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A Real Food Nutrition & Health Curriculum Based on WAPF Principles {REVIEW}

There are a couple reasons I realized I wasn’t called to homeschool, although I gave it a go for 3-year-old preschool and failed miserably once I started blogging and Paul was four.

As a former teacher with a mean streak of perfectionism, I was never satisfied with the curriculum. I knew I would forever be supplementing, looking for “the best” activities and probably making up my own worksheets for any given topic, spending hours on the computer wandering through the endless resources out there.

If I did homeschool, and if we made it all the way to high school, however, it would have been such a relief when this course came out.

Real Food Nutrition & Health Curriculum Textbook REVIEW

Teaching Real Food Nutrition & Health

Kristen Michaelis of Food Renegade is offering a “Real Food Nutrition & Health” Curriculum for kids ages 12 and up (and non-kids ages 18 and up who are lifelong learners, too!). It’s based on Weston A. Price principles of nutrition that you’ll never bump into in a traditional curriculum:

  • Real Food Nutrition & Health Curriculum Textbook REVIEWSaturated fats are good for you
  • Traditional cultures knew how to eat
  • God designed food and us, and He knew what He was doing – we don’t need chemists to tell us how to eat
  • Americans eat too much corn and vegetable oils
  • Vitamin D, a necessary nutrient, can’t be properly obtained by fortified milk and cereal
  • Whole foods, not “vitamins and minerals,” are what people need to eat for good health
  • Nutrient density, enzymes, and Real Farming
  • And so, SO much more!

Kristen employs “living book” style texts – she knows how to speak to her chosen audience, and she’s so very passionate about her topic that one can’t help but be drawn in, suggested discussion questions and hands-on/minds-on projects.

I can tell from reading Kristen’s work at Food Renegade over the years that she is one of those gals who is academically brilliant, and definitely someone I’d trust to teach my kids. Here’s a little from the good teacher herself:

As a homeschooling mother, I know what makes a good class — a passionate teacher. It’s not multiple-choice quizzes, boring homework assignments, or essay tests. It’s a teacher who loves what she’s teaching, who thinks up creative projects or experiments, who can turn life itself into memorable lessons.


When you enroll, you and your kids will read first-hand accounts from inside the Real Food Revolution, and engage in the course materials in a critical, thoughtful way.

You’ll get to do experiments at the grocery store, in your kitchen, and (if possible) local farms.

It’ll be fun. Scouts honor.

The Curriculum Details

Although I would encourage you to visit the Real Food Nutrition & Health textbook information page, here are a few of the background facts you should know:

  • Written at Highschool Level – It’s perfect for your teenagers, or even yourself!
  • Based on “Living Book” Model – This is no stale read full of boring facts, but an intensely readable collection of essays blending my zeal for Real Food with my passion for Nutrition.
  • The textbook is available in an ebook format, or as a paperback bound book.

In case you’re not convinced yet, here’s a sneak peek video.

Click here to get the Real Food Nutrition & Health textbook!

My Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, an online video-based curriculum, is also a great resource for teaching kids kitchen skills and equips them to eat healthfully for the rest of their lives. Here’s more info…

Your kids can learn to cook, even if you don’t know where to start

My 4 kids and I created the online Kids Cook Real Food lessons to help bring real food and independence to families all over. Over 10,000 kids have joined us and we’d love to invite you along for the adventure!

Kids watching a cooking lesson at a kitchen island

I’m so pleased to offer a little gift from our family to yours, a knife skills lesson as a free preview of the full cooking eCourse!

I’m well known for honest, thorough product reviews…

reviewed and recommended

…and you can always tell a real family has run these products through the gauntlet.

When I review a type of item, I try to review a LOT of different brands! From over a dozen reusable sandwich bags to over 120 natural mineral sunscreens, I’m your girl for straight-up info about natural, real foodie items you’re considering buying.

Click here to see more product reviews and you’ll also love my resources page, with REAL products that have passed my rigorous testing enough to be “regulars” in the Kimball household, plus some other comprehensive reviews. Updated at least once a year to boot the losers and add new gems!

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6 thoughts on “A Real Food Nutrition & Health Curriculum Based on WAPF Principles {REVIEW}”

  1. Autumn Jones

    Ooh! She has even more courses now, including an e-course for ages 12 and up, and a Real Food & Nutrition book for elementary age. I’m excited! Thanks again!

  2. Oh my gosh! Yes! Thank you! I have been looking for a Health & Nutrition curriculum and haven’t been very happy with what I’ve found so far. It all seems to contain mostly “FDA Approved” information using the Food Pyramid and inaccurate information regarding real butter and full fat dairy (among other things!). We have been using your Kids Cook Real Food Course and I am a subscriber to your blog. From everything I’ve heard from you so far, you have a solid understanding on real food and true nutrition. I was hoping if I came to your site you could help me out with a real curriculum. Yay! You did not disappoint! Thank you, Katie!

  3. I entered on the other site. There are many sessions that look great, but I think Lesson 10 is what I need the most help with – Real Food For Real Life. I started my daughter on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet because she has many chronic inflammatory health issues, including ulcerative colitis. She and I have been following it for about 5-6 months and the cost of food has gone way up for us. We are hoping her medical costs will go down if the diet helps – and thus balance things out.

  4. Julie Zilkie

    Just a thought about your not being “called” to homeschool…I don’t think homeschooling is a calling, but it is a responsibility, we, as parents have, to determine who will educate our children. There are two books I recommend when looking at your decision. The first is When We Rise Up by R.C. Sproul, Jr. and the other is Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Gatto. I encourage you to read both of those as you decide what your role will be in the education of your children. Blessings to you!

    1. Michele @ Frugal Granola

      I highly recommend the book “When You Rise Up” by R.C. Sproul, Jr., too!

    2. I always thought I would home school my kids, but it didn’t end up being the best choice for me or my family (at this time). Because it is my responsibility to educate my children, I sought out some resources available to me. I selected the schools as well as the teachers for my kids. I am available to help in the classroom as well as research new activities to supplement the curriculum at school. I reinforce the classroom learning with home activities as well as introduce new topics of study. What a blessing school has been to our family! I wouldn’t change a thing.

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