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Homemade Non-Toxic Ant Poison {VIDEO}

July 16th, 2014 · 15 Comments · Cleaning, Green Living, Videos

Even though I think of myself as a food blog, one of the most popular posts around here, especially in the summer, is about ants.

More specifically, how to kill ants. Naturally, of course. Winking smile I don’t have a lot of experience with fire ants or carpenter ants or big freaky looking ants (except for the one-inch long beast that waltzed across my floor one night, leaving me just hoping that whatever species it was didn’t fall into the "social insect" category).

Nope, my ants – and I have plenty of experience with them – are the little "sugar ants" that invade one’s kitchen, first one at a time so you don’t even give them a second thought, then in droves.

How to Make Non-Toxic Homemade Ant Poison

The other post has a plethora of methods – a homemade insecticidal spray that kills on contact for hand-to-hand combat, dozens of household items you can use to make lines the ants cannot cross (and whether they work or are laughable), and a homemade Terro-style ant poison, which is definitely my go-to and most effective method.

I’m so grateful for the knowledge of this quick and easy, non-toxic, frugal ant trap, and I thought I’d make a video to demonstrate, truly, how fast you can put it together.

The video is three minutes long, but half of it is me flapping my lips about ants – the actual time taken to make the ant poison? A mere 45 seconds:

If you can’t see the video above, click HERE to view it on YouTube.

I Didn’t Mean to Say…

In the video I say "natural" a couple times, but it would be more accurate to say "non-toxic" I’m sure.

Borax is generally recognized as safe and "natural" but sometimes I’m not so sure if it’s ideal – it’s in a lot of homemade dishwasher detergents that I tried and I felt iffy about having it down low by my crawling babies at that time, since it’s still not something I’d really want to them to put in their mouths (although much better than conventional detergents).

And corn syrup? Well. You know how I feel about that. The only bottle in the house is the one to kill the ants – not to kill the people, thankyouverymuch. We don’t cook with it.

Note: You could use anything sweet that ants would enjoy, including maple syrup or honey if you’re willing to spare a spoonful. A reader also shared that you can simply dissolve white sugar in water (hot water or boil it) and mix the borax in. Soak a cotton ball with it to “serve” your ant party guests.

The Simple Natural Ant Poison Recipe

If you don’t want to watch the 3-minute video, that’s cool. Here’s how it’s done:

Pour some corn syrup on an index card:

1How to Make Non-Toxic Homemade Ant Poison

Add borax, enough to mix in thoroughly but not super-saturate it:

1How to Make Non-Toxic Homemade Ant Poison

Stir it together…

…and then they come

1 killing ants naturally (18).jpg

…and come…

ants on the poison (2)

It’s a little freaky when they’re all having their ant party, but within a day, the ants will be gone!

They eat the corn syrup, the borax kills them, and if all goes well, they’ve taken quite a bit back to the colony and then they leave you and your kitchen alone. Smile

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Natural Ant Poison

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