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The Family Camping Handbook: Real Food in the Big Woods (2nd edition)

You Can go Camping with Little People and Real Food and Survive!

Take a 3-month-old camping with no bathrooms for miles?

Are these people crazy?

The Family Camping Handbook 2nd Edition

If we are, I hope you’ll be crazy with us.

  • If it hurts your pride and your pocketbook to pay three digits a night for a hotel room…
  • If you love the wide open spaces, fresh air, and good old dirt of a campsite…
  • If you hate the thought of packing hot dogs….

We’re right there with you. It’s all about real, homemade food, even in the middle of the woods.

We’ll show you how we do camping with four kids…

…just imagine the family memories you’ll make (on a budget) when you head out on your own camping vacation, no matter what ages your kids are!

The Family Camping Handbook will show you how to survive and even thrive out in the woods with young children.

You can bring your babes and your real food, too!
New Camping Cover Sized

The Family Camping Handbook:

Real Food in the Big Woods
(57 pages + FIVE bonuses, including Kindle + Nook)


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A Great Family Vacation Starts Here

One summer I got a very long email from a family who had been on a disastrous vacation where everything went wrong – but they still had an amazing time! Here’s just a piece of the story:

“We FINALLY got to go on our first trip over this past weekend. I used your e-book as my guide and I was so happy that I did!


I packed what you said to pack, followed all the details, used your meal plans and it was all great!

So very, very helpful to a total novice like me. My family was very pleased with the food and I felt great that we got to go camping and still eat wholesome food (along with the occasional s’more).

Anyway, just wanted to say great job on the e-book and thank you for putting it out there! I know I’ll be using it for many years to come.”

What’s Inside The Family Camping Handbook?

Paul with toad
  • A rookie’s overview of how to get started camping: minimum basic supplies to buy, what to pack, the proper campin’ attitude, and plenty of encouragement.
  • A total of 36 camping recipes and techniques for campfire cooking – 100% real food approved.
  • Little kid camping tips – like the one item you can pack to make “I’m bored” banished from your campsite!
  • How to keep babies content and even somewhat clean when out in the woods.
  • The perfect campsite setup – when you come home, you’ll wish you were back camping!
  • Real food adaptations to standard camping fare – no need to compromise with hot dogs and white buns just because you’re out in the woods with a campfire! (But you can if you want – the book shares “compromise upgrades” too so you can make the call.)
  • FIVE printable packing and to do checklists
  • Full weekend menu plan, grocery list and prep list included
  • Plus a Paleo/Primal/Grain-free adaptation to the weekend plan, TWO full gluten-free camping menu plans and 10 printable recipe cards!

If you’ve always wanted to try camping as a frugal family vacation but are nervous because you have little ones, whether they’re babies, toddlers, or preschoolers, The Family Camping Handbook is your ticket to success in the woods.

Rookie, veteran, and everyone in between: you’ll love camping more than ever when you pick up your copy and use the strategies and recipes!

Here’s a free preview of some of the pages inside The Family Camping Handbook, including the table of contents so you can get a feel for all the great tips and strategies included that will help make your camping trip a success.

If you can’t see the preview above, click HERE to view it in a separate window.

Buy the Family Camping Handbook

Five Additional Bonuses in the Premium Package:

When you purchase the Family Camping Handbook, you automatically get the entire premium package:

PDF downloadable eBook

The Family Camping Handbook (57 Pages)
Value: $6.95

ipad FCHB
Kindle & Nook Files

Value: $4.95 INCLUDED

Kitchen Stewardship Family Camping Handbook

Two Gluten-Free Camping Menu Plans

Designed for a weekend trip away from home, using a campfire or grill/griddle for cooking.
Value: $5 INCLUDED

Kitchen Stewardship Family Camping Handbook

10 Gluten-Free Printable Recipe Cards

to go with the gluten-free menu plans above
Value: $2.99 INCLUDED

Kitchen Stewardship Family Camping Handbook

Paleo/Primal/Grain-free Adaptation Guide

for the meal plan included in the book, including 4 printable recipes and other helpful links to build your own
Value: $3 INCLUDED

Kitchen Stewardship Family Camping Handbook

Gluten-free Lunch Ideas

to stick to your fridge to help keep things fresh when packing gluten-free lunches (or adding variety to any packed meal)
Value: $1.49 INCLUDED

Total Value Over $25…Yours for only $6.95
Buy the Family Camping Handbook

If You Want Practical Help…

“We so enjoyed the e-book. Both my husband and I read it and we both were thoroughly impressed. I recently purchased another e-book on camping and to be honest it was just filled with a bunch of camping stories plus some helpful info, whereas [the Family Camping Handbook] was all completely practical and helpful.

[This] e-book can easily replace multiple resources on the subject. Its great usefulness is found in how comprehensive it is.”

–Amos and Edwena, Cincinnati, OH

New Camping Cover Sized

This book is for you if:

  • You’ve never camped before but want to learn how
  • You have camped before, but not with children under five
  • You wish you had some real food options for the conventional camping fare
  • You wish you had more quirky, practical tips for family camping with young children
  • Camping seems like a lot of work and you want someone to simplify it for you
  • You need encouragement that you can survive (and enjoy!) a family camping vacation with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Whether you’re a seasoned camper wishing you could eat more nourishing foods on your trip or a novice ready for a frugal, natural vacation, there’s something for everyone in the Family Camping Handbook from Kitchen Stewardship®.


Family Camping Handbook:
(eBook Premium Package)

Real Food in the Big Woods
(57 pages + FIVE bonuses, including Kindle + Nook)

Over $25 value — only $6.95!

Buy the Family Camping Handbook

More Happy Campers

“Wow! I have to say it again, what a great resource this is for families. I was surprised to find that it was more of a “how to camp” book than just a “how to cook real food while camping” book, however, I think it is this aspect that will make it such a great “go-to” resource for many people. – I know I’ve learned a few things! :)

There were a few parts that I laughed out loud and many others that made me smile. You have me convinced that if my husband and I are ever blessed with children that we can handle camping with an infant or toddler, AND that it will be fun! (Seriously, I am ready to pack up the car right now and get camping!)”

–Andi, a KS reader

“This definitely raised my confidence in venturing out to camp with my baby and husband.”

–Theresa, a KS reader

Buy the Family Camping Handbook
The Family Camping Handbook has already inspired me to plan a camping trip sometime this summer or early Fall. I was a little intimidated to plan one with a two year old, but we can do it! I think the book will help others do the same.”

–Jessica, a KS reader

“What I Love about The Family Camping Handbook: It reveals the Kimball family’s heart for simplicity, quality time, and family bonding, which I found more precious than anything.”

–Wardeh Harmon, founder of Traditional Cooking School

“Katie has put together a very comprehensive, thorough and helpful guide for moms and dads who want to get out into nature with their kids and enjoy the frugality and simplicity that camping offers, but without the general frustration and challenges that camping can present.”


–Stephanie Langford, creator of Keeper of the Home


Grab Your Copy of The Family Camping Handbook eBook Now:

Real Food in the Big Woods
(57 pages + FIVE bonuses, including Kindle + Nook)


Buy the Family Camping Handbook

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