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Review: Growing Naturals Pea Protein Powder

My husband and I have tried several brands of real food protein powders and share what we thought of all of them here.

Growing Naturals Pea Protein Powder
  • Tastes Good?
  • Texture
  • Price Point
  • Clean Ingredients


Growing Naturals Protein PowderDetails: Variety of flavors available; we don’t recommend the plain! Vegan, allergen-friendly, 15 g. protein/serving (~$.07 per gram of protein as of 1/30/20)

Taste: Yuck! Tastes like peas – we even tried mixing it into chili but it just soaked up all the liquid and made the entire batch taste like…peas. Another test time he wrote, “Tastes and smells like animal food.” It would be interesting to try the chocolate version, but I can’t imagine anything the company could add could hide that pea flavor!

And then we tried it…maybe we forgot the initial test had been so poor, but the reviews from my high-schooler and my husband are that it’s fine. It definitely tastes a little “healthy” and it’s not like melted ice cream or anything, but there’s no strange aftertaste. I don’t know how they hid the peas, but score for Growing Naturals! Not as good as some others, but if you want a vegan protein powder with super clean ingredients and no questionable sweeteners (Growing Naturals uses coconut sugar and stevia), I’d highly recommend giving this one a try. Just don’t buy the plain version!

Texture: This powder mixed in the most easily of my chocolate head-to-head tests, just 40 quick whisks with a fork and only a few spots undissolved. It’s very smooth!

Dissolvability: Easy! Just a stir gets this powder fairly well mixed in and smooth.


  • Chocolate option
  • Good texture
  • Vegan
  • Dissolves simply by stirring


  • Plain tastes like peas
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