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Faith Nuggets

I used to call these posts “Mary and Martha Moments” because of the biblical scene where Martha is very busy in the kitchen and Mary takes a moment to sit at the feet of Jesus. Who chose the better part? Please take a moment out of your own busy day and read my Catholic Christian reflections on food, family, and households.

You know the story:  Jesus visits the house of Lazarus and his sisters, Mary and Martha (find in Luke 10:38-42). While Martha is bustling around the kitchen preparing the meal, Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to Him teach. Martha complains to our Lord about Mary neglecting her duty and making her, Martha, do all the work.

Poor Martha is chastised (and rightfully so) for complaining, and she is told that “Mary has chosen the better part” (verse 42). In another visit to another house, however, Jesus heals Peter’s mother of a sickness, and she immediately goes into the kitchen to practice hospitality and prepare a meal for Jesus and the apostles (Luke 4:38-39). She is not told to sit at His feet and listen to Him teach. So Mary chose the better part…but I don’t think that means we are to pray and learn always and never be in the kitchen preparing meals.

Mary and Martha both were doing a service to Jesus (but Martha ought not have been complaining about her sister, you see!). Peter’s mother serves the Lord, too, by feeding Him and showing hospitality. As people on whose shoulders it falls to feed our families, there’s no way we can say, “Sorry, guys, it’s time for me to go to Bible class,” (or read Scripture, or pray my Rosary, or, or, or) every time it’s dinner time. It’s up to us to make sure we are still prayerful in the kitchen, however.

I believe that part of a vocation of a wife and mother is to feed her family well – well being healthfully and joyfully. (Dads and husbands, you’re not left out here – we appreciate what you do in the kitchen, too!)  When living out your vocation, you are working on your daily duty for the Lord. What a concept – that our time on our feet, chopping vegetables, trying to figure out what coriander is, scrubbing burnt-on scum off a pot because we were distracted and forgot to turn down the sauce…and, and, and…that that time can actually be part of our prayer life, and useful not only for the health of our families, but for the community of believers and all God’s children. !!

Mary and Martha (M&M) Moments are my attempt to challenge you to grow in faith and truly become prayerful both about and in your kitchens. Here’s the first one: Conscious Thought It’s kind of the foundation for everything I do, so it will be helpful for everyone to read