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7 Ways to Avoid Using Plastic Wrap

March 6th, 2012 · 13 Comments · Save the Earth


That’s my fridge.

It’s pretty full (that’s normal).

Yes, that’s a lot of eggs (sometimes there’s more).

I took this photo because I thought it was starting to look like "Pyrex world" in there. You have glass storage containers in your house, right? They should pay me for a commercial here, seriously.

You’re actually supposed to be over at Green Your Way reading my post about plastic wrap alternatives now instead of ogling at the contents of my refrigerator. I’m sharing 7 solutions to cover things so you’re not even tempted to use plastic wrap.

This photo is the spoiler on number 7: Just Use Lids.

I promise that’s the only "duh" option. From the article:

Reduce, reuse, recycle has long been the green battle cry to save the earth.

With some things, there’s really only one option.

Plastic wrap, for example.

The die hard environmentalists among you (and I count myself in that number) may try to reuse plastic wrap. You know that even re-covering the same dish is usually foiled: if the plastic wrap doesn’t fold in on itself and become a battle you’ll fight for five minutes before declaring its victory on the way to the trash can.  Then, surely some well-meaning party-goer will clean up and swipe away all the plastic wrap and aluminum foil that is not tied down, even the ones you carefully placed “food side up” off to the side.

You can’t recycle it, either. So, the only end game for plastic wrap is to reduce how often you rely on it.
I laugh when I notice that I have not one, but two backup boxes of plastic wrap, because I’ve been working on the same box for over four years now.

CLICK HERE to read how I creatively avoid covering food with plastic wrap…

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13 Comments so far ↓

  • Sarah via Facebook

    I almost never use plastic wrap because it’s so stinkin’ hard to rip off…guess I’m free of this one :) Yay!

  • Sara via Facebook

    I can’t remember the last time I bought plastic wrap. It must have been years ago. I still have a roll that I use about twice per year. I hate the stuff. I mainly use glass storage for leftovers and ziplocs for freezing (and those get washed and reused if they did not hold meat).

  • Peggy

    With as much coconut flour cooking as I do, five dozen eggs is my bare minimum! If I get down to four, I start getting panicky and three requires a trip to a local farmer for an emergency supply!

    Oh, man, if we were allergic to eggs I don’t know how we’d survive!

  • Laura's Last Ditch--Adventures in Thrift Land

    I have a roll of plastic wrap I got from an estate sale, and it’s been sitting in my cupboard for nearly a decade. I can’t think of any good use for it, other than possibly using it when I bring food to people. Even for that, though, I can find work-arounds, like choosing to bring soup or other things that can go into glass jars.

  • Emily @ Random Recycling

    I love reusing my tomato sauce glass jars. They are easy to label and the glass looks nice on a shelf or in the fridge.

  • Stacy Makes Cents

    I’m always preaching and telling people to use shower caps. :-) It just makes frugal sense…great post Katie!!

  • Brianna Graber

    As soon as I saw this, I was wondering if you would mention reusable covers. :-D Sure enough, you did…I make and sell them, and absolutely adore mine. With the nylon back, they’re pretty close to air-tight.

    Enjoyed your note on aluminum foil. I don’t use it very much (I also have reusable pan covers, although I think that listing expired)…but, call me dense, I hadn’t thought about the not being replaceable factor. I’ll be keeping that in mind in the future!

    What do you do for stuff you’re supposed to cover in the oven? That’s my biggest hang-up, since the cloth doesn’t work there, and neither do plastic lids. Oh- do you do the inverted pan deal? There’s an idea….

    Sharon Reply:

    How about using an appropriate size sheet pan? I’ve picked up a few less-than-pristine sheet pans for almost nothing at the thrift store… One more option!

    Katie Reply:

    Yes, the inverted cookie sheet is exactly what I do! :) Katie

  • via Facebook

    HOLY COW! It’s so organized and with plastic tops instead of plastic wrap you can stack everything for more storage.

  • Marcia Van Drunen

    Loved the post. :)
    One wee note — the end of the article talks about you and says that you have two children. I believe they forgot one! (and a cute one at that!)
    Blessings to you and all you do.

  • Kitty

    LOL I’ve got you beat. I have a box of plastic wrap that is dated on the roll. 2001. It’s 11 years old. I’ve been working on that thing for 11 years, Probably MORE!! LOL I remember buying the largest roll because I figured it was more economical, then with tupperware and every other option, and now my new and antique pyrex, I rarely ever use it. it’ll last me til I die, I’m sure.

  • KarenL

    well, pshaw! lookit all the space those egg cartons are taking up, LOL!

    Just kidding! We’re grateful to raise our own eggs and very thankful to know that if they did not start in the refrigerator, we don’t need to refrigerate them. so our egg cartons sit on the counter! :-)

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