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Monday Missions

Baby steps to real food and natural living, one Monday at a time.

Part of the mission of Kitchen Stewardship is to continuously be making small changes to work toward the goal of truly being a good steward of all four:

  • time
  • nutrition
  • environment
  • budget


Kitchen Stewardship’s Monday Missions are small challenges that will help rookies to healthy living find their way without stressing out or giving up!

Understanding Levels of Commitment

Beginner Baby Steps: This is a small change that can usually be made without buying anything new, making a huge change in routine, or even thinking something through very hard. If you’re low on energy or don’t like changes, accept a Baby Step.

Mid Range Making Strides: You may have to put some thought into this level of commitment; you may need to forage for a resource or item in your home. You might want to think about this level for a few days and gear up mentally before trying it. Bravo for accepting the challenge of Making Strides!

Advanced Leap of Faith: These are the big dogs, the missions that take some research, some multi-step processes, or a rather major change in routine. Don’t be afraid of a Leap of Faith, but at some point God may call you to change something drastic in your kitchen. I’ll show you how!