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Series at Kitchen Stewardship

square egg and butterA Fat Full Fall:  Butter. Canola Oil. Coconut Oil. Lard. How do you figure out what fats are “healthy” fats? Low fat? No fat? How much fat to eat? Find everything you ever wanted to know about fats in this series, plus some rockin’ recipes and easy challenges. This is perhaps the most popular series at Kitchen Stewardship so far.

Natural Kitchen Cleaning (and more):  Not an official series, but helpful nonetheless. Do you want to get the toxins out of your cleaning cupboard and your indoor air? Kitchen Stewardship’s cleaning posts are always (1) easy, (2) inexpensive, (3) environmentally safe, (4) safe for humans, and (5) effective. For the basic 3 cleaners, start here.

Healthy School Lunch Packing IdeasHealthy School Lunches:
I think it’s of the utmost importance that children have a healthy lunch, and it is definitely a real challenge to think of portable, nourishing foods that don’t have to be heated and that kids will enjoy.
You don’t have to be mystified (or hit up McD’s) when it comes to taking healthy food on the road.  This series explores healthy ideas for packing lunches!

Back-to-School Bonanza: Read reviews of reusable snack and sandwich bags, stainless steel containers, and more.

Real Food Bloggers Face-Off:
Over 2 dozen bloggers answer questions about how they came to real food and what they think is important on their plates. These are fascinating people! The series ended with TWO famous finishers who dished out on how they got started as well:  Sally Fallon and Nina Planck.

soaked oatmealAn Exploration of Soaking Grains:
The cookbook Nourishing Traditions claims that traditional cultures always soaked or sprouted their grains, nuts and legumes before eating. Some say that claim doesn’t hold water. I was curious about the science behind the issue. Join me as I delve into food science and research journals to try to find the answer: How should we prepare our grains?

Adventures in Sourdough:
Research shows that sourdough fermentation is both traditional and incredibly healthy for a myriad of reasons. Learn how to make your own sourdough starter and a bunch of KS readers’ favorite recipes for using it. Lots of photos and encouragement from those who have been there already.

Eat Well, Spend Less:
Is it possible to eat a real food diet, follow your conscience when it comes to animal treatment and being environmentally friendly, and have a single income or otherwise tight budget?

If you ask the  nine ladies of the Eat Well, Spend Less series, the answer is an unequivocal YES. You’ll have to work harder, and you may need to make a compromise here or there, but I do believe it’s possible.   So much so that it has become a monthly series event!

Back-to-Basics-Mini pic 150x110Back to Basics Mini Challenge:
In January 2013, Tiffany from Don’t Waste the Crumbs joined us to cover the top 10 most important Monday Missions – check out her experiences and successes here!

OQT ThumbnailOne Quick Tip:
Everything from how to find things quickly on the computer to where to store your garlic to be most efficient in the kitchen – OQT is a quick, simple strategy to simplify your life so you can get out of the kitchen faster and enjoy time with your family and friends.

super foodsSuper Foods Series:
Want to eat the healthiest foods you can withOUT having to go to the health foods store or buy something you’ve never heard of before? Kitchen Stewardship Super Foods are regular, plain-Jane foods that you probably already have in your kitchen, listed because they pack a nutritional punch more than their counterparts. We spent 15 weeks going through a list of 20 Super Foods and 18 Honorable Mentions. You’ll find easy, yummy recipes, nutritional info and kitchen tips to include more nutrients on your plate.

Cloth Diapering 101 – A Rookie’s ExperienceThere isn’t really a Baby Steps approach to cloth diapering – it’s more of a dive in headfirst kind of thing.  I’m a numbers kind of person, though, so I tried to quantify how well these diapers worked.


Determine whether you’re at your ideal/healthy weight…or not. If not, then set a weight loss goal for yourself, something you think you can reach by a deadline you choose – a month, the end of summer, the end of the year.

Real Food Preparedness
Preparedness isn’t just for “preppers.” All moms like to be prepared for the unexpected as well as the inevitable. Here is a massive list of resources, both an index of all the previous posts here at KS plus every blog, product, article, and company to which I’ve referred or been directed over the past few weeks.

