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Recipe Connection: Gluten-Free, Protein-Packed White Sauce with Chicken and Rice

September 12th, 2014 · Recipes

Chicken and Rice with White Sauce Recipe (Gluten-Free and High Protein! Check out the Secret Ingredient) :: via Kitchen Stewardship

Your guests will never guess the secret ingredient on this one!

I’m a big fan of beans for both frugality and nutrition, and in spite of some eating plans that eschew their phytates, lectins or starches, we still incorporate them into meals often.

You can nail many of the anti-nutrients with a long, warm soak and a long, slow cook, so make your own from dry beans whenever possible. If you can’t, I recommend Eden Foods brand, the only brand I know of to use a long soak, include kombu for digestibility, and package them in BPA-free cans.

But some people…some folks don’t like beans.

I used to be one of them, so I know just how it goes.

The texture is too mushy or too chalky.

The flavor just isn’t doing it for them.

Or maybe they just had a bad experience with a bum bean recipe so they never try them again.
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Baby Step Changes May have Saved my Husband’s Life Without us Even Noticing

September 11th, 2014 · My Story


It seems like a page out of someone else’s life when I think about my husband’s diagnosis.

He was just 19 years old, a college kid experiencing worse-than-average intestinal distress after every cafeteria meal.

I was just The Girlfriend who heard the retelling of the doctor’s visits, the way his family doc pressed on a certain area in his lower abdomen which hurt like the dickens, and guessed – both immediately and correctly – that the eventual diagnosis would be Crohn’s Disease.

Crohn’s is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease in which the immune system basically attacks the small intestine, thinking it’s an intruder that needs to be eradicated each time the person eats.

It’s characterized by stomach pain after eating, continual diarrhea, weight loss, and inflammation in the small intestine.

I mostly remember a lot of laying down on the couch after meals, some missing class because of pain, and the process of trying different medications that lasted all the way through college. He went through the lower, gentle-side-effects class of drugs for Crohn’s, then he had an expensive infusion of something that I think was called Humera, but that might be the new name for the old one which was found to be totally dangerous – yikes!

Finally he was put on Prednisone, a steroid drug with a list of quite nasty possible side effects as long as my arm. He was very fortunate in that he didn’t really experience any of them, and it was the thing that finally worked.

Life just…moved forward.

We went to class.

We went to bars on Fridays and drank cheap beer.

We helped out at church, took walks around campus, kept counting the days until that degree would be in our hands.

Crohn’s wasn’t his life, it was just this thing that happened to him once.

Then in April of our senior year, he had a major episode – I honestly don’t even know what happened, blood in the stool, pain beyond belief? – and landed himself in a hospital bed for a weekend.

The doctors said it looked like he had a hole in his intestine or would soon and that he needed surgery. Now.

Having intestine taken out of your body three weeks before final exams is not exactly the way one wants to close their college career, and my husband and his family were somehow able to convince the doctors to let him wait until graduation.

That’s how he ended up lying on a gurney in a hospital gown just two days after he walked in cap and gown to receive his diploma, his pain at a "9," the number you give only because there’s a sliver of a chance that "number 10" pain might exist beyond the blinding feeling in your gut at the moment.

Ten inches of the end of his small intestine had become medical waste, and while everything was stitched back up, it would take five days for his bowels to be kind enough to speak to him again and a long, vertical, worm-like pink scar will forever hurt his chances of being a swimsuit beauty.

That’s Life…Isn’t It?

xmas wrapping tired

When readers email me with questions and include the story of a young person’s diagnosis, I always think, "Oh, how awful, how terrible, how do you get through that at such a young age!?"

But my husband was 19-22 when all of this happened.

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Katie’s Secret Tips (& Unadvertised Deals) to Maximize Your Bundle Bonuses

September 10th, 2014 · Uncategorized

What makes the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle deserving of the title "Ultimate"? The physical bonus items have always set these bundles apart and made them an incredible value, even if you don’t like eBooks!


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$29.97 for the whole package

PLUS don’t forget the $25 worth of special bonuses just for KS readers:

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And now for my

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I’ve either had a lot of experience with most of these companies myself or recently received the bonus items, so I can share my back door tips to making the most of each bonus and finding the perfect item in some of the vast inventories these vendors have.

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That Life-Stopping Moment Upon Which “Old Normal” and “New Normal” Hinges – How to Keep it IN Your Control

September 10th, 2014 · Special Situations, Uncategorized

NOTE: The Ultimate Bundles site had server crashes for a few hours yesterday, so to be genuine about offering customers a full 6 days to make their purchases (and after being inundated with customer service emails asking how they can buy the package!), the team has decided to extend the sale until noon PDT/3p EST today, 9/16/14 – no late sales after that!

We moms let our imaginations run away from us sometimes, and it’s not always a good thing.

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of "The Big Awful" flashing through your mind, the vivid detail of what it would be like to have gotten in that near-miss car accident, to get the phone call from the hospital saying that your child has been admitted for a grave injury, to narrowly escape the house fire that claimed everything else (or maybe even everything).

My heart rate increased and my skin tingled just writing that paragraph.

Just as shocking and life-stopping are the medical moments that surely feel like a semi just slammed into your minivan:

"He has cancer."

"It’s Celiac Disease."

"Rare…Chronic…Daily medication for the rest of her life…"

It’s terrifying to think of a life-altering event like that, and yet we allow our minds to take us there sometimes, and even beyond into what would be #MyNewNormal…the way we would have to cope with the disaster, the Life After that would become ours, hinging upon That Moment that suddenly split life into "Before" and "After."

What’s #MyNewNormal?

#MyNewNormal Greatest Health Challenge

An accident or cancer diagnosis thrusts one into a world of the "New Normal" quickly, harshly, and brutally – no turning back.

It’s my prayer that you never have to experience disaster befalling a member of your family…but that doesn’t mean that #MyNewNormal isn’t somewhere you’ll end up.

The world in which we live, where five prescriptions is the average, where 1 in 4 (or more) is predicted to get cancer, where chronic disease is hitting younger and harder than ever before, is a scary place, automobiles notwithstanding.

You can’t just "buckle up" to stay safe from harm anymore.

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