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Earthpaste’s Dry Little Cousin…Earthpowder {Review}

Review of Earthpowder - Redmond's Dry Toothpaste

When you have to write, “Clean toothpaste off walls…and cupboards,” on your to-do list, you know you have kids.

Our toothpaste has always surprised people because it looks like mud instead of being bright blue and pink. I like it that way. 🙂

Except…when it squirts out of control onto the mirror or the wall! Then I wish it was clear!

I was hoping that when I reviewed Redmond’s new Earthpowder, the dry version of their toothpaste made from bentonite clay, Real Salt and other natural ingredients would alleviate the messy sacrifice I’ve been making in exchange for clean teeth in my kids.

Alas, kids will make a mess with anything. But I could hope!

Earthpowder is a dry blend of:

  • bentonite clay
  • non-GMO xylitol (but not in the Spearmint flavor, my fav)
  • Real Salt
  • essential oil (various flavors: orange, lemon, mandarin, tangerine, lime, peppermint, spearmint, anise, fennel)
  • menthol (in peppermint)
  • one version includes activated charcoal – and boy, does that look freaky in your mouth!
  • No foaming agents, no coloring, no glycerin, and no fluoride.

Is Earthpowder Kid-Friendly?

My daughter likes to show off how nice and neat her tub of Earthpowder is compared to the brothers, who I must assume are the mess-makers. I really can’t decide if it’s better to have tufts of powder all over the counter or the paste…although as I type that, I guess the powder isn’t on the walls, so maybe it’s an improvement!

I also think I just needed to train them in keeping their toothbrush right-side up when they travel from the tub to their mouths. My boys are tending to get more moisture in their tubs than is recommended, but it hasn’t turned to sludge yet, so it’s not a deal breaker.

If you have a careful kid, for SURE Earthpowder is their friend. The Splashin’ Citrus flavor is the most kid-friendly, and my kids also like the peppermint. I would NOT recommend letting a kid get anyway near the licorice flavor though – not only is the flavor not a typical kid-liked things but it’s so black. It’s totally crazy when you spit! The whole sink gets spattered in black and I wouldn’t want to trust a child with that mess-making power.

Don’t let me get you thinking I don’t like the Earthpowder! I’m just honest. And my kids are messy. 😉

I will say that after about half a tube, one of my younger boys can’t put his own toothpaste on the brush because he can’t figure out how to squeeze it properly. That problem will never happen with Earthpowder, so that’s a huge plus. And like Earthpaste, there’s no fluoride, so kids can swallow it without worry (which means we can do our “finishing touches” anywhere in the house, not just near a sink – important for busy parents!).

Big note: You may have noticed the Prop 65 warnings about lead on Earthpaste, and they’re on Earthpowder too. I am actually considering getting my kids tested, not because I think I’ll find alarming lead levels, but to put the question to rest once and for all. I trust this explanation from Redmond after the research I’ve done as well.

Get Your Own Tub! (of Tooth Powder)

Review of Earthpowder - Redmond's Dry Toothpaste

Another thing I love about Earthpowder that I haven’t seen in other tooth powders is the encouragement for everyone to just have their own tub and dip the toothbrush directly in it. The lids say:

Make it Yours! If your name isn’t __________________ keep your brush out of this jar!

With some others I’ve tried, fumbling with a little stick to dip out the powder and dump it on the toothbrush was downright annoying. I find the tubs of Earthpowder to be just as quick – if not quicker – than regular toothpaste, and every second saved makes me happy!

The size of the tubs (1.8 ounces) is also considerably larger for less cost than other tooth powders I’ve seen, and every dollar saved makes me happy too! Perhaps Redmond is able to do that because they are the source for the bentonite clay and salt, both of which are mined deep below the earth in Utah – protected from modern pollution. Doesn’t that also make you happy?

You’ll save even more money because each jar of Earthpowder lasts 2.5-3 times longer than a 4-oz. tube of Earthpaste, according to Redmond, and I can believe it (as long as your kids aren’t spilling it, ahem – some tubs may be decreasing in height faster than others!).

AND you make the earth happy by not shipping water around like you do with normal, hydrated Earthpaste or other kinds of toothpaste. You could also totally wash and reuse the little twist top tubs for packing earrings for travel, storing paper clips, sorting beads, or any number of small needs (in the kitchen too since they’re obviously food-safe).

Earthpowder for Tooth Whitening

There’s an Earthpowder made with activated charcoal, which is a teeth whitener. Skip the “strips” that were so popular when I was younger for teeth whitening (are they still? I don’t even know what’s out there anymore!). Go natural and get extra benefits from the 2 minutes you spend brushing your teeth. 😉

Wellness Mama has a great post explaining why charcoal whitens teeth naturally, including a bonus that it changes the pH of the mouth and can help prevent cavities, tooth decay and gingivitis. Just what all the expensive unnatural brands of toothpaste claim! Along with the clay in Earthpowder, charcoal plays a role in remineralizing teeth, and it tastes great (which wouldn’t happen if you just brushed with charcoal).

HOWEVER, big note, if you use the charcoal kind of either Earthpowder or Earthpaste (new flavor!!!) you shouldn’t swallow. Charcoal isn’t really a good fit for everyday ingestion, although it helps people kick food poisoning faster and has other fascinating uses, for those who are curious, including applications for bug bites and armpits! Since clay also helps bug bites, I’d totally use this Earthpowder or paste when traveling as a one-stop shop!

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3 thoughts on “Earthpaste’s Dry Little Cousin…Earthpowder {Review}”

  1. Hello! First of all, thanks for all your work! I really enjoy your site and I look forward to reading your articles! My question regarding the tooth powder is the flavor. I’m trying to find some healthy alternatives for my husband, his paste of choice is aquafresh citrus blast foaming (about as far from natural as you can get!), and he’s picky! We’ve tried another brand of powder and he said powder was fine but he hated the flavors (I got a sample pack) and I’ve also tried another natural paste– but discovered he won’t even go near Tom’s. He doesn’t like mint or baking soda especially. So… any tips on flavors? I’m getting pretty stocked up for myself and my kids as we’re using up what he’s rejecting ? Thanks for your help!!

  2. I would love to try the black licorice. Most people don’t like black licorice but I love it!

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