Woman’s Call to Vocation:  A Study for Moms This is a 5-part study based on Scripture, the Catechism and Catholic Church teachings. The study includes the Call to Sacrifice, Vocation of Wife, Vocation of Mother, Discipline of Children and Vocation of the Home. It is outside the realm of Kitchen Stewardship, so a bonus for those of you interested!

Mary and Martha Moments:  The Four Pillars of Kitchen Stewardship: This blog is dedicated to balancing your family’s nutrition, the environment, your budget and your time as gifts from God. Read the foundations of the philosophy in these posts.

Mary and Martha Moments:  Encouragement on the Journey!: Trust God, take Baby Steps, Keep Body/Soul priorities in order, Pray in the Kitchen. These posts will give you soul food as you try hard to do the best you can in the kitchen for your families. The link takes you to the first post; find the others at the end.

Real Food, Real Moms

Sun, Sunscreen, Skin Cancer, and Safety:

What is the balance between protecting ourselves from the sun, getting necessary Vitamin D, avoiding chemicals on our skin, and – yikes! – avoiding skin cancer? Learn more about the different ways to protect yourself from the sun, how well the reviewed methods worked – and much more! (Review of 28 all natural sunscreensan update on last year’s 28 and even more natural sunscreen updates!)
Spring Cleaning: Get the Junk Out
KS and nine other bloggers from a variety of niches teamed up to get the “junk” out of your life. We went beyond the dust bunnies into your kitchen cupboards, shopping cart, bathtub and more! Each week a different blogger wrote their story and factoids at Kitchen Stewardship, then followed up with part three, the “practical application,” at their own sites. Other bloggers also linked up their own posts that fit the theme, so the resources run deep and the challenges were intense.


What Does a Real Foodie Buy At... ?
A Real Foodie’s Sources for Real Food
Ever feel like you are on a scavenger hunt when trying to find where to buy real food to make those delicious meals for your family? These are some virtual and physical sources for real-food-buying and my discoveries and preferences.

Cultivating Common Sense

Cultivating Common Sense

Sometimes I get so caught up with trying to ‘do right’ by my family that I need to step back and look at the big picture. I ask myself about balance and my sanity. Sometimes they are at odds. What then?

Organizing for Efficiency in the Kitchen

Organic Gardening Series: Rene from Budget Saving Mom is a series guest poster all summer long in 2010. She’ll teach you gardening every step of the way, from building the beds to finding seeds, and the nitty gritty of fighting diseases and pests, harvesting and preserving. I learned so many helpful tips!

Go Local! Challenge:

During June 2010 we talked about the best eggs and milk you can buy and how to find good local produce and farmers. Includes “10 Questions to Ask your Farmer” and the unveiling of the Grand Rapids Area Local Real Food Resources Page.

dry-beans-2How I Love Beans! I talk about them and eat them a lot, and now you can read about them and learn more:

Seeking the perfect homemade whole wheat bread: Using a 30-point rating system, we explore several different recipes for making homemade whole wheat bread in a quest to find the perfect one. Recipes that can be soaked, soured, or sprouted are given bonus points! Also check out the list of Katie’s Basic Bread Baking Techniques (or lack thereof!) for lots of tips on making bread work in your kitchen.

Grain Mill Series:

Farmers Panel

  1. Mid-sized farmers (Ohio and New York)
  2. Local (to me) Grassfed, Organic Farmers (Michigan)
  3. Big farm 1: Liz in Iowa
  4. Big farm 2: Debbie in Kansas
  5. Big farm 3: Big L in Wisconsin

My Food is Not a NumberA 40-Day challenge looking into the issue of food colorings in our food. Remember: even if they don’t seem to impact your mood or your kids’ behavior, food dyes are not food.


    A Sweet, Sweet Summer: Exploring natural sweeteners, week-by-week.

mindmic4Mind the Microwave in May:
A challenge to cut down your microwave use, one baby step at a time. Find out the conflicting research on the dangers of microwaves and decide for yourself. Includes lots of practical tips for making the change.

analalum1Analyzing Aluminum in August: What are the dangers, researched and controversial, about our use of aluminum? Where do we find aluminum in our daily lives (you’ll be shocked)? Find seriously simple, practical tips for reducing your encounters with aluminum and being more kind to the earth at the same time.

