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What Happens When Mom Tries to Get Organized and Upload a Video About It

October 8th, 2012 · 11 Comments · My Story

Remember that video that I posted earlier today that is making everyone feel better about their kitchen counter clutter?

(And some questions and new perspectives that will, I hope, inspire folks to re-organize along with me, too, of course!!!)

When I left the kitchen at the end of the video, my darling, adorable, cute little one-year-old was just starting to get into the cupboards.

He was taking out approved items – I let him get the cinnamon in a plastic container and a little jar of carob sauce from JoshEWEa’s Garden because it’s so little and I don’t think he can break it.

He’s carried these things around the house many, many times.

Let’s just say I’m glad he stayed in the kitchen he decided to work on fine motor skills such as twisting:

John wreaks havoc with chocolate (2) (500x375)

Katie enters kitchen and sucks in breath loudly, shocked.

Katie runs to get camera. This must be documented.

John wreaks havoc with chocolate (3) (500x375)

Hey, Mom, just me and the jars. Same old, same old. No problem here.

John wreaks havoc with chocolate (4) (500x375)

See this lid though? This is new. This is pretty cool how it works.

John wreaks havoc with chocolate (5) (500x375)

Ta da! You should try this, Mom, it’s really fun. Fun game.

John wreaks havoc with chocolate (6) (500x375)

See how much fun? And now we get to squirt and wipe, which is almost up there with this game as far as fun factor…

John wreaks havoc with chocolate (1) (500x375)

Yeah, when is Nora getting here?

[Nora is Andrea's 10mo, as in Andrea, the professional organizer who was visiting at 10:00.]

Is it 10:00 right now?


My timing is awesome; now I can share this fun stuff with Nora!

Like I said – just glad he stuck to the hardwood floor.

Andrea and I had a lovely time during which she (verbally) tore my kitchen from top to bottom and pointed out all my misused, underused, and unorganized space.

It was actually pretty fun since I’m used to being humble, flawed, and self-deprecating.

I’m totally inspired to change around about 50% of my kitchen, and I’ll share the transformation in vlogs, blog posts, and photos on Facebook over the next two weeks.

Let’s do it, Kitchen Stewards! Get Organizing in October!

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