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Lori Hernandez (Contributing Writer)

Lori is a lover of Christ, her people and the earth. She shares life with her husband, John, her two kids and a host of pets and farm critters. Her spring, summer and fall are consumed with growing produce, herbs and flowers in their large gardens. She spends in inordinate amount of time in the kitchen trying to figure out what to do with all the food she grows! During the winter, she hibernates and feeds her addiction to reading books about health and wellness, spiritual growth, farming, gardening, homesteading, finances, earth stewardship, voluntary simplicity, DIY, permaculture, and much more. Her family made the transition to a “real food” diet about 6 years ago after watching the documentary Food, Inc. and the Kitchen Stewardship blog was a lifeline for them as they swam through the confusing seas of "healthy eating." Lori farms to provide her family and community with healthy produce (good for the body!) and gorgeous cut flowers (good for the soul!). Learn more about her farm at Three Acre Farm.Read Lori's bio.