Cloth Diaper Myths Revealed (& Longevity Updates to the Big Review)

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You can count on me to tell you which myths are true and which are false.

I’m over at Babycenter this week with Cloth Diaper Myths — that are totally true! – see if you agree with me.

In honor of that posting, I finished all the updates on the big cloth diaper review – meaning you can now see what happened with each diaper as I meticulously tracked an entire 14 days worth of wet and dirty diapers. The true winners as far as leakproofness have emerged!

I also edited the cloth diaper rookie post with my experiences with big boy food laundry and Imse Vimse liners, for better or for worse, as well as my current problem with build-up (I think).

And finally, I revised any recommendations that needed attention at the huge cloth diaper recommendations post. A few diapers, Econobums notably, jumped up quite a ways in the rankings, and a few others lost all the good graces they had accrued.

If you haven’t seen my post seeking the best cloth diaper, it’s quite a doozy – 25 brands reviewed all in one place, including the newly added gDiapers, after a number of readers recommended them.

Safer in September

Next week we’ll begin a mini-series on being Safer in September, and all the Monday Missions will focus on an area you can change to increase the safety of some of the things coming into your house.

I’m also working on the free download for "Better Than a Box," which has been a long time in coming.

Have a great weekend!

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5 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Rebecca via Facebook says

    I love our prefolds and covers they to me are less worth then dealing with diaper rash or paying for disposables (pampers not only leaked all over but my newborn turns bright red from them) Also like G diapers for the diaper bag as they are lighter to carry around ( never thought I would but man we had what should have been big blown out mess and it held up) and 7th generation when I get really behind on wash.

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  2. Amy via Facebook says

    I love your point of view at the end about being positive when you use cloth rather than negative when you don’t. I hear moms beat themselves up because they had to use disposables for whatever reason (rash, vacation, nighttime, laundry, etc.) I feel the guilt, but I have learned to get over it. We can’t always be supermom.

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  3. Nataline says

    This post and the links to previous posts on cloth diapering motivated me to give it another try. I bought one box of the econobum(12 prefolds and 3 covers) and am using cloth when we are home. So far we have had two blow out diapers,ironically both times with disposables. I am liking it so far, but the increase in laundry may get me later. I’ll keep you updated.

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