About Kitchen Stewardship

Kitchen Stewardship is the idea that working in our kitchens, like everything we do, is an opportunity to love God and serve our families.
Choose Wisely. Live Well.

Ever feel pulled in a million different directions? You want to eat well, save money, be gentle to the earth and still have time to hang out with the family you work so hard to care for.

I hear you.

It’s tough to find the balance.

I’m here to help.

The foundation of Kitchen Stewardship is simple: God gave us everything we have and asks only that we take good care of it.

Those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen are met with challenges in all four areas – health, earth, time and money – on a daily basis. It can be daunting to try to do one’s best to be good stewards of them all, especially as science finds out more about how we harm our bodies and environment with chemicals and the world tempts us to live beyond our means in many ways.

Kitchen Stewardship is about finding the balance, doing the right thing to give glory and honor to God, becoming more prayerful in the kitchen, and rejoicing in the accomplishment of baby steps on the road to optimal health and nutrition.

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My Husband Thought it Would be a Pipe Dream…and Then I Did It

The food eaten and discussed at Kitchen Stewardship falls squarely into the category of “traditional foods” or “real food.” The recipes contain whole ingredients, lots of healthy options like vegetables, homemade stock and often soaked grains and grassfed meats and other goodies direct from my farmer.

On the other hand, you’ll find a dessert or two with white sugar in them, and even though most grains are soaked, there are some posts challenging the theory to learn more about exactly why and how we should soak. And then there’s the posts about going grain-free. It’s all about finding the balance and keeping our sanity. Just. Barely.

homemade healthy chicken stock with gelatin

Cornerstone “how-to” posts include:

a fat full fall

Some of the most popular foodie series have been:

Meet the Boss Lady

katieI’m Katie Kimball, a Catholic wife and mother of four who wants the best of nutrition and living for her family.

I believe that God calls us to be good stewards of all His gifts as we work to feed our families: time, finances, the good green earth, and of course, our healthy bodies.

This blog seeks to share with others ways to balance all four and be prayerful in the call to vocation in the kitchen.

You can get into my head in this pivotal reading, On Conscious Thought, which is a pretty good explanation of the foundational process behind everything I do. Or you can check out the KS Facebook page for snippets of life in the moment.

I’m partly a “foodie” – in that I buy good quality spices, for example, but not so much that I’d make a recipe with saffron or real vanilla beans in it.

I’m also a “real food” foodie: I drink raw milk (that’s the “pipe dream” story). I bake sourdough bread (well, I used to…now there’s that gluten thing for my husband..). I take fermented cod liver oil.

But I’m still on a journey: I don’t really like fermented foods. I haven’t figured out how to eat liver regularly. And I still struggle to buy the “best” foods all the time. I could have been a frugal blogger had I started a year or two before February, 2009.

At that time, I started a blog in the hopes of obtaining a readership base so I can publish a book someday. I am a lover of words on paper that I can touch, highlight, bookmark, and carry into my kitchen. I want my words to be a BOOK!

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Here are a few posts telling you a bit more about “my story:”

All Books Except Camping Bundle

No-Stone-Left-Unturned Recipes

Just over a year later, my book publishing dreams came true. I’ve since added to the collection, writing five books on implementing real food changes in our kitchens while balancing the four pillars of Kitchen Stewardship – health, earth, time and money.

  • Healthy Snacks to Go was my first book, created out of the desire to provide healthy snacks for growing children and sustaining parents while at home and away.
  • The Family Camping Handbook was next, providing practical advice for eating real food even on vacation. Families with small children can especially appreciate the extra tips geared towards camping with children.
  • The Everything Bean Books is everything you could possibly want to know about this amazing super food, and more. Beans are packed with nutrition and are one of the most frugal foods available, making a bit easier to be a good steward of God’s financial provisions.
  • Since even real foodies crave dessert now and then, Smart Sweets was written to help maneuver us away from processed sugar and towards more natural sweeteners. Birthday cakes and brownies can now be enjoyed guilt-free.
  • Better Than a Box is geared towards families who want to eat real food but can’t give up family favorite recipes. Now they can have their hamburger helper and eat it too. The book is more than just a cookbook, but a primer on how YOU can remake your own favorites with real food ingredients (but there are 25 recipes already done for you, too, plus 35 more resource recipes like homemade ranch dressing and how to reverse engineer Velveeta and onion soup mix).
  • The Healthy Lunch Box isn’t just for school lunch ideas. Whether you homeschool, work from home, or send kids and spouses off for the day you can use this book. Don’t fall into the sandwich rut – find quick and easy options for the entire family here. Not just a recipe book, I help you figure out how to pack lunch in a backpack, brown bag or whatever reusable containers you have on hand.
  • Before you snag that packed lunch on your way out the door, you’ll want a full and happy tummy. Enter: The Healthy Breakfast Book, packed full of tips for any breakfast you desire. Whether you enjoy hot or cold, need it prepped and ready, or have time to cook a hot meal, you will find it here. No need to fall back on a sugar-laden box of cereal when you are smart with your prepping.
Meet The Team

Over the years, KS has grown quite a bit, and there’s a team of work-at-home moms powering the site from behind the scenes. Meet them all right here.