Advent Daily Dose ButtonAdvent Daily Dose: A short nugget of thought for every weekday of Advent, including reflections, encouragement, lessons and challenges.

Find out how to use your busy-ness for prayer, take time away to be quiet and ideas for kids to enter into the season. Even if it’s not Advent, you may find some reflections of interest in this series.

DDD buttonDecreasing Disposables in December: More waste is generated in America during the months of December and November than any other time of year.

There’s no better time to focus on small ways to reduce our waste by using and reusing real items instead of throw-aways.


My Story:  The tale behind the beginning of a blog and the author who types it.

Start here:  On Conscious Thought and then go here: My Life in Three Lists
The Ultimate Traditional Real Food: Jesus gives His life for us. (Follow the link at the bottom of this post for a comprehensive post that lists all those in the series.)


Carnivals at Kitchen Stewardship

October Fest CarnivalOctober Fest Carnival of Super Foods (explanation, invitation)

Tons of bloggers participated to share a plethora of recipes. October Fest remains a superb resource!

A few random themed recipe round-ups:

The “What are you Doing for Lent?” Carnival Get inspired by what other folks across the blogosphere sacrificed and accomplished as part of their Lenten devotions.

Real Food Appetizers – (October 2010) With holiday dinners and parties quickly approaching, several bloggers teamed up to host a “progressive dinner” where each week a different course was highlighted and readers could link up their own recipes. What a great resource for preparing good, wholesome, and nourishing foods at the time of year when the not-so-healthy beckons us constantly! Here at KS, we covered appetizers; visit Naturally Knocked Up to see the rest of the dinner.


Current and Upcoming Carnivals

There are no current or scheduled carnivals at KS.

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    • Katie says

      I might begin hosting a weekly carnival in a few months, but you may also want to keep an eye out for one I’ll co-host with many other bloggers called Spring Cleaning: Get the Junk Out. It will rotate from week to week but have the home base right here. You can find carnivals I like to enter by clicking on almost any recipe I publish (and most other posts) and checking out the bottom where I link back to the host. I haven’t done much in late December with carnivals, but check the archives. Sorry to disappoint you! :) Katie

  1. says

    Thanks for this index.

    Wanted to leave a comment to let you know who’s riffling your archives (I always wonder!).

    I live in Interior Alaska (options exist, but are more challenging, it seems) and am seeking out from more-experienced people about this sort of stuff. It is so encouraging to hear the voice of an older woman who seeks to honor God as she seeks to make wise choices.

    Blessings on your day!

    • Katie says

      Amy Jane,
      You are too cute! Thanks for satisfying my curiosity…but you lose points for calling me an older woman! Yikes! I’m not even 30 yet *sniff*. I hope you’ve poked around enough to know that I’m totally smiling as I type this. I still love you!
      :) Katie, the wise one

  2. says

    Ah! a kindred spirit. I confess I didn’t get to any bio (I was too busy reading content. Bad on me.)

    I constantly forget that “older woman” isn’t always taken as a complement. I do mostly mean more-experienced. Especially now that I know I’m older than you (31).

    I’ve had the privilege of acting as “the older woman” off-and-on since I was 24, and I find it thrilling (when the pressure’s not too great), and a tremendous honor.

    Cheers for taking all this on!

  3. Jenny says

    I was looking at’s cook book suggestions and saw this book as a suggestion.

    Keeping Food Fresh, Old World Techniques and Recipes

    Published by Chelsea Green, Centre Terre Vivante 1999 (now published as Preserving Food without Freezing or Canning Chelsea Green 2007)

    I was wondering if you had read/heard of it and what you thought before I go out at buy it.

    I love your blog by the way (and the christian slant, I attend the church of Christ- but its nice to see other points of views and see where we are the same as well). I found it one day when I had this strange urge to make my own crackers. People think Im weird and had no idea you can make your own crackers! How did they think crackers came about in the first place? :)

    • Katie says

      I get that ALL the time about the crackers! 😉 I’ve never heard of the book, though, sorry. Sounds interesting for sure!
      :) Katie

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