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Xero Shoes Aqua X Sport Review: Best Indoor Shoes, Hiking Shoes for Summer or Daily Sneakers

Do you wear shoes inside because it makes you feel more productive, or you need to keep your feet warm because we live in a freezing climate like me here in Michigan?

I’ve worn inside shoes for many, many years, but recently I’ve learned how terrible most shoes are for our feet, our posture, and our growth.

And that drove me crazy.

So we started wearing slippers more…and then my feet started hurting because the slippers aren’t tight enough and slip around.

Xero Shoes water shoes

My husband and I got to try out the new Xero Daylite Fusion hiking boots, (you can check out my review of those here) and Aqua X Sport water shoes. In February. In Michigan.

How was I going to test these out? I did what any rational person would do and started wearing them as inside shoes.

I couldn’t believe how quickly Xero Shoe’s new water shoes have become my new favorite inside shoes.

Now is probably a good time to mention that I am proud to be a Xero Shoes affiliate and may receive compensation for referring to the Xero Shoes brand.

What are Minimalist Shoes?

What I love about Xero Shoes is that they are minimalist shoes

That means tons of flexibility in the sole. They allow your foot to bend almost as if you were barefoot.

They’re extra-wide at the front so that your toes can spread out which reduces the risk of Bunyan’s later.

Grab a flat shoe and look at the heel. The heel is probably just a little bit higher than the front of the sole. Almost all shoes do that, even flats that theoretically don’t have elevated heels. When I throw on regular shoes to go to the bus stop after 5 minutes my heel hurts.

Xero water shoes

Minimalist shoes have a zero rise heel which means there’s no difference in the thickness of the sole from front to back so that you’re not pitching forward even a little bit, which doesn’t then impact your posture, your shoulders, your neck, your head, and your even your digestion.

Now you might think that walking on extremely rocky ground could cause some sore feet, or maybe that’s not enough support. I never experienced that at all, whether I’m using them in my house on carpet, or out in the Phoenix desert.

What are the Best Indoor Shoes?

I was shocked that these shoes actually provided the warmth that I’m looking for when I throw on a slipper. I don’t even know how that’s possible because there are holes in the side to let out the water.

Since these water shoes have a toggle closure, they’re easy to slip on like a slipper instead of having to tie laces. Bonus, you have some water shoes on hand for the summer!

Can’t see the video? Watch my indoor shoe review video here on YouTube.

Xero Water Shoe Review: One-Hit-Wonder or Multi-Purpose Shoes?

You know, I’m not a huge fan of one-hit-wonders, like the rice cooker, or the yogurt maker, any big appliances that take up a lot of space that just do one thing. That part of my personality is why I’ve never in my life owned water shoes until now.

But these are really cute on my feet. They’re really comfortable. They stay on so well. They’re easy to get on and off. They keep my feet warm in the winter inside, and they’re going to be my new favorite summer shoe. Whether I’m tromping through a stream or just going for a walk in my neighborhood.

They are not a one-hit-wonder.

I seem to be doing this a lot. I repurposed the Xero hiking boots as snow boots. They worked great! Water shoes were awesome indoor shoes. I love them. But I really wanted to review them out in the wild.

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Best Hiking Shoes for Summer

My husband and I took a trip to Sedona, Arizona, and it snowed on us for three days. We did get to test the waters shoes two times, going in and out of Phoenix, but we had to go on a special hike just to review them.

minimalist hiking shoes for summer

We drove out of Flagstaff through the snow, and two and a half hours down a mountain we got some pretty good 50-degree weather and we took a beautiful 3-mile hike. 

I wore the Xero Shoes water shoes with no socks and I experienced no rubbing or blistering, nothing uncomfortable at all.

Both my husband and I decided that they really make great hiking shoes for summer because you get a lot of circulation, and if you do hit a stream, you can cross it and they’ll dry quickly with no problem.

Can’t see the video? See my Xero water shoes for summer (& hiking) review here on YouTube.

UPDATE: Xero Water Shoes Perform Well in the Water, Too!

Once summer started, I made sure to get my Xero Aqua X Sport out into the water, and I wanted to add some updates that aren’t in the video:

  • They’re truly lightweight in the water! The holes in the sides allow both sand and water to flow right out, so you don’t get the “heavy shoe” problem many find with water shoes on the beach or in a river. 
  • There’s a removable sole I never noticed before: it has pros and cons. I first noticed it when I was wearing the shoes as my regular summer walking shoes, and slightly sweaty feet would cause the sole to pop out. Minor annoyance but very easy to pop the sole back in. The benefit comes when the shoes are soaked – they dry very fast with the soles out! Overnight for sure or a few hours in the direct sun. 
wearing Xero Aqua sport shoes
  • I walked 5 miles in these shoes multiple times over rocky trails, stream crossings, natural water slides, and swimming holes and never once had a rubbing problem or any sore feet issues beyond what’s expected for all that hiking. The shoes handled rock scrambles well (although for the serious scrambles I was glad I wore my Xero hiking boots). I stubbed my toe quite a few times on the rocky trails and was glad for the tough sole coming around the toe.
  • My husband also tested out his pair in waterfalls and swimming holes as well as at the ocean, and he echoes my thoughts. He prefers to hike in sturdier footwear, so he hung the Aqua X Sport shoes from his backpack and of course was grateful they’re so lightweight. 
  • So far, so good on longevity – see next section. 

Bottom Line on the Xero Aqua X Sport Water Shoes

I tend to be brutal on product reviews, and I always make sure that I get the pros and the cons. I have to say, I haven’t found anything to dislike about these.

They’re easy to slip on. The tongue is really comfortable. I actually really liked not having to tie them even though that might make me a lazy person. They’re super cute. I honestly can’t think of anything bad to say.

wearing Xero shoes water shoes

The only aspect I don’t know yet is longevity. If they fail it anywhere in longevity, I promise I’ll come back and update this review. 

I’m a big fan of what Xero is doing, of their passion for whole-body health, minimalist shoes, proper posture, proper walking, and I’m super excited to try the water shoes actually in the water. 😉

If you’re looking for a fun shoe that you can wear just about anywhere and in all sorts of weather, I highly recommend the Xero water shoes.


Do you like your shoes to be multi-purpose too? What are your favorites?
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2 thoughts on “Xero Shoes Aqua X Sport Review: Best Indoor Shoes, Hiking Shoes for Summer or Daily Sneakers”

  1. I’m a big fan of Xero shoes! ??I love the flexibility they provide and how lightweight they are. I have a canvas pair (now discontinued) that’s going on three years of wear and are showing their age, but so comfy I can’t part with them. The wool pair is warmer for winter (but not waterproof; I’d really like to get their winter boots!). The Mary Jane pair is nice for dressier occasions. My only complaint is that so many of their shoes have white soles–a major design flaw in my book! Hopefully that will change with the next season’s styles.

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