What Next?

There is a lot of information to be found here on Kitchen Stewardship. To someone new to real foods, it can be overwhelming. Start with this post to read the top 10 foundational habits.

What you can expect from KS:

  • Weekly themes and Monday Missions
  • Suggested changes in the kitchen
  • Family friendly recipes
  • Practical tips and ideas to implement changes
  • Reflections on the vocation of the kitchen
  • Recommendation for prayer in the kitchen
  • Information and research
  • Encouragement to make broader change
  • Product reviews and giveaways
  • How-to posts to make life easier in the kitchen

See how blogging works and how you can stay involved here.

Are you intrigued yet?

The challenge of managing what God has given us can be overwhelming. I’m here to help.

There are many ways to become involved in the KS community. Sign up for a FREE email subscription or grab the RSS feed to have daily updates sent to you automatically, for free.

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Finally, you can email Katie at kitchenstew at gmail.com, but please see the FAQs first if you’re just curious about something and leave a comment on a post if your question pertains to something that others could benefit from.

56 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Logan says

    Cool idea Katie! I’m loving every minute of making Ellis’s baby food and look forward to the opportunity to plan and cook meals for the fam! I’d love to swap info.

  2. Casey Viegelahn says

    Great idea Katie! I definately think your blog has some potential becoming a book! I will pass this on too others.

    Good luck and God bless.

    your friend,


  3. Missy says

    Wow, Katie! This blog is impressive. I am very excited to talk to you on Friday. I have totally been into nutrition for years now and have fantasized about writing a book. Kudos to you to starting. Can’t wait to hear ALL that you know.


  4. Carrie says

    Awesome – I’m looking forward to reading more! I’m stuck in one place working at the computer with Thomas on my lap (he’ll wake up if I move), but I’ll try to get you my current favorite meatless recipe asap – I’m having fun working out vegan stuff for our Eastern Lent. We’re going to be back home visiting with Thomas soon – I hope we’ll get to see you to introduce and re-introduce the little ones.

  5. Daisy says

    I wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog. The information you have is wonderful and you have a nice, breezy writing style. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  6. Amanda Morrison says

    This is amazing, Katie! I am going to pass this on to all the mothers at my church. Everything has simplistic, but tasteful approach. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes, and share some of our southern recipes. I have actually had time to plant my own garden this year…already eating squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, and green beans (both green and burgundy). And, waiting on the bell peppers, jalapenos and cantaloupe. We are able to plant a summer and fall garden here.

    Keep up the wonderful work. Have a blessed day!


    • Katie says

      Yay, I’m salivating thinking about your garden. Looking forward to the Southern touch! Welcome, old friend! :)

  7. says

    I am a new reader as of today (I stumbled across this site from a zillion other clicks). I can’t wait to see what you have to offer here. I am VERY excited about what I have seen already (I can’t wait to try making my own yogurt!), and I’m lookign forward to your new ideas as they come.

  8. TarHeelBorn says

    Hi! A good friend of mine sent this blog my way and I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it the past few days. You do a great job with it. It’s nicely laid out and organized — oh boy, is it organized!!
    Your title pretty much sums it up for me: nutrition, environment, faith, money and time. What a juggle. I look forward to reading your blog! Keep up the good work!

  9. says


    I was feeling burdened today by my resistance to cooking and kitchen work and not serving my husband and children because my cooking and cleaning are lacking… I long to turn my kitchen time into prayer time and release the negative thoughts and feelings that come up there. I searched for “kitchen work as prayer” and up came your site! And all of your other website elements are in line with my my ideas. Thanks for putting this site up. I’ll be a regular visitor.

    • Katie says

      It’s such a blessing to hear that my thoughts are connecting with other people. I DO know how you feel! I’m happy to have you along for the ride, Melissa!

  10. Erin says

    I’m just reading your blog for the first time- but I loved looking at this! You have really put a lot of work into this! I hope you are able to eventually write your book!

  11. says

    I just came across your blog through a link in Tropical Traditions. Glad to be here and I am subscribing to your Kitchen Stewardship. I too am Catholic and am happy to find the many interesting posts and links.
    Kind regards,
    Martha G.

  12. says

    hi Katie

    Greetings from India!

    i read your guest post on problogger and that’s how i got to know about your blog…and my…am I impressed? This is damn neat work…congratulations! I am RSSing it right away!

