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Recipe Connection: Two-Ingredient Berry Cheesecake Pops (+ Homemade Cream Cheese!)

July 9th, 2014 · Recipes

This post is from KS contributing writer Jamie Larrison.

Simple Berry Cheesecake Pops (Unsweetened and Using Homemade Cream Cheese!) :: via Kitchen Stewardship

If you’ve read my blog at all you’ll know my little family is obsessed with ice cream. Whether it’s the classic mint chocolate chip with homemade chocolate chips, or vanilla drizzled with honey sweetened caramel and raw hot fudge sauce, we can’t get enough.

And even though I’ll admit to succumbing to the occasional store bought ice cream treat, they’re so much better when they’re made at home. Once you’ve been spoiled by the creamy, sweet, premium, homemade goodness, you won’t want to go back!
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The {GIVEAWAY – NOW CLOSED} of 1000 Uses…

July 7th, 2014 · What to Buy

Bentonite Clay from Redmond

My grandfather, at 88 years old, has earned the right be an ornery old coot and contradict himself all the time. He loves playing the skeptic and arguing with anyone about anything, all in love of course, but he’d much prefer to be right at the end.

Know the type?

Not all of them have earned their ornery-ness in so many decades, am I right? Winking smile

Anyway – my grandfather seems to particularly get his bristles up when I mention food and natural health topics out of the mainstream, like going gluten-free (“How can that help anybody? I ate gluten all my life…”) or using unrefined sea salt (“Don’t bring that dirty salt into my house!”).

Kid you not.

I just let him roll on with it and love him to pieces anyway – he fathered three incredible children, one of whom is my spectacular, talented, and wise mother, and he loves all his kids, grandkids and greats over the moon. He just likes an argument.

natural wasp spray killer

(photo source)

Last summer when he picked a fight with a hornets’ nest under the eaves, however, his direct quote was this:

“I’ve lived a lot of years on this earth, but I NEVER realized what the phrase ‘mad as a hornet’ really meant until tonight!!”

His battle wounds included a number of stings on his beloved bald head and a nasty looking red one right on his nose (ouch!).

I happened to have a tube of Redmond Clay with me (because I always have one with me) and after he’d tried an ice cube and maybe a few other things, I offered a dab of clay.

For the record, I didn’t tell him it’s from the same company as the “dirty salt,” aka Real Salt, but I think he’ll forgive that now.

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My Confession: The Result of Too Much on My Plate and Not Enough Critical Thinking

July 6th, 2014 · Tips

Adulthood has more detective work than I expected when I was little, immersing myself passionately in the world of Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and my own invented mysteries to solve on the elementary school playground.

You can rarely just FIX something; intuitive adults realize they have to spend time looking for causes.

Just like we real foodies question: “WHY do I feel badly? WHY am I getting sick?” instead of just looking for the next pill to pop, positive parents ask, “WHY is my child acting this way?” instead of just responding with their guts to an annoying situation.

I get the food thing…and I’m working on the “positive” part of parenting as I go through Amy McCready’s Positive Parenting Solutions course.

UPDATE 7/11/14: The webinars are over via KS, but other bloggers periodically co-host the same topic with Amy. You can check to see if one is coming up right HERE.

Positive Parenting Solutions Free Webinar

I Should Know This Stuff

It’s funny really – I’m trained as a teacher, I’ve had the early childhood lessons on how to discipline consistently in an even-tempered manner, how to redirect behavior, give the child agency/choice and choose appropriate consequences that fit the crime.

I started out my parenting journey like a champ – with one child, I read parenting books, utilized super effective techniques like 1-2-3 magic and The Happiest Toddler on the Block, and life was pretty peaceful. I felt competent, and our oldest is/was pretty much an angel child. How much that had to do with  my parenting, of course, and how much was simply his temperament is up for discussion, so I may have been patting myself on the back a little too hastily.

Kimball child number two is what people call "strong-willed." In other words, my little girl is exactly like me.


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Top 10 Allergy Friendly Real Food Snacks on Pinterest

July 2nd, 2014 · Recipes

Top 10 Allergy Friendly Real Food Snacks

If someone in your family has a food allergy, you know that everything about food that is tricky – like packing quick, easy real food snacks on the go – can get infinitesimally trickier.

In our family, we live "gluten-light" officially, which means we rarely if ever serve gluten in the home and sometimes let loose when we’re out. We’ve done a corn/soy elimination diet for a month, and that wasn’t easy. We ran out of eggs for three days this week and I thought I was going to implode (but I did find a few recipes that worked with the flax-egg substitute that surprised me).

But when I hear about people who have to be both gluten and dairy free, for example, or when a mom discovers her child is allergic not only to dairy but also corn, soy and eggs? Oof. I know that’s soooo tough, and I definitely don’t envy the creative meal planning those folks have to do.

This month I’ve been scouring around for the best, hopefully easy, yummy allergy-friendly snacks in our Pinterest pins.

They are all free of wheat, corn, soy, eggs, dairy, and even nuts, although it sure is tempting to leave those in, as many gluten-free or grain-free recipes include nuts. But I have TEN for you without any of that (some seeds involved, but not many). I hope you love them, and have fun re-pinning!

Pea-Camole Dip

Homemade Pea dip

Pin Pea-camole on Pinterest

Fun note: You could totally put this or a baby-friendly variation on it in a Squooshi reusable food pouch for on the go – then you could squeeze some out onto a chip or cucumber or carrot stick without much mess!

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