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How to Know if the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse is Right For You

Considering an online cooking class for kids? The Kids Cook Real Food eCourse is a great fit for big families, homeschoolers, special needs kids and families with food allergies. Is this the right online kids cooking class for you?

The cast from the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

Do you wish your kids knew how to cook but aren’t sure where to start?

It’s not always easy inviting kids into the kitchen…it’s an intrusion on your alone-time, plus, they’re so messy and slow that you’ll never get dinner on the table on time!

You may have tried, but between the mess-making ninjas that look like your children and the fact that most of our good parenting intentions disappear in the 5 o’clock rush, it just hasn’t happened.

Your kids are expected to be athletes, excel at academics, serve their community and get enough sleep. But in this fast food world – no one is really expecting them to learn to cook.

It’s totally understandable that you haven’t done it yet!

Parenting is HARD, but it’s never too late to start a good habit. You can do this, Super Mom – all you need is a roadmap and a little encouragement.

Online Cooking Class for Kids 

The Kids Cook Real Food eCourse is your ultra-organized kitchen helper, bringing videos of real kids enjoying preparing (and eating) healthy food right into your kitchen. Using fun phrases and easy-to-understand directions, you’ll love that someone *else* can teach your kids all the basics for a healthy kitchen (no canisters of crescent rolls allowed).

Over 30 skills are organized into 3 levels so all your kids can work together on one meal or snack and be so proud of their accomplishments!

Sip your coffee while watching the videos with your kids and enjoy honest quality time with them as they practice their new kitchen skills – while prepping for dinner or a healthy snack!

  • Your son who is capable of flushing an entire roll of TP down the toilet? Channel that energy into stirring the homemade ranch!
  • Your daughter who weeps at the very idea of wearing the clothes you picked out? Put her creativity to work in the kitchen building your next fruit salad or “leftover bowl” that we teach all our graduates to make (without going overboard on anything).

kids cooking while mom reads

No Time?

“Lack of time is one of the reasons I bought the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse. I knew that getting my kids in the kitchen was going to *save* me lots of time in the long run. I’ve actually gotten a quicker payback than I expected! The time my kids have saved me in the kitchen has exceeded the time I’ve spent on the classes right from the first week!”

— Leanne Seel, Ontario

Imagine having time to get your Bible study done while your kids prep dinner – or the smile on your preschooler’s face when he eats “ants on a log” that he spread himself!

When kids learn to cook, they do more than just figure out how to feed themselves.

Why to do Kids Cooking Class Online: 

Cooking creates:

  • Genuine self-esteem, so necessary in a world of ribbons for everything
  • Practice on small motor skills for little hands – the same skills they’ll need for academic success as they enter school
  • Organizational skills that can transfer to school work and keeping a schedule
  • An attitude of service to others – when children cut foods they don’t prefer to eat, they learn to think outside themselves and do something for another person

We WANT our kids to be amazing adults.

We NEED them to be able to feed themselves. (We can’t be cutting their meat forever, right?)

It really is possible to do both by starting NOW to teach them to cook!

How I Started My Online Cooking Class for Kids 

As an elementary teacher and mom of 4 who has been teaching adults about how to eat healthy without going crazy since 2009, it was a little embarrassing to realize that I hadn’t taught my own kids to cook.

But they would slow me down! And they’re so messy!

In the face of increasing youth disease and obesity, real food is of vital importance to me – and I HAD to pass that on to my kids.

I used my training as a teacher and my knack for breaking skills down into very manageable parts and created this curriculum for my own kids, and now thousands of families from around the world have benefitted from our fun memory phrases, basic techniques and delicious recipe written for kids, but no “kid food” – we have high expectations that kids can eat real, wholesome foods just like adults.

Kids Cook Real Food on the set - intermediate stove safety

Moms find it gives them confidence to let their kids reveal just how amazingly capable they are! Plus, some even get breakfast in bed. 😉

Traci from Wisconsin wrote:

Can I simply say that we are LOVING your course? My kids are ages 2-13, and they are so excited when I tell them it is cooking class day! The 13yo (son) and 11yo (daughter) ASK without any prompting from me if they can start making lunch/dinner.