    I too started a food blog site few months ago…www.akshayapatram.com

    am looking fwd to associating with your blog…when are you coming up with your next carnival?

    good luck for your book


  13. Pamela Pollack says

    Hi Katie- I’m so excited that I found your blog. I am desperate to connect with Christians who care about healthy, nutrient-dense food and non-toxic, environmentally-friendly living and parenting. I feel really isolated because most people I have met at my church are not remotely interested in these issues and most of my friends who are interested in them are not Christians. I wish I lived near you, but at least I can read your blog! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Katie says

      You will surely find a community of like-minded women here – feel free to comment and check out what other people say, and in no time you’ll feel like you’re chatting with friends. :) Glad to have you with us! Katie

  14. says

    I love the concept of this blog and am so glad I “met” you today on the conference call. I’m a former health writer and a big believer in fueling our bodies with whole foods. I’m definitely adding you blog to my reader. God bless!

  15. says

    I’ve been hearing about your blog and your journey to real food. I’m just starting to catch up on your post. And Thanks for your very helpful posts.

  16. Ellen says

    An answer to prayer!!!
    I am so excited to find so many like-minded folks.I plan to start reading (and doing) everything I can find on your site!!
    Thank you..Thank you..Thank you…

  17. says


    I have Crohn’s Disease, so I know how important it is to eat healthy. Currently I am on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which does not allow any wheat, gluten, sugars, or starches. I have never felt better, Praise the Lord! He has given me the strength to remain on this diet for over three years now and has blessed me with amazing health.

    My blog is about my experiences with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and I also plan to share recipes and encouragements to fellow sufferers of gastrointestinal disorders. And, like you, I plan on writing a book someday (hopefully this year), a cookbook.

    I will definitely subscribe to your site. Would it be too much to ask if you would link me to your site so I can spread the word about my blog? It’s brand new, and I would like to try and build a following. Thanks!

    God bless you!

    • Katie says

      Thank you for writing! Your comment caught my eye because my husband has Crohn’s Disease too, although he’s been in remission/symptom-free since surgery almost 7 years ago. Your experiences are just heart-wrenching (I read your whole blog). I will definitely link to you in tomorrow’s Monday Mission. See your email for more…
      :) Katie

      • says

        Thank you so much!

        I am so glad to hear that your husband is doing so well. My doctors advised against surgery because of the severity of my case. I sometimes wish I had just decided to do it, but then I might have missed out on all the lessons God has taught me in the meantime. :)

  18. Mark says

    This is amazing, Katie! I am going to pass this on to all the mothers at my church. Everything has simplistic, but tasteful approach. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes, and share some of our southern recipes. I have actually had time to plant my own garden this year;already eating squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, and green beans (both green and burgundy). And, waiting on the bell peppers, jalapenos and cantaloupe. We are able to plant a summer and fall garden here.

  19. LeAna says

    Thanks for this awesome site! I love how you come from a common-sense perspective with the goal of serving God with our bodies, our health, and all our resources, which is what matters most to me concerning healthy living! So refreshing. :)

  20. Cindra says

    Hi Katie,

    I’m impressed with all that you’re doing on/thru your website!

    And in response to your ” why you want to win Healthy Snacks to Go”…first, it’s d/t our very tight budget, & sometimes lack of it…but, I love health & nutrition, plus I love the kitchen (cooking & baking). I need new ideas to bring nourishment to my kids; I home-school my kids and it seems as if my brain has gone on vacation, & coming up w/new ideas seems impossible most of the time, lol.

    Thanks for your consideration, and keep up the good work in encouraging people to eat healthy and the how to’s!


    • Katie says

      Thanks for visiting! Did you mean to leave this comment at Stephanie/Keeper of the Home? I don’t have a giveaway going for my ebook at the moment here.

      Thanks! :) Katie

  21. says

    I love your tag line! I am taking some baby steps of my own.. for my daughter, 17 months old with food allergies to milk and soy and for my family’s overall health…
    we began our journey about 11 months ago when I went on an elimination diet for nursing her and we have just continued from there….
    JoLynn (eat local philly andmusings of a housewife) sent me your way!
    Looking forward to learning from your successes!
    I have been eyeing dehydrators for WEEKS, wondering if I could fit one in the budget…
    I would love to win one- off to go read how to enter! :)

    • Katie says

      Welcome aboard! I love Jo-Lynne;glad she sent you my way. It’s all about the baby steps, for sure…
      :) Katie

  22. Lindsay Hufford says

    I stumbled across your blog today from a link at Heavenly Homemakers. I love it! BTW, are you in Michigan? We moved to MI just under two years ago and I couldn’t help but notice your Meijer and Spartan brand containers on the broth and full fat dairy posts :)
    Looking forward to keeping up with your writings!

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