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Monday Mission: Have Fun with Food

Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to choose a fun way to serve food this week.

Time to have fun with healthy food

Whether you serve a silly meal of pancakes, followed by pancakes, with a side of pancakes and pancakes for dessert, make faces out of butter on a vegetable soup, or just put fruit on skewers with a fun dip for a snack, your kids (or husband, or roommates) will smile when you present food in a silly way.

It’s worth it to keep positive feelings about food.

It’s far too easy as a real food enthusiast to get morose about food – you have to say “no” to a lot of cultural junk food, you make a lot from scratch and that takes time, and you’re always thinking about nourishing your family and keeping them healthy.

This week, tap into the power of laughter to keep them healthy.

AND do it without compromising your real food nutrition.

That’s right.

I’m asking you to have fun with HEALTHY food.

You don’t need sugar, food coloring and processed junk to make food fun, just a little creativity (and a nudge from a silly blogger lady).

I’d love to hear other ideas in the comments for fun, healthy foods that we can surprise our kids (or friends) with this month.

Squooshi reusable food pouches

And I’d like to introduce our newest sponsor at KS, Squooshi. The reusable pouches for squishy food (no pancakes, I’m guessing) are nothing if not fun. I can’t wait to get a test sample! These look great for homemade smoothies and would make it easy to keep a stash in the freezer.

If you want my newest idea for fun food that’s still healthy, do enjoy perusing my silly pancake meal post from this morning.

3 Kinds of Pancakes - One Silly Meal

This silly pancake meal is a great for everyday, birthdays or holidays (meatless Friday during lent would be fun!). Don’t think pancakes for dinner isn’t healthy! I’ve managed to include vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains and plenty of protein in this silly meal.  This can also be an easy meal to make it advance and reheat for a quick dinner.

Make a super silly muffin meal!

Stop thinking muffins are just for breakfast or snacks. This silly muffin meal includes loads of vegetables and meat. Of course we have your traditional fruit muffin too! This silly muffin meal is sure to get your kids excited to eat healthy foods, plus it’s so much fun to plan and make. Just like the silly pancake meal, these muffins are easy to make in advance to save on time. In addition, muffins freeze beautifully, so double your batch and keep them on hand for your next silly meal!

Get the kids in the kitchen for some fun! 

Test out some of these natural food dyes with your kids and see how fun it can be! You can dye your pancakes for your silly pancake meal or make some homemade playdough in an arrangement of colors.

What kinds of silly meals have you served your family???

Need More Baby Steps?

Monday Missions Baby Steps Back to Basics

Here at Kitchen Stewardship, we’ve always been all about the baby steps. But if you’re just starting your real food and natural living journey, sifting through all that we’ve shared here over the years can be totally overwhelming.

That’s why we took the best 10 rookie “Monday Missions” that used to post once a week and got them all spruced up to send to your inbox – once a week on Mondays, so you can learn to be a kitchen steward one baby step at a time, in a doable sequence.

Sign up to get weekly challenges and teaching on key topics like meal planning, homemade foods that save the budget (and don’t take too much time), what to cut out of your pantry, and more.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Mission: Have Fun with Food”

  1. Just don’t do what I did when I made my first meal. Green food coloring added to the egg mixture does NOT make for good looking French Toast. (But I did have it all to myself.)

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