Love how you have everything laid out for class as well. It took maybe 30 minutes of my own time to peruse the site, watch intro vids and print what is needed for each class. Totally worth it! Thank you for listening to God’s call for using your talents. You are a blessing!

“Oh my goodness, you speak child!”

…said one dad while watching the videos.

facebook review screenshot

The Kids Cook Real Food eCourse will:

  • Give even your pre-readers recipes they can make all by themselves – so they feel proud and they’re not in the way while you cook.
  • Make the stove and sharp knives completely comfortable tools that you trust your kids to use – maybe even a liiiiittle younger than you expected!
  • Impart genuine confidence and self-esteem into your children – that feeling of doing something real, appreciated, and a little grown-up cannot be found better outside the kitchen!

Cooking Videos for Kids are Really Powerful

“As a nutritionist who has been bringing my kids into the kitchen from an early age, I have to say — they were much more excited to be learning from a *video* than from me.

Both kids finished Week 1 with so much pride (“Mom, I can spread my own peanut butter now”) and…they were pretty darn excited to eat those ants on a log and the cucumbers and carrots that they helped prepare.

This is powerful stuff — much more powerful than I anticipated (and I promote cooking with kids with my clients on a daily basis). I’m really excited to continue on with the next lesson – and so are my kids. The bonus is that it’s such a fun bonding activity to do together.”

— Sarah Bester, CNP

Here’s What You Get as a Member in My Online Kids Cooking Class:

  • Over 45 instructional videos for kids (and you) – a real teacher explaining complicated skills in easy-to-understand language and real kids demonstrating the skills.
  • Comprehensive lesson plans and supply lists – plus one-page Quick Start Guides for each lesson if you just want to jump right in.
  • The recipe eBook in kid-friendly language and font size comes with your membership
  • Flashcards so everyone remembers and practices the fun phrases that will make the skills everlasting.
  • 3 skill levels to fit your family: Beginner (ages 2-5), Intermediate (6 and up), Advanced (8 and up) PLUS the skills fit together so that if you have kids in different levels, what they make comes together in one meal or snack that day. Large family-friendly! Don’t worry, a child in one level still gets the full experience!

That’s all in the basic course, which you can get access to for 12 months – plenty of time to finish all the classes, even if you don’t keep up a one-a-week schedule.

However – with VIP you’ll have access to this course forever, so you can use it at your own pace and move up through the modules as your kids grow up and learn new skills – it’s truly a one-time fee for something your family will benefit from for a lifetime.

The VIP level includes so many additional bonuses, like extra classes, a VIP Facebook group, recipe eBooks for you and more. It’s over $500 in value!

My team checked out classes in person, and we discovered that you’ll almost surely pay more than $10/hour for cooking classes, typically more like $30-70 per class. Per kid!

With Kids Cook Real Food, you pay one time and can teach as many children as you want (even extras who aren’t your own). Plus, you’re assured it’s all healthy food, and that is not a guarantee with “kids cooking classes” in every town.

There’s no better time to start your kids on the right path to healthy adulthood than TODAY. And if you grab VIP with lifetime access, you can start anytime and work at your own pace – but this is too important to forget to come back to!


You’ll be serving the next meal before you know it – wouldn’t it be great to have some help?

And I guarantee you’ll be happy – no truly, I really guarantee it! You have 30 days to take the classes for a spin and make sure they’re a perfect fit for your family, for the way you eat, for your kids’ personalities (and yours)! Our refund rate is very, very low, but it’s important to me that we make you feel comfortable with your purchase – so you can totally back out if you have to. 😉

Interested in reading another family’s review of Online Cooking Class for Kids or the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse?

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Have you tried an online cooking class for kids? What’s your favorite online kid’s cooking class?

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