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Review: Tera’s Whey Bourbon Vanilla Whey Protein

My husband and I have tried several brands of real food protein powders and share what we thought of all of them here.

Tera's Whey Bourbon Vanilla Whey Protein
  • Tastes Good?
  • Texture
  • Price Point
  • Clean Ingredients


Details: Ethically sourced from small family farms, gluten-free, lightly sweetened with stevia. Organic option. 21g protein/serving (~$.07/gram of protein for non-organic; ~$.13/gram of protein for organic as of 1/30/20)

Taste: If you like vanilla ice cream better than chocolate, my husband says get the vanilla and you’ll really enjoy drinking this grassfed protein. The light sweetener doesn’t taste artificial.

Texture: Smooth and creamy once it’s mixed in.

Dissolvability: No chalky-ness.


  • No artificial sweetener taste
  • Not chalky
  • Made with Madagascar bourbon vanilla


  • Organic is in higher price range
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