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Review: Vega Plant-Based Protein and Greens, Vanilla

My husband and I have tried several brands of real food protein powders and share what we thought of all of them here.

Vega Plant-Based Protein and Greens, Vanilla
  • Tastes Good?
  • Texture
  • Price Point
  • Clean Ingredients


Details: Plant-based, vegan, greens powders incorporated. Available at some Costco stores. 20g protein/serving. (~$.06/gram of protein as of 1/31/2020)

Taste: This is my husband’s current favorite flavor, but my son says it tastes “like vanilla, just off.” It’s only sweetened with stevia but has some greens in it (can he taste those?). I agree with him; it’s just “off” like something is trying to be covered up by the vanilla flavor. It doesn’t taste natural at all.

Texture: Creamy with a bit of chalky at the end.

Dissolvability: This powder did dissolve really well, nearly disappearing with just a fork. That makes it versatile, but I still didn’t love the flavor.


  • Vegan
  • Dissolves very well


  • Tastes “off”
  • A little chalky
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