omit the 2 ingredients banned in Hawaii starting in 2021, oxybenzone and octinoxate. But they left all the other chemical actives in there, which are NOT reef-safe!

Don’t get burned by dumb labels. Get the download so you know the REAL truth about what all those ingredients mean!

Request The Natural Sunscreen Guide

I don’t want the downloadable guide. Take me directly to the reviews.

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