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Review: Miessence Complete Protein

My husband and I have tried several brands of real food protein powders and share what we thought of all of them here.

Miessence Complete Protein
  • Tastes Good?
  • Texture
  • Price Point
  • Clean Ingredients


Miessence Protein PowderDetails: Unflavored, organic, raw, vegan, hypo-allergenic, soy-free, 20 g. protein/serving (~$.12/gram of protein as of 1/31/20)

Taste: Healthy…but not terrible.

Texture: Can be a little grainy; left a little residue on the bottom of the glass when finished.

Dissolvability: Mixes well with a spoon (which can’t be said about all of them and is a nice break from having to get out a power tool).


  • Organic, raw, and vegan
  • Can be mixed with a spoon


  • Grainy
  • Tastes “healthy”
  • Higher price point
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