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Do You Perpetuate Faulty Kitchen Thinking? {VLOG}

October 9th, 2012 · 7 Comments · My Story

I’m a smart gal, but I don’t always think smart.

For example: No matter how much I want to get up early and how much I have to do, in that cozy bed it seems like a really good idea to "just rest" one more minute. Thirty minutes later, I’m feeling pretty dumb.

For example: Not taking 30 seconds to put my reusable bags all the way into the van but leaving them on the bench instead, then picking them all up five times after John spreads them around. Not such a timesaver.

For example: All the things I leave on my counter just so I get around to doing them, which I constantly have to move around just to function in the kitchen. Not so smart.

I’m learning, and after Andrea of Simple Organized Living left here yesterday, I had a lot of thoughts. While making lunch (time kept marching on!), I captured some thoughts in this video:

If you can’t view the video above, click HERE to see it on You Tube.


This is part of the Organizing in October series. Be sure to sign up for a free email subscription or grab my reader feed to watch the kitchen transformation (fingers crossed) and get great tips from Andrea (and me, too, I’m not completely daft) along the way.

Later today I’ll post a kitchen tour and some ideas Andrea shared that I’m putting into practice immediately.

Where’s your faulty thinking?

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  • Tracie via Facebook

    We also moved to a house with a bigger kitchen recently, but I find myself doing the SAME things to clutter up this kitchen that I did in our previous house…old habits die hard, I guess. Looking forward to seeing the transformation!

  • Kara via Facebook

    Katie, I am loving this series! Thank you!

  • Paula

    1. I think I should move my washed dishes to the other side of the sink while they dry. I wash them in the right sink and and put them on the left. The dish and glass cupboard is on the right, so why not put them on that side. The counter on the left side has more work space so while the dished are drying I could still use the other counter.
    2. I still need to get rid of all those lunch meat tubs and lids.
    3. I have to go through my lower cupboards and organize them better, so I can put my juicer in them. It is taking up precious space.

  • Spring

    Just wanted to say I LOVE the vlog thing- you were able to blog while cooking, and I was able to see it while cooking, instead of waiting till I had time to sit down and read! ;)

  • Shiree Martin

    Completely unrelated, but you look so cute in this video! I love that sweater. :)

    Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship Reply:

    Ha! My dear friend gets me clothes for every birthday/Christmas because I have zero – truly zero – fashion sense and I hate shopping. This was last year’s! ;) Katie

  • Victoria

    Really like the Vlog thing. I hope I can improve vicariously.

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